Aria of His Own

May 15th, 2018
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  1. >Aria is actually a dude.
  2. >Adagio was so pissed that her youngest sibling was born a boy, thus ruining the "Three Siren Sisters" thing she had planned, that she forces Aria to dress and act like a girl.
  3. >This is why Aria overcompensates and acts the most womanly, always being tough and abrasive.
  4. >It's part an act and also his way of lashing out for being misgendered against his will.
  5. >During the battle of the bands fiasco, Anon starts to suspect.
  6. >Aria was quite flat for a girl, after all, and had zero curves.
  7. >Not entirely damning on there own, but that Adam's apple is a bit big.
  8. >When he confronts Aria, they're dismissive at first, but as Anon presses, they cave, bursting into tears.
  9. >Aria reveals the truth, showing how he stuffs a training bra and lives in a perpetual state of tucking his dick between his legs.
  10. >He reveals all the crushes he's had on girls over the years that he had to hide, and how he was labeled a dyke when he failed to.
  11. >And he reveals how Adagio treats him.
  12. >If it weren't for Sonata's innocent kindness towards him, he'd have killed himself long ago.
  13. >Saddened by this, Anon takes the distraught Siren under his wing, defending him from his oldest sister.
  14. >With no magic or world-ruling plans to pursue, Aria accepts the other boy's help and starts being the person he wants to be.
  15. >He'll never be a boyish boy, having the whimsy long since beaten out of him, but he can finally cut his hair short and wear baggy clothes.
  16. >The kids of Canterlot High are confused though.
  17. >Why is Anon hanging with Aria?
  18. >Why is Aria dressing like a guy with no fashion sense?
  19. >Is she a crossdresser?
  20. >Tranny?
  21. >AIs Anon gay?
  22. >And how hot, if at all, should the girls find this?
  24. >"Anon, are you sure this will work?" Aria asks skeptically, staring at the bouquet in his hand.
  25. "Of course," Anon assures. "Chicks dig flowers. Now go on, give them to her!"
  26. >Shoving the smaller boy forward, Anon simply grins and gives a thumbs up to the frowning Aria, who grumbles as he nonetheless proceeds.
  27. >"A-ah, excuse me, Applejack."
  28. >Said girl turns from her locker to blink at the boy.
  29. >"Oh, hey there, ah, Aria, right?" she begins hesitantly, looking around. "Your sisters around? You sirens need somethin'?"
  30. >Aria grimaces.
  31. >"No," he snaps. "I'm not here for them, I 'm here for yo-... to give you these."
  32. >Applejack moves her head back as the slight boy holds up a bouquet of flowers.
  33. >"Oh... Ah, thank ya kindly," she says, taking the flowers and holding them at arms length. "If'n ya don't mind me askin' though... Why?"
  34. >Aria face burns even as the scowl remains.
  35. >"B-because I was wondering if you'd go to the movies with me."
  36. >"The movies?"
  37. >"Yeah."
  38. >"With you?"
  39. >"Who else?"
  40. >"Well, it's just..." Applejack scratches the back of her head, eyes darting around. "I mean, I don't really swing... then again..."
  41. >She gives the boy an appraising look.
  42. >"Is it true?"
  43. >"What?"
  44. >"Are ya really ah... ya know?"
  45. >Aria's jaw clenches.
  46. >"No, I don't. Just spit it out."
  47. >"Are ya really a boy? Or just pretendin'?"
  48. >Aria's teeth grind and his face burns.
  49. >"Why... Does no one... Believe me!"
  50. >"Wow, come down, girl-"
  51. >"Does this look like a pussy to you!?"
  52. >"Wow nelly!"
  53. "No! You don't whip it out until the third date!"
  54. Well... That could have gone better," Anon decides while he and Aria are sitting on a bench outside.
  55. >"You think?" Aria snarks. "I don't even think she liked the flowers."
  56. "Yeah, you're probably right," says Anon. "We probably should have went with a fruit basket for Applejack."
  57. >Aria's response is interrupted by a meek, "Hey, Aria, long time no see."
  58. >Both boys turn to see a hunched Sonata smiling weakly.
  59. >While Aria's eyes go wide in surprise, Anon's narrow.
