Murakumo Gohan [Typeset]

Apr 5th, 2016
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  1. Murakumo Gohan translation
  2. From
  4. >What is this?!
  5. >It's really really good!
  7. >Uwaahh....
  8. >It's all cool and ready.
  9. >Sazanami-chan's amazing nyashii
  10. >Hmhm
  11. >It's okay to praise Sazanami a bit more!
  12. >Don't copy me.
  13. >Speaking of which, how's Sazanami-chan going to deliver yours?
  14. >Haah?
  15. >For example,
  16. >I-I didn't make this for you! | Don't be mistaken! Like taht?
  17. >What is that....
  18. >It's going to be normal. | Normal.
  19. >Even if you say that,
  20. >Once the moment comes you're going to be all confused. | It only makes sense to plan it out first.
  21. >Though I have no idea who it's for.
  22. >Mutsuki's going to give it to Kisaragi-chan--
  23. >What?!
  24. >Sazanami's going to give it to everyone else in the 7thDesDiv!
  25. >Really! really! >I don't know!
  27. >Ey boss--I've got a request.
  28. >What
  29. >I'm hungry, I'm hungry, so let's eat.
  30. >...alright. Everyone?
  31. >Okay--
  32. >I wanted to eat lunch with the onee-sama....
  33. >Right, right, let's dock there.
  34. >Aight, I'll keep watch.
  35. >Eat ahead of me.
  36. >Ehh, kind of feels weird. | Why do patrol duties?
  37. >Mmm....
  38. >Apart from me, are you all from the same fleet?
  39. >This month's composition....haaah?
  40. >Are you saying you forgot....?
  41. >After this, the ships that can deploy, you....
  42. >....well, this kind of situation sometimes happens too.
  43. >Hm--?
  44. >Ah, kelp.
  46. >Well--that movie was pretty good.
  47. >Right--? | I've got a good eye, right? Yeah yeah.
  48. >What are we doing after this?
  49. >Shopping?
  50. >Before that, let's eat.
  51. >I'm real hungry. | What should we eat?
  52. >....ah
  53. >....Murakumo
  54. >Do you know what a hamburger is?
  55. >What do you take me for?
  56. >Well, we're ordering individually, right?
  57. >Hold on, Miyuki?! | Fubuki?! | Don't look at me...... | Ah?!
  59. >Ueehhhhhh.... | we're shipgirls, why do we have to run around on land....
  60. >Hatsuyuki--! Keep it together!
  61. >Everyone--!
  62. >The Watermelon's all ready--!
  63. >It's going to get hot if you don't hurry--!
  64. >You hear? You stragglers!
  65. >Ahh--Murakumo's already started eating....
  66. >Secretary ship privilege.
  67. >I am so done.
  69. >Thanks for the meal!
  70. >It was just a bare bones meal.
  71. >Shirayuki! | Hold on a sec
  72. >I'll help you clean up.
  73. >Keep working, you guys!
  74. >THe curry | was really really good.
  75. >Was it? | That's good.
  76. >I, I, too, umm....
  77. >, >it's nothing.
  78. >Do you want me to teach you?
  79. >Really?!........ah
  80. >N- | If you were going to say it anyway, I guess I can hear you out....
  81. >Then I won't say it then.
  82. >Eh, hold on...
  84. >Hey! Murakumo!
  85. >How rare, ne---! | Just in time for Tea Time....
  86. >Oh....factory?
  87. >[That person is so loud.]
  88. >Speaking of which, I came to request a remodel Ne
  89. >Well, let's we can do that later Masu! | It's a rare chance, Murakumo, let's have some tea together dess!
  90. >[click]
  91. >Hiei! | Please get another chair over here! | Haruna, pour the secretary ship some tea!
  92. >Kirishima's really good at taking care of people ne | Murakumo-chan, do you want Cake?
  93. >Well well, | take it easy, no need to rush ne
  95. >To let me order anything I want | how generous.
  96. >What kind of wind is blowing you along?
  97. >....Haah? | What, so serious.......
  98. >.....Eh?
  99. >
  100. >Ugh, you, | really....
  101. >Reall- | you really can't be helped. | this | I'm going to really teach you a lesson after this!
  102. >....I ordered too much. | Look.
  103. >Come and help me finish it.
  105. [Postface]
  106. >I usually make black and white comics, so when I was making htis doujin I figured I ought to draw in color.
  107. >To Wamwam-sama, (whatever these names are)-sama and (whatever)-sama, who responded to my sudden request to submit my draft, I wish to express my greatest thanks; of course, that thanks also extends to kancolle, Murakumo, and you, who are holding this doujin as well. I am truly thankful.
  108. >Also I know this isn't some major artbook, but i'd like to apologize to the only member of the Fubuki-class sisters who was accidently left out of this doujin, Isonami. Sorry about that.
  109. >December 21st, 2015, Pennel
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