Her User Guide - 25

Jul 3rd, 2020
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~Her User Guide / 그녀 사용설명서~

Chapter - 25

Blonde is confessing her love for MC to FMC.. FMC tells her it matters not to her but she shouldn't get exposed when dating MC because it could damage her model career..
Blonde says because of FMC's fault she can't even date MC.. She doesn't understand and looks back at Blonde while making a surprised expression. Blonde tells her MC loves FMC too much.. How Blonde's feelings doesn't mean much to him.

She asks FMC if she remembers the text she sent her with the picture the other night.. Blonde says how she sent this because her confession was rejected by MC and she wanted to harm their relationship by doing this.
She's tearing up while begging FMC to reconsider her feelings for MC, she says how she can't be MC's lover so at least she wants to be the one fixing shit up for him. She says how her feelings for MC are so deep that she prefers seeing him happy with FMC even if it means losing the only person she ever had feelings for.

Next day, MC is leaving the hospital, before getting in the cab, FMC shows up and calls his name..
MC asks her what she wants, she asks him if his proposition from last time is still valid... If he still loves her. She tells him about her meeting Blonde last night.*

She apologizes for not believing him when he said it was a misunderstanding (Well she was already planing to ride Blonde's Brother D at this time but whatever..).
She says how she said horrible things to him that night because she was feeling wronged and jealous.. She apologizes for this (Not for fucking Manager?) and asks him if he can stay with her. How she needs him as her man and as the Team Leader of her company.

FMC tells him she'll understand if it's already too late for him to forgive her since she already crossed the line (Ref to here having sex with Manager?) she can't finish her sentence.. Because she's suddenly hugged by a crying MC telling her it's not too late.

Manager walking in the company's office... He notices MC's sign and recalls what happened yesterday... It's a flashback of FMC apologizing to Manage because she decided to get back with MC. He asks her if she won't regret her decision.. She says she will regret it even more if she doesn't try to make up with MC.

Back to the present with him heaving a long sigh..

FMC is getting her pussy eaten by MC.. She's moaning.. He makes her reach climax multiple times just with his tongue.. She can't believe it and can only keep moaning.. Until she passes out..
MC stop eating her out and stands up a bit.. He's satisfied with FMC's expression and shoves his dick inside her soaking wet pussy..

Sex begins and she calls his name while moaning.. He looks at her and calls her 'Noona'.. He's surprised by her blushing and lovely face.. He goes for a kiss.. They keep kissing and having sex for a moment until MC confesses his love for her.. SHe looks at him and says she loves him too.

While being embraced by MC, FMC thinks she finally found her own happiness..

To be continued..
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