Maidens-in-Law - 12

Jun 10th, 2020
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~ Maidens-In-Law ~

사돈 처녀들 --- Publisher Link

By 만지작

TAGS: #Beauty #Female_Friend #Married_Woman #Temptation #First_Love #Other_Women #Secret #Childhood_Friend #Sisters #Romance #Drama

Notable Characters:

Name / Hangul Relationship Description
Park Hyungsoo / 박형수 Single Kyutae's younger brother, he grew up hating his big brother.
Jung Eunkyung / 정은경 Single (?) A charming girl who only look at Kyutae, Hyungsoo childhood's friend.
Da Boyoung / 다보영 Married Kyutae's wife, she's stimulating Hyungsoo's desire.
Da Bojeong / 다보정 Single Boyoung's younger sister, she is secretly having an affair with Kyutae.
Da Bohye / 다보혜 Single Boyoung's youngest sister, fan of idol, she's a kind and naive woman.
Da Bojin / 다보진 Single A sly and ambitious woman, she's working as prosecutor. Kyutae's coworker and sister-in-law.
Park Kyutae / 박규태 Married Acting like a predator over his family, twisted feeling over his younger brother.
Deokgyu / 덕규 Single Hyungsoo's best friend. Both of them are fan of parkour.

Synopsis: After 7 years of unrequited love towards Jung Eunkyung who was only interested in Park Kyutae, Park Hyungsoo started to have feelings for his older brother's wife.
Besides Jung Eunkyung and Da Boyoung, Hyungsoo felt also attracted towards other women... His sisters-in-law...
What choice will he make in a forbidden relationship where everything should be kept secret?

Chapter - 12

During the night Boyoung is seen being hammered by a mysterious man.. She keeps moaning how good she's feeling and how he's more vigorous than in the past (thinking it's Kyutae).. The 'man' lifts one of her leg before thrusting it deeper, Boyoung is going crazy saying how it's so much bigger than usually, how she's feeling so full for once..
The man reveals his face (It's Hyungsoo) and tells her he's glad to be such a good match for his sister-in-law and will come inside her.

Boyoung wakes up with a start from this dream.. She rubs her head wondering what she's thinking about, she looks around her and notices Kyutae isn't here.

A voice is sounding inside Kyutae's office.. Asking to be treated more rashly..

Boyoung gets up and searches her husband, she hears some sounds and decide to follow them. Meanwhile Kyutae is fucking Bojeong in doggy style.
He's treating her like a dog, she has a leash tied to her neck, he tells her it's disgusting to fuck such a trash like her.. How she's the worst, a dirty slut.. More he trashes her, louder she becomes..
Bojeong asks him while shaking who is the worst her or her fucking brother-in-law gasping like a horny dog every time he thrusts his dick into her dirty hole.. He tells her to shut up since she's just a bitch and pulls harder on the leash..

Boyoung is wandering around the mansion still searching where Kyutae went.. Bojeong asks her brother-in-law to go harder on her how she can't feel anything if he isn't rougher. He slaps her ass saying he'll show her.. He starts to hammer her harder from behind and she keeps asking for more and how he shouldn't get limp after a single round. She starts making fun of him about always letting her frustrated.. Kyutae says he'll teach her a lesson tonight.

Boyoung is still walking.. She bumps into a bedside lamp and broke it.. This sudden sound alert Bojeong and Kyutae.
Boyoung enters into the office, Kyutae asks her what she's doing here at this hour and to go back to sleep. She tells him she woke up and noticed he wasn't next to her so she wanted to find him.. He tells her how he wasn't sleepy so he came her to work on one of his current case.. Bojeong is hiding under Kyutae's desk, her pussy is toyed by his foot.. She thinks how she wants more and will still end frustrated..

Boyoung asks her what was the sound she heard earlier, he tells her he wanted to smash a bug but he missed it.. She doesn't totally believe him and asks what kind of bug will do such a sound. He tells her to forget it and to go back to sleep since he fells sleepy now.

Two months later

Hyungsoo narrates he moved into another apartment and changed his phone number after his sudden meeting with Kyutae..

Hyungsoo is going out of a restaurant with Eunkyung, they both complain about what they just ate and how it wasn't as good as described on the website. She tells him the pasta restaurant she chose for them tomorrow will surely taste better, Hyungsoo is surprised by this and asks her if they must have another dinner tomorrow. She gets angry and asks him if he's getting tired of her, he explains how it's not what he means by this and.. They're interrupted by the ringing of his cellphone.

He tells her he must take the call.. He walks few meters away and picks it up. It's Deok asking Hyungsoo if he'll be present for their next job, he answers with a yes saying he can't wait for it before hanging up.

Eunkyung asks him who it was, he tells her a friend from the parkour club. She doesn't believe him and asks if it was a woman, he denies saying it was a man, she still doesn't bu it and asks him to lend her his phone.

Inside a cafe, Eunkyung is looking at his frequently contacted numbers.. Hyungsoo tells her there isn't a lot of women in their club and tells her to worry not. She asks him who 'Hee-Soo' is, he tells her a friend of him. She asks him why it's the picture of a woman which is attached to his contact info. He tells her he doesn't know how it's maybe his girlfriend.

He remembers Eunkyung words when she met him after breaking up with her ex-boyfriend.. About him getting tired of her. He thinks how he thought it doesn't make sense at that time but now he starts to understand why her ex was getting sick of her.

Hyungsoo tells her can delete the number of the women if she really feels insecure about this.. She asks him to just give up on practicing 'Parkour' since it'll solve the problem directly.
He's dumbfounded by what he just heard and asks her what did she just say..

Few days later

At night, Hyungsoo is meeting his best friend, 'Deokgyu'. He's on the phone with Eunkyung while Deok is waiting for him to hang up. Hyungsoo is asking her what's happening to her and if they're still meeting tonight. She tells him she's feeling sick and doesn't think she'll be able to see him tonight he says how it's a problem and asks her if she wants him to bring her some medicine.
She refuses saying she'll feel better in few days..

Deok asks him if he's fine, Hyungsoo says how it's alright and apologizes about not coming to the meeting so often recently. Deok tells him it's fine since he's with Eunkyung but not think about her tonight since they've work.

He gives a paper to Hyungsoo asking him to look at these details because tonight work is about a woman wanting a proof of her husband cheating on her. He looks at the contact information and wonders why this name sounds so familiar (No name were shown for the reader).

Hyungsoo is playing Spider-Man and finally reaches his destination.. He looks trough the window and see a woman riding a man's dick.

He picks up his digital camera ready to shoot some pictures.. When he suddenly notices the girl's face.. It's Eunkyung!

To be continued..
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