Homeopathic prophylaxis?

naturowhat Aug 21st, 2015 123 Never
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  1. Homeoprophylaxis
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  3. dremilypenney
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  6. Howdy Docs,
  7. A prospective patient sent me some information about homeoprophylaxis. Apparently it is a way to use nosodes as an alternative to vaccines. Anyone care to chime in opinions on this idea? I was trained classically, as I assume most of us were. Is this bonafide? Thanks.
  8. The Solution ~ Homeoprophylaxis: The Immune System Educator
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  10. The Solution ~ Homeoprophylaxis: The I...
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  15. Emily Penney, ND
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  22. I self studied with a great book, I can get you the name. I offer this to my staunch anti-vaccine patients. I do give a disclaimer that titers won't be found, mechanism is not well understood but I think it is better than no vaccines. Or at least good to have around in the event there is a local outbreak. Laura repola, ND Butte, MT
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