  60. "What are you doing here?" Anon nearly growls. "Did that bitch sister send you?"
  61. >"Adagio doesn't know I'm here," she defends quickly. "She doesn't want me to, but I wanted to see me little sis-"
  62. >"Brother."
  63. >"W-what?"
  64. >"I'm your little brother," Aria repeats tightly. "I'm not Adagio's doll to play dress up with anymore."
  65. >"Right..." she breathes, looking nervous. "Can I sit down... Brother?"
  66. "Of course not, you fucking psycho-"
  67. >"It's alright, Anon," Aria interrupts. "Actually, can you give us a moment?"
  68. >Anon looks skeptical.
  69. "Are you nuts? I'm not leaving-"
  70. >"Please," the smaller boy whispers.
  71. "... Fine, but I'll be just around the corner, so if she tries anything, just yell."
  72. >"Sure."
  73. >Once Anon is up and out of sight, Aria watches as his sister shuffles over and takes a seat.
  74. >The two remain silent for a while before Aria finally says, "You look like shit."
  75. >"Hey!"
  76. >"When was the last time you washed that outfit?"
  77. >Sonata looks down at her rumpled clothes and blushes.
  78. >"... The water at the house has been turned off," she mumbles getting Aria to raise a brow.
  79. >"For real?"
  80. >"And the electricity."
  81. >"Why?"
  82. >Sonata shrugs.
  83. >"Well, without the gems, we can't just mind-control money out of people, and the savings account is just about empty... I've been trying to get a job, but Adagio refuses. She says it's beneath us."
  84. >"What a stuck up cunt," Aria mumbles.
  85. >Sonata gulps.
  86. >"I... I wanted to see you sooner, to ask you to come back, but Adagio says you aren't our sister anymore- says it was because of you that we lost the Battle of the Bands."
  87. >"I wouldn't have come back, anyway," Aria snaps, hatred filling his voice. "Fuck that bitch, we lost because she could never look past her fucking ego."
  88. >they fall silent after that, Sonata staring into her lap while Aria stares forward.
  89. >"... You really hate big sis, huh?"
  90. >"... Yes."
  91. >"Do you... hate me?"
  92. >"... I don't know."
  93. >"...I understand."
  94. >"Do you?" Aria growls. "Do you understand what it's like to live a lie every single day of your life? Do you understand what it's like to be belittled and beaten down just for how you were born? Do you... do you know what it was like to be stripped down and touched whenever that cunt was feeling a little horny?"
  95. >Aria swallows thickly, trying to ignore the tears beading up in the corner of his eyes.
  96. >"No... you don't because you just sat there and let it happen."
  97. >"I tried to-!"
  98. >"Pick up the pieces after?" Aria finishes for her. "Yeah, I remember. You'd drag me to the tub and fill it up with warm water. You'd scrub her off of me while humming. I remember, and I used to love you for it. I thought you were the greatest sister in the world, but now... Now I understand... You never cared."
  99. >"That's not true!"
  100. >"Then why didn't you stop her!"
  101. >"Because I was afraid, okay!" she cries, tears streaming down her face. "Because I'm weak and she's strong and I was afraid that if I stopped her from hurting you, she'd just hurt me- hurt the both of us. H-how is that better?"
  102. >"You'd at least have tried."
  103. >"I know, Amphitrite below, I know, but I just couldn't," Sonata says, hugging herself, shivering. "Before you were born, there were a lot of years when it was just her and me. She was cruel even then, and I was the one she was cruel too. I know it's selfish, but when you came along, it was like I was finally safe."
  104. >"... You're a coward."
  105. >"I know."
  106. >"I should hate you."
  107. >"I know."
  108. >"But I don't. Not completely."
  109. >Sonata whips her gaze up.
  110. >"Y-you don't?"
  111. >"I don't," he confirms, chuckling dryly and shaking his head. "Shows how fucked up I am, but I still want to forgive you."
  112. >"You'll forgive me?"
  113. >"No," he breathes, suddenly tired. "I want to, deep inside, but I can't. I know I can't. Not yet. Not until my life isn't in pieces and you've left that psycho of a sister."
  114. >"But I can't leave Adagio!"
