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Aug 13th, 2019
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  1. BazookaJeffLast Saturday at 10:01 AM
  2. Alright, let's get this meeting started.
  4. flyguyry_2.0Last Saturday at 10:01 AM
  5. afternoon all
  7. BazookaJeffLast Saturday at 10:02 AM
  8. Topics to discuss:
  9. ledger, devs, GUI, state of android wallet, current marketing.
  10. Why don't we start with ledger.
  11. I know that it was on the roadmap. Perhaps @thaer <not asking for crypto> could work in tandem with @camthegeek to expedite the process?
  12. It also seems that we could use more devs to get some other work done like a diff GUI. I would like a diff GUI, but on the same token, the XMR port has a wide variety of languages.
  13. We would prob have to get translations made and idk if that mountain is work climbing.
  15. flyguyry_2.0Last Saturday at 10:05 AM
  16. are you thinking of an electron wallet to replace the gui's
  17. @thaer <not asking for crypto> how many hrs would it take you to do the ledger integration ?
  19. thaer <not asking for crypto>Last Saturday at 10:09 AM
  20. I don't have a current estimate on Ledger integration, I can throw out some numbers but it'll be guesswork (and mostly porting XMR code as reference because that work has already been done there)
  22. BazookaJeffLast Saturday at 10:09 AM
  23. @flyguyry_2.0 Yeah but we already have one, it works, it's in multiple languages, and it's not really that bad. In a professional view, it doesn't need to be changed. Seems more of a want vs need sort of thing.
  24. @thaer <not asking for crypto> We could rally to get you all the coffee you need.
  25. @thaer <not asking for crypto> do you think your work will slow down anytime for these smaller tasks i.e. ledger and not something like blocktree.
  27. flyguyry_2.0Last Saturday at 10:11 AM
  28. i have spoken to fireice regarding the ledger integration work but people seem to be unhappy about this idea
  30. BazookaJeffLast Saturday at 10:12 AM
  31. I agree that we should wait and give cam a shot and anyone else who wants to help in that task.
  33. thaer <not asking for crypto>Last Saturday at 10:13 AM
  34. work will slow down at some point but I won't be certain about when and how much until we launch and things fall into place
  36. BazookaJeffLast Saturday at 10:13 AM
  37. I personally don't have anything against fireice but I would love to see an MSR community member/dev get the work done rather than contracting it out.
  38. @thaer <not asking for crypto> That's a fair answer. I think it's good that the community is aware that things will inevitably slow down for you and that we still have competent devs.
  40. flyguyry_2.0Last Saturday at 10:14 AM
  41. same here but not seen CC for a few days now why can he not do the ledger work
  42. the funding is in place
  44. BazookaJeffLast Saturday at 10:14 AM
  45. Its a lingering fear for a lot of people. Perhaps its irrational, but at the same time, the whole cryptospace is filled with empty promises and scams and MSR will always have to fight these accusations.
  46. Its good to remind people that we're still alive and work is still being done.
  48. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 10:16 AM
  49. Meh, I dont think it's wise to fight accusations of empty promises. Right now we're far behind our original roadmap and even though that was produced largely due to community pressure, so far we've only produced on like half the things we said we would have at this point
  51. flyguyry_2.0Last Saturday at 10:17 AM
  52. CC how long do you think it would take you to do the ledger work ?
  54. BazookaJeffLast Saturday at 10:18 AM
  55. @cryptochangements I'm more saying that its good to address the problems vs sweeping things under the rug type of thing.
  57. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 10:18 AM
  58. @flyguyry_2.0 I will not be working on ledger
  60. thedawson13Last Saturday at 10:19 AM
  61. Based on my experience in this cn space, paying fireice will just become an anti masari taking point, had to pay other coins Dev ra ra
  63. BazookaJeffLast Saturday at 10:20 AM
  64. ^yep
  66. thedawson13Last Saturday at 10:20 AM
  67. Anyway I'm also against that idea
  69. BazookaJeffLast Saturday at 10:20 AM
  70. We could just put our money where our mouth is and put a funding proposal for someone to get when it is done.
  71. like 10k MSR to produce it or something.
  73. flyguyry_2.0Last Saturday at 10:21 AM
  74. yes thats fine just need a dev to say yes i will do it
  76. BazookaJeffLast Saturday at 10:21 AM
  77. Aeon had a bounty for something like that for a while and eventually it was paid out.
  78. We should really be utilizing the funding page more.
  80. thedawson13Last Saturday at 10:21 AM
  81. This is a better idea, however it's also been said by thaer and others that the person who writes the code has to be vetted so I'm not sure how that works
  82. Like if we post bounty and someone delivers, it's expected we will pay them and not run some sort of background check. Could one of our current devs audit the code to ensure it doesn't have backdoors and whatever
  84. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 10:23 AM
  85. If you're gonna pay somebody hourly the person should be vetted (fireice failed the "vetting" lol). If you're doing a bounty it doesnt matter who does it, it's just paid or not based on whether they produced or not
  87. BazookaJeffLast Saturday at 10:23 AM
  88. +1 for using more bounties.
