Maid's jiggle chest

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  1. Zythria Katarii bites the vampire and nipples.
  3. Zythria Katarii: nibbles*
  5. Adrasteia Rana feels them nipple, gently rubs them, getting ahead of the game I see.~
  7. Zythria Katarii flails and chews! ... ON ehr nipples! HA! Take that!
  9. Adrasteia Rana wonders if the bun REALLY wants to push it
  11. Zythria Katarii: ...Fair point.
  13. Zythria Katarii just puffs her cheeks out and snuggles.
  15. Adrasteia Rana cuddles
  17. Zythria Katarii: [sub]You are mean tease...[/sub]
  19. Zythria Katarii: I said tease! I didn't just say mean! D-don't look at me like that!
  21. Adrasteia Rana gropes at her chest "These are awfully bunless right now, should we fix that?~"
  23. Zythria Katarii flails her arms and huffs at the woman, blushing.
  25. Adrasteia Rana jiggles her girls at the bun
  27. Zythria Katarii just lets out a whimper, blushing deeply; looking away, squirming in place.
  29. Adrasteia Rana giggles "Quite the conundrum.~  You so desperately want to add to me, and yet you know if you do, that you'll have no where to run to deny that you're nothing more than additions and meals.~"
  31. Zythria Katarii puffs her cheeks out, squirming abit. "Yeah! Well! S-stop pointing it out... It's embarrassing..." She mumbles quietly.
  33. Adrasteia Rana crosses her arms under her bust, bouncing it a bit "Alright.~"
  35. Zythria Katarii lets outs a meek whimper, shaking her head slowly.
  37. Adrasteia Rana shakes her chest side to side in pace with the head
  39. Zythria Katarii lets out a soft and meek little whine, as those tits seem to follow her gaze. Her face flushes a deep red with her thighs grinding together. "Hnnngg... N-no fair..."
  41. Adrasteia Rana giggles "It's hard isn't it?~  Trying to deny that you wouldn't love to shove your face into my cleavage and let me turn you into a cup size.~"
  43. Zythria Katarii puffs her cheeks out and whines. "I love to snuggle... S-so I'd like to put my face there anyway! B-but I know you'd just turn me into a cup size anyway! O-or turn me into what ever part of you I touch..."
  45. Adrasteia Rana smirks at her "Oh please, we both know whenever you snuggle up a part of you just wants to end up jiggling, dripping, throbbing, or bouncing on my body.~"
  47. Zythria Katarii whines and huffs, bouncing her arms as she hops in place. "`vNot true! Maybe if you didn't have so much fat you'd not be so jiggly!" She states, blushing deeply.
  49. Adrasteia Rana snickers "Oh?~  Something about the jigglyness catching your eye in particular tonight?~"
  51. Zythria Katarii keeps huffing and bouncing in place. "It's not that! I am just saying I'd snuggle you, with or with out the jiggle..." She calls out only to roll into a meek mumble.
  53. Adrasteia Rana smirks and leans forward, breasts swaying "But...would you prefer the jiggle or not?~"
  55. Zythria Katarii whiiines as those breasts are nearly pressed into her face! "Jiggles are nice and soft..."
  57. Adrasteia Rana smiles as she shakes them "And does the bun want to be some?~"
  59. Zythria Katarii puffs her cheeks out, twisting and squirming all the more. "I-I have some!" She mumbles out, poking her own boobs, as if to deflect.
  61. Adrasteia Rana gives a big bounce of her chest "Not even as nearly big as mine and you know it.~"
  63. Zythria Katarii watches those tits before her bounce, making her whimper and nods. "T-true..."
  65. Adrasteia Rana snickers "And smaller tits like yours should go to larger tits to make them even bigger.~"
  67. Zythria Katarii puffs her cheeks out a little, twisting in place even more, whimpering as she says nothing.
  69. Adrasteia Rana leans forward again, chest inches from the bunny's face
  71. Zythria Katarii gulps and whimpers, twisting herself, her eyes widen as those tits start to take up the full view of her vision. The bunny chewing on her lower lip, slowly trying to lean back, though felt as if she was pressed to a wall! Frozen in headlights.
  73. Adrasteia Rana giggles as she jiggles those tits in front of the bunny, one could almost imagine them drooling as they hovered over their prey, just a slight push forward...and the bunny would be gone.~
  75. Zythria Katarii just breaths heavily, panting. Her own chest feeling tense and tight. Her fingers twitch as she whimpers quietly now. Under her breath. Her mind reeling, with her eyes glossing over. The tense body of the bunny, locked in place. Unsure if she should push forward, but to scared to pull away.
  77. Adrasteia Rana giggles down as she runs a finger down around the opening of her cleavage "Now now, the little bunny knows where it wants to hop into doesn't it?~"
  79. Zythria Katarii quivers more, her eyes finally shifting to follow that finger, watching it slight down that gap. Her nose twitches. "I...I..." She mumbles meekly, before throwing her arms forward to push against either of those tits, to push the woman back. "Hnnngg!" Her eyes closing and head lowering some.