  115. >"And why not?" Aria counters coolly, getting the other girl to snap her jaw shut. "There's no magic we need to be together to perform anymore. You've already said she's out of money and refuses to work. By all rights, you should have kicked her to the curb by now. So why not leave her?"
  116. >"I- I can't..." Sonata mumbles, confused by her own words. "I just... can't."
  117. >Aria sighs.
  118. >"You can, and when you figure that out, we can talk, but until then, bye, Sonata."
  119. >With that the boy stands and walks away.
  120. >"Aria, wait!" Sonata calls after him, standing herself, but remaining there.
  121. >"I am," he calls over his shoulder.
  122. >When he rounds the corner, Anon is there, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed.
  123. "You okay?" he asks plainly.
  124. >"... No," Aria answers in monotone. "But I will be. I'm also starving."
  125. "Pizza sound good?"
  126. >"Fuck yeah it does."
  127. >With that, the two boys leave, a motionless girl left alone to reflect on her life and where she wants it to go from there.
  129. >"Come on, tell it again," Rainbow pleaded. "It's so funny!"
  130. >"Ah don't see what's so funny about ah boy helicopterin' the goods at'cha in the middle of a hallway," Applejack responds tiredly, only to groan as Dash bursts into laughter.
  131. >"That's hilarious! Oh, oh, and the flowers! Tell about the flowers!"
  132. >"Looked like someone picked 'em out of some fella's garden. Few still had roots."
  133. >"Priceless!"
  134. >"Come now, Dash," Rarity chides. "The boy is obviously confused. Whatever changed after the competition must have been significant for him to decide to no longer be a her."
  135. >"Especially because he's a way more convincing her to begin with," Sunset notes absently. "The way he dresses now is like some punk bitch from a dark alley."
  136. >"Yes," Rarity agrees. "No doubt that Anon's fault, he shares the same feminine fashion sense."
  137. >"Seriously, I don't know what's more surprising," Dash says, wiping a tear from her eye. "That Aria is legitimately a guy, or that he's not dating Anon. I could have sworn the two were gay."
  138. >"You and everyone in the school," says Sunset.
  139. >"You've gotta admit, it's a pretty hot thought," Pinkie chimes, sitting down at the table with her second dessert charmed off the lunch lady. "We talking about we turned Aria into a boy with our magic music powers?"
  140. >"What!? We did no such thing!" Rarity shouts, only to suddenly look questioningly at Sunset. "Did we?"
  141. >Sunset rolls her eyes.
  142. >"No, we didn't," she assures. "We'd have probably noticed something with the other two if we did."
  143. >"Speakin' of," Applejack cuts in. "Any news on them varmints? Aria's the only one still goin' ta school."
  144. >"Me, I got somethin'!"
  145. >"Pinkie, you don't have to raise your hand. Just say it."
  146. >"Right, well, Sonata came in and applied at SugarCube Corner, but we weren't hiring so we had to turn her down. Too bad 'cause she seemed really fun other than all the evil stuff."
  147. >"Trying to get a job? Well, I supposed that's not bad. What about the other, the ring leader?"
  148. >"Nope," Pinkie answers. "She wasn't with Sonata, and I haven't heard about her applying anywhere."
  149. >"You sure it's a good idea to just let them wonder around like this," Rainbow asks. "I mean, they're bad gals, right?"
  150. >Sunset shrugs.
  151. >"What can we do? It's not exactly like we have any special authority to arrest them, and we'd have to explain to the police that they're actually magic seahorses who tried to take over the world. That probably won't go over well. Regardless, without their magic, they don't pose any more threat than any other teenager."
  152. >"Still wondering what there up to," Dash muses. "And what's up with that Aria. Seriously, that boy has to be some sort of crazy."
  153. >"He's not, though," Fluttershy pipes up for the first time. "He's actually really nice. Or, at least I think so."
  154. >"Um, excuse me, Fluttershy, but how would you know?"
  155. >The meek girl blushes.
  156. >"Um, well, I might have seen him yesterday after school."
  157. >"What? Where?"
  158. >"The animal shelter... He came by with a hurt puppy."
  159. >As Fluttershy tells them of the previous days events, the five other girls show varying degrees of surprise.