  90. thaer <not asking for crypto>Last Saturday at 10:24 AM
  91. if the dev is known and trusted, then there's less pressure for them to be vetted, and if they aren't, then their code would get a lot of scrutiny before merging their PRs and we shouldn't be giving out any large fund projects to them before having them go through a process, and any large projects would need their funding given out in small chunks
  93. BazookaJeffLast Saturday at 10:24 AM
  94. The ANN originally had that we would pay bounties for work done. We really should be putting together funding ideas and community bounties to get work done. Perhaps a # bounty channel.
  96. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 10:25 AM
  97. I'm still here to review any PRs before the get merged, I'm obviously gonna be reviewing any large changes from new contributors with more scrutiny
  99. thedawson13Last Saturday at 10:26 AM
  100. Anyway I'll review the meeting later, I think ledger is a good thing to start thinking about which we already are and otherwise my biggest concerns were addressed over the last couple months in that the coin is functional again and can't be held hostage by any one person intentionally or unintentionally
  102. BazookaJeffLast Saturday at 10:28 AM
  103. Okay, is everyone good with waiting for cam and or thaer, and then if he cant do it, posting a bounty for ledger?
  105. flyguyry_2.0Last Saturday at 10:28 AM
  106. time frame ?
  108. BazookaJeffLast Saturday at 10:28 AM
  109. We'd have to ask @camthegeek but we can make a rough estimate.
  110. @thaer <not asking for crypto> how long do you think something like that would take?
  112. flyguyry_2.0Last Saturday at 10:29 AM
  113. how about we desside next meeting via progress made ?
  115. BazookaJeffLast Saturday at 10:29 AM
  116. As for the GUI, I think we should be happy with what he have. It would be cool to get it wrapped up to look different.
  118. JeuTheIditLast Saturday at 10:29 AM
  119. I'm good with waiting for can and thaer.
  120. We can see how long it take cam for current GUI and act accordingly for web wallet if we want that eventually.
  122. thaer <not asking for crypto>Last Saturday at 10:30 AM
  123. for Ledger? as I said earlier I wouldn't have a good time estimate at this time but it wouldn't be complicated because it's for the most part porting code from XMR
  125. JeuTheIditLast Saturday at 10:30 AM
  126. Sorry i need to catch up. Mostly meant cam, and then go from there.
  128. BazookaJeffLast Saturday at 10:31 AM
  129. @thaer <not asking for crypto> no worries. we can just give cam an open 1-2 months and see how he fares and revisit development throughout to add or remove time before we go the bounty approach.
  130. What is the current state of the android wallet @thaer <not asking for crypto>? Is this something the community can get fixed?
  132. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 10:32 AM
  133. I'm in the middle of getting it built
  135. thaer <not asking for crypto>Last Saturday at 10:33 AM
  136. if I did it I wouldn't ask for funding, but if somebody else does it like cam I think there's enough trust built to just have them estimate the funding on their own
  138. BazookaJeffLast Saturday at 10:33 AM
  139. @cryptochangements dope.
  141. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 10:33 AM
  142. Ran into some issues with the exact target android version
  143. Honestly I've mostly just been busy
  144. I'd say another week or two
  146. BazookaJeffLast Saturday at 10:34 AM
  147. @thaer <not asking for crypto> I get you.
  148. @cryptochangements No worries. Better to have happy devs than a crappy product.
  149. Is everyone happy with the marketing efforts?
  151. JeuTheIditLast Saturday at 10:35 AM
  152. NO run devs to the ground no mercy :pepegrin:
  154. BazookaJeffLast Saturday at 10:35 AM
  155. I think MSR engagement has been doing a great job. We take the approach of having MSR engagement being more edgy and the official channels being more old man vanilla.
  157. flyguyry_2.0Last Saturday at 10:35 AM
  158. i am happy i wish i had more to tweet out and the old facebook page re opened up
  160. BazookaJeffLast Saturday at 10:35 AM
  161. I have a MSR ppt that is almost done. I will get a voice over and we can use it in our vanilla campaign.
  163. JeuTheIditLast Saturday at 10:35 AM
  164. I personally like the MSR engagement and official channel take.
  166. BazookaJeffLast Saturday at 10:36 AM
  167. @Johnny Gonzo and @xiaomogwai have really been pushing out the edgy content.
  168. @thaer <not asking for crypto> do you have any concerns about MSR engagement? Do you think you could dm me a list of what you wouldn't want to see in the edgy videos?
