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  1. 1 CPU Socket LGA775 socket for Intel CoreTM2 Duo/Pentium D/Pentium
  2.             4/Celeron D CPUs
  3. 2 CPU_FAN1 CPU cooling fan connector
  4. 3 DIMM1~2 DDR2 240 pin SDRAM slots
  5. 4 FDD1 Floppy diskette drive connector
  6. 5 ATX1 Standard 24pin ATX power connector
  7. 6 IDE1 Primary IDE channel
  8. 7 BIOS_WP BIOS flash protect jumper
  9. 8 SATA1~4 Serial ATA connectors
  10. 9 Jumper
  11. JP1 Jumper
  12. 11 PANEL1 Front panel switch/LED header
  13. 12 CLR_CMOS1 Clear CMOS jumper
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