  161. >Anon and Aria are driving down the road in the former's jalopy as music bursts statically from the radio.
  162. "Damn, music is weird. I don't think I've ever heard so many female vocalists singing heavy metal."
  163. >"Must have come from a pretty strange place then," Aria muses, looking out the open window with his chin propped up on an elbow.
  164. >Back when he still had waist-length hair, doing such a thing would have blinded everyone in the car with the wind-wild locks, but with his new, short and shaggy cut, he could finally enjoy the wind on his face.
  165. "That's a story for another time," Anon grumbles, turning off the radio. "Pretty sure you wouldn't believe me, anyway."
  166. >"I'm a fish-horse-turned-hairless-ape from a different world who spent the bulk of his life forced to live as a female. I don't think you could surprise me."
  167. "Point. Okay, I'm from a different world where humans only come in varying shades of pale, brown, or black, similar to their hair, and there's no magic. Guys aren't little bitches either and girls sing love songs."
  168. >Aria slowly turns his head and raises a brow.
  169. >"...What?"
  170. "Yep," Anon responds, keeping his eyes on the road. "Told you it's pretty unbelievable."
  171. >"How?"
  172. "Did I get here? Almost no idea. I was just checking myself out in the body-length mirror in my bedroom one stormy night when I tripped into it because my mom walked in with a plate of pizza rolls and startled me. Great woman, horrible sense of boundaries. There was a big flash though, and I'm pretty sure it was lightning coming though the window, which the mirror was right in front of, so my guess is that I hit the glass just as the lightning did, and bam, I'm falling out of the horse statue at Canterlot High School."
  173. >"No... how can you say all that with a straight face?"
  174. "Same way you can say you're a former fish-horse. Because it's the truth."
  175. >"Huh... So you;re, like, not from Equestria though?"
  176. "Nope."
  177. >"Have you tried going back?"
  178. "Wouldn't know where to start, but yeah, for the first month I went and slept with my back against the mirror hoping I'd wake up back home. That's where Celestia found me and took me in."
  179. >"You lived wit the Principle?"
  180. "For a bit, until I got a job and saved up enough money. She said I could stay, but honestly, I'm pretty sure she was watching me sleep, so I hightailed it out of there... Adults are strangely okay with kids living unsupervised around here."
  181. >"Huh... Do you miss home?"
  182. "Everyday," Anon answers in a whisper. "Once I got my car, I put jumper cables to the mirror and ran at it. I still have the electrical burn scars to show for that one."
  183. >"Then how are you so... not depressed?"
  184. "God grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, the courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference."
  185. >"What's that?"
  186. "My dad was an alcoholic. Tried a few times to kick the habit before eventually dying in a car crash driving drunk. That prayer was printed on the little AA coins he'd bring home every once in a while. It's really stuck with me, though."
  187. >"Oh... I'm sorry."
  188. "Don't be. We've both got our shit to deal with. Everyone does."
  189. >"I guess..."
  190. >The interior goes deathly quiet after that as Aria returns his attention to the passing scenery of trees and fields off the side of the road.
  191. >Anon rented a small shack on the outskirts of town from some Matilda lady and her husband, and he'd been kind enough to let Aria live there with him.
  192. >Then, something catches his eyes, and he leans out to look behind them.
  193. >"Stop the car," he demands.
  194. "What?"
  195. >Stop and go back," Aria continues. "I saw something."
  196. >Confused, Anon nonetheless throws the vehicle in reverse and drives backwards.
  197. >After a few seconds, Aria unbuckles his seat belt and jumps out, not even waiting for Anon to pull over.
  198. >Stopping and following suit, Anon jumps out as well and jogs over to wear Aria is kneeling.
  199. "What is- shit, is it okay?"
  200. >"He's still alive," Aria says, hands hovering over a dog that couldn't have been over six months old. "Is there anywhere we can take him?"
  201. "There's a shelter not too far away," Anon offers, kneeling to get a better look at the dog's injuries.
  202. >The back leg is clearly broken.
  203. >"Help me get him in the back," Aria says, moving to the back end of the mutt.
  204. >He's gentle as he grabs hold, but even still, the dog whimpers.
  205. >It never bites however, even as Anon moves to the front end and they carry him into the back seat.