  169. i.e. naked men lmao
  171. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 10:37 AM
  172. What about the podcast/youtube stream mentioned?
  174. flyguyry_2.0Last Saturday at 10:38 AM
  175. next medium post ?
  177. BazookaJeffLast Saturday at 10:38 AM
  178. I have a list of questions that I would like to ask you guys and it would be good to have some more content with both you and @thaer <not asking for crypto>
  179. I was thinking an in house podcast type of thing.
  181. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 10:39 AM
  182. I know the 3 of us were originally mentioned but it could be nice to invite some other people like cam and jeu
  184. thaer <not asking for crypto>Last Saturday at 10:39 AM
  185. I don't have any concerns, pretty much as long as it doesn't break Twitter guidelines (i.e. no racism, no targeting others, no calls for violence, etc.) then it's fine, and being edgy is okay
  187. BazookaJeffLast Saturday at 10:39 AM
  188. @cryptochangements was thinking the same thing.
  190. thaer <not asking for crypto>Last Saturday at 10:39 AM
  191. :thumbsup: a round-table podcasts with the usual suspects sounds great
  193. BazookaJeffLast Saturday at 10:40 AM
  194. @thaer <not asking for crypto> Alright, we will use that as a guide. They really like to push the limits so it's good to have clear expectations/guidelines.
  195. Here was the list of questions for the curious:
  196. 1. Can you briefly explain what Masari is?
  197. 2. Can you explain your motivation for starting the coin, your vision for why it should exist, and what it should accomplish?
  198. 3. What do you think your role is and should be?
  199. 4. Do you think there is a contract that should be upheld between the devs and the community i.e. you know that there may be some people who are relying on the coin’s technology?
  200. 5. Why would anyone choose Masari over other cryptocurrencies like Monero, Bitcoin, Zcash, etc?
  201. 6. Why are Masari’s technological advancements noteworthy in your opinion?
  202. 7. What could you see Masari being used for? How feasible is that idea?
  203. 8. How do you think Masari will develop over time?
  204. 9. Short term goals? Mid term? Long term?
  205. 10. Plan of action to achieve some of these goals?
  206. 11. Are pop tarts ravioli?
  207. 12. What devs/creators do you admire (besides Satoshi) and why?
  208. 13. Do you like any other projects? Which ones? Why?
  209. 14. What have you been up to recently?
  210. 15. Any plans for new devs? How to attract?
  211. 16. Ledger, expectations vs reality.
  212. 17. Explanation of current path Masari has taken
  213. And any other directions the convo would go i.e. rogan's, "So what do you think of DMT?"
  214. There were a couple of others that I just haven't put in yet but that's the general idea.
  215. Johnny was wanting us to talk with Parjar. I will get that done soon.
  216. I think it'd be good to get the ball rolling on making MSR more usable. I'd love to be able to spend it on a website with a regular merchant.
  218. flyguyry_2.0Last Saturday at 10:44 AM
  219. CC what was that website called the instant exchange ?
  221. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 10:44 AM
  222. I dont remember
  223. There's a log of it in the old core team channel. Perhaps Thaer can look through the logs? I honestly dont know of that channel exists anymore
  225. flyguyry_2.0Last Saturday at 10:46 AM
  226. shape shift
  228. BazookaJeffLast Saturday at 10:47 AM
  229. We can get on a clone of that website.
  230. I was quoted at 10k MSR to get on
  231. less than 1k usd right now.
  233. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 10:47 AM
  234. 10k msr is worth way less now than when they were originally asking :pepegrin:
  236. BazookaJeffLast Saturday at 10:48 AM
  237. Hey, you quote me a price, I hold you to it lmao
  238. and it's worth a shot.
  239. I will email them later.
  240. @thaer <not asking for crypto> can you create an ELI5 of SPT? I am going to create a graphic about it and I don't want to put words in your mouth.
  241. Also, I am going to email coinmarketcap and get our details section fixed.
  242. What do we want on that page?
  243. @JeuTheIdit was kind enough to get us a good start:
  244. Masari is a fungible, secure, and private cryptocurrency based on Monero that was launched September 7th, 2017. It's primary focus is to research and implement scaling solutions that are a concern for all CryptoNote coins as the cryptocurrency space gets more mainstream. Combining current features such as a fully client side web wallet, 60 second block time, and uncle mining (via the SECOR protocol) with future blocktree scaling, users will be able to quickly transact online without worrying about possible chain slowdowns or loss of anonymity.
  246. Masari - simple, scalable, secure. Learn more at
  247. Do we want SPT in that details section with BT?
  248. I also need the ELI5 for SPT to put in the MSR ppt.
  250. thaer <not asking for crypto>Last Saturday at 10:53 AM
  251. okay I'll send a blurb of my version of that with SPT
  253. BazookaJeffLast Saturday at 10:53 AM
  254. @thaer <not asking for crypto> do you want it on CMC?