  81. Adrasteia Rana giggles as she pushes those arms to the side, leaving the bunny's head oh so perilously close to that cleavage, just bouncing gently on her, just a small dip of her head, that's all it would take.~
  83. Zythria Katarii gasped, with her arms pushing to the side her forward momentum would have her body lean forward. Not having the maid's frame to keep her from being moved she would, effectively fall forward! With that chest so close to her head, she face planted against them! Her eyes closed not able to see the mistake she was making until it was far to late! "Hmmff?!?"
  85. Adrasteia Rana giggles as she watches the bun's head land on her chest, smirking down as she puts a hand on the back of her head as she sighs, slowly pushing it in, the poor thing starting to spread out into her chest as she coos "That's a good bunny, just like that, give into my bust..."
  87. Zythria Katarii lets out a meek muffle with her arms recoiling back to push against the main for what she could, squirming as she twists herself! Her body heated, her tail flicking about behind her. "Hmmmfff!"
  89. Adrasteia Rana smirks as she starts to push them deeper inside of her body, letting out a deep sigh as she coos down "Yes just sink away little bun...just sink away..."
  91. Zythria Katarii squirms and twists more as she was pushed down into those tits more and more. Muffling out for what she could, until her voice could not echo forth. Her tail flicked about with her eyes, hidden away, rolling back. Her mind a buzz until that flesh pushed against her thoughts. Swallowing them like the rest of her head.
  93. Adrasteia Rana giggles as she pulls her little bunny up further, deeper into her bust, her shoulders starting to sink in as she picks up their hips "That's a good girl, just use fighting it at this point, you'll just be lovely bouncy tit flesh on my chest.~" her fingers groping and squeezing at their body as she said that.
  95. Zythria Katarii arms slumped, unable to think of fighting, or think of much in general, as her head was swallowed up. Her body small and light, easily lifted and pushed into the woman's chest. Her legs swaying slowly, no longer having the ground under her, holding her up.
  97. Adrasteia Rana giggles as those smaller tits were pushed into her chest "Mmmm good, right where those small things belong, jiggling in my girls to help make them bigger.~" her hands rubbing up and down the bun's sides as she keeps feeding them to that cleavage, the warmth and softness getting stronger in t he poor bun's body
  99. Zythria Katarii quivers for what was left of her. Tail flicks with her legs tense and kick slightly. The voiceless torsoless body, sliding into that chest with ease. Helplessly drawn in. Arms all but swallowed, as she was pulled deeper and deeper.
  101. Adrasteia Rana mmms as she continues to feed her cupsize to her bust, hips slowly sinking away as she lets out a deep pleasured sigh, her hands groping at the girl's hips as she gently pushed them away into her body.
  103. Zythria Katarii simply slides in now. Barely any movements. Her legs easily pushed into each of their own breast tissue. The bunny all but disappeared now. Making it far to late to stop now, even if the maid was only teasing!
  105. Adrasteia Rana didn't seem to be teasing, as if she was  she would have stopped there, instead the little bunny would find themselves soon just jiggling about in her chest, the maid squeezing at her bust with a happy sigh "There we go, was that so bad?~"
  107. Zythria Katarii helplessly jiggles on those plump full tits, helplessly bouncing when pushed about.
  109. Adrasteia Rana mmmmfs as she gives them a few gropes, good bun~
  111. Zythria Katarii squeezes in against those hands~ The heavy plush flesh rolling around those digits as if to swallow them.
  113. Adrasteia Rana mmmms as she gives it a few more gropes, her fingers sinking down into that [url=]lovely chest.[/url]
  115. Zythria Katarii wobbles slightly between those fingers, full and heavy~
  117. Adrasteia Rana mmmms as she gives them a squeeze, a little bit of milk leaking out of those pert pink nipples.~
  119. Zythria Katarii leaks that milk, slowly dripping it out, sloshing up those useless things... Like bun's mind and soul... Those fully heavy tits hanging on the Maid's chest~
  121. Adrasteia Rana mmmms and sighs, the poor bun's memories and being slowly squeezing out as she starts to gently massage her chest, fingers alternating as they squeeze down into those heavy girls.
  123. Zythria Katarii squeeze and pump out everything not needed... Slowly numbing... Or rather leaking out the aspects of the bun but pleasure and sensitivity.
  125. Adrasteia Rana mmmmphs and sighs out as she keeps kneading that chest until the milk stops flowing, no more bun!  Just happy bouncy tits.~
  127. Zythria Katarii kept leaking more and more, becoming easier to think of anything else but being tits... Thinking harder and harder... just being tits... Being tits... Just tits... Only tits... Jiggle...
  129. Adrasteia Rana sighs as she releases her hands from her chest, letting them jiggle and bounce up against her torso...just resting in place like good tits do.~
  131. Zythria Katarii bounced and jiggled, wobbled and swayed freely, until supported by clothes~ That added girth tugging slightly more then the vampire would be use too; but no less pleasurable.
  133. Adrasteia Rana would soon have herself clad back up in a [url=]dress[/url], bust refitted for her new addition, as they'd now enjoy a lovely bit of
  134. support as she went around her work.~
  137. Zythria Katarii would still wobble and sway slightly, likely catching the eyes of others~ Be it horny gropers or meek prey alike~
  139. Adrasteia Rana just like good heavy tits should.~
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