  206. >After that, Anon does a U-turn and heads towards the shelter he remembers passing everyday on the way to school.
  207. >When the pair enters the building, it's Aria who calls, a tinge of desperation in his voice.
  208. >"Hey! Is anyone here? We have a hurt animal that needs help!"
  209. >"Oh dear! I'm coming!" A voice calls, and a pink-haired girl quickly emerges from the back.
  210. >Her steps halt just a moment when her eyes fall on the two boys, but as soon as they land on the dog, she starts moving again.
  211. >"What happened?" she questions, quickly ushering them into the back. "Does he belong to you?"
  212. >"No," Aria answers, working in tandem with Anon to put the dog on the examination table Fluttershy leads them to. "He's not ours, but we found him on the side of the road and I'm pretty sure his back leg is broken. Some bitch must have hit him and didn't even stop."
  213. >"The poor dear," Fluttershy says, leaning down to pet the dog's head soothingly. "I'm afraid there's not much I can do to help while Miss Fauna is on her lunch break, but I'm sure she'll be here as soon as she can when I tell her what's happening."
  214. >"And she'll help?" Aria asks worriedly, petting the dog's side.
  215. >Fluttershy gives the boy a reassuring smile as she answers.
  216. >"Yes, she's an amazing veterinarian, she'll take good care of our furry friend here."
  217. >"What can we do until then?" he asks, eyes going back to the dog as it lets out another whimper. "How can I help?"
  218. >"Just comfort him while I call," Fluttershy instructs. "You've already done so much just by bringing him in."
  219. >"Comfort him," Aria repeats, shifting to be closer to the dog's head and kneeling down. "I can do that."
  220. >While he brings both hands up to rub the dogs head, Anon follows after Fluttershy when she steps away.
  221. >She moves to the entryway of the room to make the call, and after a quick exchange of words, looks up at the tall boy.
  222. >"Anonymous? Um, is something wrong?"
  223. "Uh, yeah, it's just..." Anon scratches the back of his neck. "I don't want to sound like an asshole, but how much is this going cost? I'm all for helping the dog, but I'm not exactly loaded, ya know? Shit, I barely make enough to feed Aria over there. Boy can really put it away."
  224. >The girl blinks, surprised while Anon gives a forced chuckle, then smiles. "Don't worry, Anon, this shelter is non-profit. We get by on donations."
  225. >Anon breathes a sigh.
  226. "Phew, good, because I didn't want to tell Aria we couldn't afford to help. I mean, it would have been between rent and the dog."
  227. >"I understand," Fluttershy says, sympathetic.
  228. "Still would feel bad about it though," Anon responds, looking back at his friend as he pets the dog. "Guy's had enough hurt in his life."
  229. >The dog licks Aria's cheek feebly, and he jerks his head back.
  230. >After a moment, he chuckles and plants a quick peck on the dog's head.
  231. >Fluttershy smiles at the sight.
  232. "So," what were you doing before we showed up?" Anon asks, making small talk while they waited for the vet. "You here alone? I'm surprised your boss is okay with that. She must really trust you."
  233. >"There's not much that can go wrong in half an hour," Fluttershy answers sheepishly. "I was just letting the dogs out back for some fresh air when you two came in."
  234. "Are they out now?"
  235. >"Fluttershy's eyes widen.
  236. >"Oh, you're right! I should be supervising to make sure they're okay," she says, looking back at Aria. "But I can't just leave Aria and the puppy..."
  237. "I can watch them for a bit," Anon offers. "At least until the vet gets here. Just show me where."
  238. >"Will you?"
  239. >Anon nods, getting the girl to smile, relieved.
  240. >"Thank you, Anon. Just follow me."
  241. >After a brief walk, Fluttershy shows him to the backdoor, and upon opening it, reveals a fenced in area with seven dogs of varying size.
  242. >"Just come and find me if anything happens," the girl informs. "They're all very friendly, so there shouldn't be any problems, but if they play too roughly with each other, especially between the larger and smaller dogs, don't be afraid to pull them apart."
  243. "Yeah, I got this, go on," Anon says with a wave, stepping into the yard, making sure to watch his step for crap.