  256. thaer <not asking for crypto>Last Saturday at 10:53 AM
  257. sure, I think whatever's there is probably very outdated
  259. BazookaJeffLast Saturday at 10:53 AM
  260. They just have a vanilla, "MSR is a cryptocurrency. Its price is X. It does X."
  261. Did we ever get the funding needed to get @Dubz what he needed for the tipbot?
  262. What do you need to get that done. I will do my part to get it for you.
  264. flyguyry_2.0Last Saturday at 10:55 AM
  265. i have been asking dubz i think he is very busy the server is up running and waiting
  267. BazookaJeffLast Saturday at 10:56 AM
  268. Ah okay. No worries. He will get it when he has time. @Dubz if you do change your mind, let us know and we can make other arrangements as necessary.
  270. flyguyry_2.0Last Saturday at 10:56 AM
  271. i am quite happy to add other peoples ssh keys to the server if required
  273. thaer <not asking for crypto>Last Saturday at 10:58 AM
  274. whatever funding's left we can use the remaining amounts in the dev fund to complete it
  276. flyguyry_2.0Last Saturday at 10:58 AM
  277. @Orac is server name
  279. OracLast Saturday at 10:59 AM
  280. here and waiting lol
  282. BazookaJeffLast Saturday at 11:00 AM
  283. cool, lets get that squared away.
  285. flyguyry_2.0Last Saturday at 11:00 AM
  286. i am quite happy to pay for the work required so i can give it to the community
  288. BazookaJeffLast Saturday at 11:01 AM
  289. Okay, so do we just need confirmation from Dubz?
  291. flyguyry_2.0Last Saturday at 11:01 AM
  292. yes but i will not bug him
  294. BazookaJeffLast Saturday at 11:02 AM
  295. He'll read this when he has the time. Lets give him a couple of weeks and then reconvene next meeting if he is too busy.
  296. front burner to back burner
  298. OracLast Saturday at 11:02 AM
  299. sounds good to me i am on 24/7
  301. camthegeekLast Saturday at 11:03 AM
  302. re: ledger: Thaer has stated most everything is already there for integration. I do not expect many major issues that a few questions to other devs cant fix.
  304. BazookaJeffLast Saturday at 11:04 AM
  305. That sounds good to me.
  306. @camthegeek I changed your flair on reddit to MSR contributor.
  307. If you want community engagement instead, just LMK.
  308. I think that title fits better and people can ask you technical questions about the website etc if they are ever inclined.
  309. I'd like to see special donor flairs for people like @ASBIT99.
  310. Idk how everyone feels about that though.
  311. Okay, the meeting looks to be completing since it is 1 hour past start. We can reconvene on these topics in two weeks and push forward in the developments we stated as follows:
  313. 1. Cam will work on Ledger and update us on progress
  314. 2. To get specific tasks done, we can post funding bounties and our community devs can proof the code
  315. 3. For the tipbot we will wait for Dubz to give clarification and revisit that topic in 2 weeks if no advancements are made
  316. 4. CC will work on android wallet, see how he is doing in 2 weeks.
  317. 5. Marketing will reach out to instant exchanges and update any old info on current websites like CMC
  319. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 11:12 AM
  320. Sounds good
  322. BazookaJeffLast Saturday at 11:14 AM
  323. Please ping any of the community devs or MSR engagement team if you have any ideas, thoughts, or want to collaborate and get work done.
  325. Community Devs/Contributors: Thaer, Cryptochangements, Camthegeek.
  327. MSR Engagement Team: Johnny Gonzo, Xiaomogwai, Jeutheidit, Dug Punk, Camthegeek, SatroiNakamoto.
  329. BazookaJeffLast Saturday at 11:54 AM
  330. Ah almost forgot.
  331. We will reconvene in 2 weeks at 15:00 UTC.
  333. DubzLast Saturday at 4:46 PM
  334. @BazookaJeff @flyguyry_2.0 Slave drivers! Yea, I've just been getting my butt handed to me at work... And you probably want me to stay focused considering I'm contracted to a commercial airline :-). I will spin up the tipbot this weekend. I'll make the VIP's admin on it so It's not dependent on me. I will need a Discord admin to grant access to the bot once it's up. Also, I need some details like Chat Rewards on/off (I'll fund the first wave), Lottery on? Ticket amount if yes.
  336. flyguyry_2.0Last Saturday at 5:56 PM
  337. hi man i will fund the wallet with the 1st 500 coins and thank you very much just let me know what you need me to do my end
  339. Johnny GonzoLast Sunday at 8:19 AM
  342. Johnny Gonzo (@joliwa)
  343. @cryptokeez my boy with the sickest fkn beats- Made me sound like the professor from #LaCasaDePapel @masaricurrency @MSR_Engagement #privacy $BTC $MSR $XMR #Crypto
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