White Victims of Black Crime - 0313 - Richard Chris Yeager

Jul 28th, 2019 (edited)
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  1. 0313
  2. ----------------
  4. September 22, 2014
  6. Location: New Orleans,LA
  8. Victim(s): Richard “Chris” Yeager 35, Martha Brosch 50 (survived)
  10. Attacker(s): Rendell Brown 16,Shane Hughes 16,Rejean Brown 14
  12. Description: Richard had just finished making a pizza delivery when he was shot 10 times by the trio and left in the middle of the street, his 2004 Toyota Corolla stolen. The trio, two of which (Rendell Brown & Hughes) were wearing ankle monitoring devices because of previous convictions, were also implicated in a violent car jacking 24 hours earlier. Martha was approached by the trio in her driveway and pistol-whipped. She suffered a broken nose, cracked eye socket and nasal fracture. The trio fled with her 2008 silver Volvo and a purse containing her checkbook, ID and $1,300 in cash, a police report said.
  14. Link(s):
  15. Story about the crime and the fact that Brown and Hughes had ankle monitors on.
  16. Martha speaks out about her violent ordeal at the hands of the trio.
  17. Rendell Brown pleads guilty & is sentenced to 40 years. Charges against Rejean Brown were dropped due to insufficient evidence 3-18.
  18. Hughes is acquitted in a 2nd trial.
  20. Richard’s find a grave memorial.
  21. ----------------
  23. Story about the carjacking of Martha Brosch.
  24. Hughes and Rendell Brown are charged as adults.
  25. Another story about Martha’s ordeal.
  27. Yeager surname info
  28. Yeager surname wikipedia entry.
  29. Yeager surname info house of names.
  31. Brosch surname info
  32. Brosch surname info house of names.
  33. Brosch surname info surname database.
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