  244. >With that, Anon is left alone, and the dogs quickly realize that there's a new human with them.
  245. "Hey," he says smiling at the staring pack. "How's it going."
  246. >Then they charge, bringing the human down.
  248. >By the time Miss Fauna arrived, hurrying into the room with a dab of mayo still on her lips, Aria was reluctant to leave his new friend's side.
  249. >Fluttershy insisted though, telling him it was better for the dog if they were out of the vet's way while she worked, so he was now sitting in a chair outside of the room, tapping his foot impatiently with crossed arms.
  250. >"So... Aria, it's... nice to see you," Fluttershy begins, getting the boy's eyes to snap from the door to her.
  251. >She tries not to flinch when he answers, "Really? You're one of the Rainbooms, right? I figured you wouldn't want to see me again after the Battle of the Bands."
  252. >"That's not true," she argues. "Maybe I was a little worried right after, but you haven't done anything since, so..." She fiddles with the hem of her skirt, flashing her gaze up sporadically. "You even asked Applejack out on a date, s-so you must not have thought we were too angry with you."
  253. >Aria blushes.
  254. >"That was... stupid of me."
  255. >Fluttershy tilts her head, surprised when she can find the courage to ask, "Why? Don't you like her?"
  256. >"I don't know," he answers back. "I like her hair... and her freckles, but I don't really know anything else about her. I guess I was thinking it would be cool to get to know her."
  257. >"She's very nice," Fluttershy offers, getting Aria to snort.
  258. >"It doesn't matter anyway," he grumbles. "That ship sailed when I whipped my dick out and shook it at her."
  259. >There's a squeak, and Fluttershy is burning red.
  260. >Perhaps it helped her confidence in regards to talking to boys that Aria was so... feminine, but with a reminder like that, she can't help but look at him as he is.
  261. >With his slender frame, she can clearly see his flat chest under his loose T-shirt.
  262. >The slight squareness of his jaw.
  263. >The bulge in his jeans.
  264. >It's embarrassing she couldn't recognize this cute boy when first they met.
  265. >"How long is this going to take," he says, looking back at the door. "I want to know if he's going to be alright."
  266. >"He will be," Fluttershy insisted glad for a distraction. "Trust me, Miss Fauna is a very good veterinarian. I'm lucky to be able to work with her; she's taught me a lot."
  267. >"You want to be vet?" Aria asks distractedly.
  268. >"Oh, well, I've considered it, though honestly, I'd be happy with any job that I could help animals in."
  269. >"So, like a caretaker at a zoo," he supplies, looking back at her.
  270. >She smiles at the thought.
  271. >"That'd be wonderful," she comments. "Getting to work with all those different kinds of animals. Maybe I could even work in the petting zoo?"
  272. >Aria stares blankly at her dreamy smile as she imagines being surrounded by baby animals.
  273. >He nods.
  274. >"It'd be a good fit for you."
  275. >"Do you like animals?"
  276. >He shrugs.
  277. >"They're okay."
  278. >"Do you have any favorites?"
  279. >He actually thinks for a bit.
  280. >"I guess... Mostly aquatic ones. They're what I'm most familiar with, anyway."
  281. >A small smile starts to tug at his lips.
  282. >"Heh, I actually had a pet clownfish growing up. Used to feed it scraps of the things I hunted."
  283. >"O-oh... that's... nice?"
  284. >"Yeah, it was stupid, but I guess, I don't know, I felt a kinship with it... You know clownfish can change sexes?"
  285. >"Um, yes. When the dominate female of the school dies, most dominate male takes her place."
  286. >"It's interesting, isn't it? It's not the male's chose. Not really. It only takes the role when something outside of itself forces it to. Like the females been eaten or something."
  287. >"I... never thought of it that way... So what happen to your clownfish?"
  288. >The smile drops, his gaze becoming distant.
  289. >"Adaigio found out about it."
  290. >"And that's... bad?"
  291. >"Well, she ate it, so..."
  292. >"Oh my! I'm so sorry!"
  293. >"Don't be," he says with a clearly forced smirk. "It gave her stomach cramps all day, anyway."
  294. >"But why would she do that?"
  295. >"She said it was distracting me from my singing practice... but I think she just wanted to see my reaction when she did it in front of me."
