OpJusticeForJake Press Release #2

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  1. OpJusticeForJake. For Immediate Release
  2. 5/6/2013
  4. Greetings,
  6. We are Anonymous.
  8. Today we wish to address several concerns in the Jake Limberios case. First, as you know, a video was released, purportedly from Anonymous. While it is possible that this video was created by an Anonymous member, it was not created or released by this operation, OpJusticeForJake. All official releases will be announced by the @OpJustice4Jake Twitter account. We will have nothing further to say on this topic.
  10. Secondly, we are hearing rumors regarding the status of the Sandusky County inquiry into Jake's death. We have heard that the county is asking the Limberios family and Dr.Cyril Wecht to turn over their portion of the samples to the county. We wonder why this would be needed? Half of each sample was provided to the county following the original autopsy performed by Dr. Wecht. Has Sandusky County perhaps lost or misplaced their portion of the samples?
  12. Finally, we know the timeline of events in this case, therefor we have the 'what'. We know the persons involved, therefor we have the 'who'. We are left wondering however, as to the 'why'. Why were witness statements taken as fact without investigation? Why was no proper forensic investigation conducted immediately after the incident? Why was no autopsy conducted immediately after the incident? Why did the family have to pay an expert to do the county's job? Why did it take a lawsuit to move county officials to act? Why are clear conflicts of interest being ignored?
  14. Is it a matter of overworked officials? Is it a matter of simple incompetence or is there something more nefarious involved? Investigations continue on this question. When we have the answer, and we will have it, it will be publicly released.
  16. In closing we wish to direct your attention to a video released by a group known as Justice Sandusky. This is an excellent video detailing many of the points which need to be clarified. The video can be seen at
  18. We continue to hope that Sandusky County will step up to the plate and complete this investigation in a proper, if belated, manner.
  20. That is all.
  22. We Are Anonymous.
  23. The Corrupt Fear Us.
  24. The Honest Support Us.
  25. The Heroic Join Us.
  26. Expect Justice.
  28. Contact:
  30. #OpJusticeForJake
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