  296. >"That's so... cruel."
  297. >"That's Adagio."
  298. >Just then, the vet steps out, and Aria is on his feet.
  299. >"Is he alright?" he asks instantly, getting Miss Fauna to look at him and smile.
  300. >"He'll be fine," she answers. "It was a clean break; I just had to set it and put a cast on. I was mostly just examining him for other problems after that."
  301. >"And were there any?"
  302. >"Well, he's a bit underweight," she begins. "And dehydrated, but that's nothing a little food and water won't fix. I've already given him flee medication, too. All in all, he'll be right as rain in no time."
  303. >Aria sighs and Fluttershy smiles.
  304. >That's a relief," the girl says. "Thank you, Miss fauna, for getting here so fast."
  305. >"It was nothing, dear," she answers with a short laugh. "It's my job, after all, and my passion. I just had to eat my sub on the road, is all."
  306. >"Thank you," Aria says, stepping forward awkwardly. "For helping him, that is. I was... worried."
  307. >When he offers a hand, Miss Fauna stares for a second, then grabs it and gives it a shake.
  308. >"I should be thanking you for bringing him in. Fluttershy told me you found him on the side of the road. I'm sad to say, not many people would have even stopped to check if the dog was alive, let alone go out of their way to get him help."
  309. >Aria blushes, looking away and sticking his hands in his pockets.
  310. >"Eh, it wasn't just me. Anon was driving."
  311. >"The other boy?" Miss Fauna questions, looking to Fluttershy. "Where is he, anyway?"
  312. >"Oh, he's out back with the dogs," she answers. "He offered to watch them for me while I stayed with Aria and the dog."
  313. >"Well, you can go get him now," the vet says. "And bring the dogs in while you're at it. It's about dinner time for them."
  314. >After a quick peek to make sure the dog was really okay, Aria accompanies Fluttershy to the backyard of the shelter.
  315. >"Huh, they're quiet," Fluttershy notices as they approach the door. "I hope everything is alright."
  316. >When the door opens, Aria suffers a moment of shock as Fluttershy gasps.
  317. >At first glance, it looks like Anon is on his back, a pack of dogs eating his face off.
  318. "Go on without me," Anon says through a sea of lapping tongues. "This is my life now."
  319. >"Seriously, what the fuck?" Aria questions with a raised brow. "That's gross."
  320. "They won't let me up," the downed boy responds, and, as if to demonstrates, tries to sit.
  321. >As he does, a Great Dane places a paw on his chest and pushes him back down.
  322. "See?"
  323. >Fluttershy can't hold it as she giggles.
  324. >"Okay, okay, come on now," she begins, walking forward and making a shooing motion with her hands. "Let the nice boy up."
  325. >As if by magic, the dogs spread out, and Anon is finally able to rise.
  326. >His skin is shined with slobber and his hair is sticking in every direction as he looks around in a daze.
  327. "Thank you..." he manages. "I... I almost forgot what fresh air smelled like. I thought I'd be smelling dog breath for the rest of my life."
  328. >"Just get up, you doofus," Aria says, going over to yank his friend up by the arm. "And you're always making a fuss about leaving me alone."
  329. "Oh, Aria, it's been so long, my friend, how have you been?"
  330. >"You're an idiot," the smaller boy comments, but can't keep the smile off his face. "The vet said the dog'll be fine, so we can leave now."
  331. "... Home," Anon breathes. "There's a shower there."
  332. >"yes, there is," Aria says slowly, as if speaking to a special needs child. "Come on, let's go get you in it. You smell like dog spit."
  333. >Then, he turns to Fluttershy.
  334. >"Hey... ah, thanks."
  335. >She smiles gently.
  336. >"There's really no need. I'm just happy I could help."
  337. >"Still," he answers. "Do you think it'd be okay if I came back to visit. The dog, I mean."
  338. >"Absolutely," she says, smile getting a little wider. "I think he'd like that very much."
  339. >"Cool," Aria returns, "So... I guess I'll see you around."
  340. "Where are my keys?" Anon interrupts suddenly, patting his pockets. "Did they fall into the grass?"
  341. >Aria sighs, and the next few minutes are spend scouring the yard.
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