A Little Cup of Murder

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  1.   “Have you heard the news today?” Asks Nick. “A fourteen year old little girl had a baby on the way. Too much for her little mind to bare. That type of news to her mom she could not spare.”
  2.   “What? What are you talking about nick? Explain!” shouts Judy.
  3.   “Well this is what happened.” Says Nick.
  4.   Five thousand, one hundred and ten days is a short period of time. A mere fourteen years on this precious mother earth. You see, Charlie had issues and her decision making skills were still in its early stages. Therefore she could not properly handle a blessing in which she thought to be an obstacle in her path to adulthood. “Should I? Shouldn't I? I can't. I have to. Mama will never see me the same. Daddy and Grandma, all them will be ashamed of me.” These are just a few thoughts racing through her cranium as she sits on top of the pale, cold, porcelain seat in the rear of the apartment. The unthinkable moments away from becoming reality, sadly with no clue. With no way of expressing her feelings to her mom or anybody else in her life. Charlie done came to the crossroads and now she's got to choose.
  5.   Charlie knew she had made a mistake when she had sex with rex. She knew he had no condom but still decided to continue. Now she was two weeks late on her period. “I can't have a baby. I'm to young for this.” This thought whirling around in her head. The more she thought of her mistake the angrier she got. “How could i be so stupid.” She screams as she slams her fist down on her desk. The shockwave making everything in her room shake. She rakes her hands across the desk. Like a flock of birds the contents of the desk fly across the room shattering against the wall.
  6.   Her body shaking from the pure untamed rage. In an instant she snaps. Pure bliss running through her body. “I know what i must do.” She says quietly. She makes her way to the front door of the apartment. Glancing in the mirror on the way out she sees someone but not her. They were wearing her clothes. Her green turtleneck. Her plaid skirt. It wasn't her but it was her body. Her mind filling with sunshine and rainbows.
  7.   Her body taking her through the front door. The slender fox finds the glass case holding the fire axe right outside her door on the second floor. She slams her elbow through the glass. Shards ripping through her fur making tiny cuts on her skin. But she makes no face. She feels no pain. She feels nothing.
  8.   She hears the door behind her open. It was her neighbor Marty. The small stoat stands in the doorway and speaks out, “Hey is everything ok? Is there something going on?” Charlie spins around the weight of the axe almost pulling her forward. Blood flies from the wound splattering a nice crimson pattern on her clothes. The top half of the small animal falls slowly backwards the bottom half following suit. She walks in the apartment looking for his sister. The foxes eyes dance around in their socket looking for any clues.
  9.   Charlie hears the front door open slowly. A shaky stoat standing beyond the door. The fox throws her arms up. Both hands grasping the handle of the axe. The sharp end dangling behind her body. With one swift movement the blade sinks in the floor beneath the small stoat. Martinas body begins peeling apart from the top down. Her body smacks the ground on either side of the blade. Her insides spilling out like water from a broken dam.
  10.   Al the tundra wolf down the hall begins yelling about the noise. Charlie's body begins yanking on the axe handle trying to pull it from its resting place. She can hear the footsteps getting closer to the door. Her breathing speeding up she finally rips the blade from the floor. Dragging the blade down the hallway to the next door. Al opens his door to yell at whoever was making such a ruckus. He is instead met with an axe to the knee.
  11.   The adrenaline sets in but his body freezes. The pain overwhelming. The small fox begins wrenching the blade from his knee. With every spurt of blood his screams become less powerful. The blade slides from the wound just in time for the tenant across the hall to sprint out of their door full speed. The blade slicing through the thin skin covering their abdomen.
  12.   “Pathetic.” Says charlie. She pulls the blade from the egyptian wolf's body. “What a sorry excuse for a predator.” She scoffs. She turns back to al sinking the axe into his heart she watches the life fade from his eyes. The sounds of agony arise around her. She hears only birds chirping, the wind rustling leaves around. She leaves the scene and heads for the stairs with the axe in hand. She trots up the stairs the end of the axe smacking the stairs behind her.
  13.  The whole front side of Her body was almost completely covered with the blood of her victims. She felt warm like a blanket of sunshine had wrapped around her. She was glistening in the lights as she pranced up to the first door.
  14.   Right as her left hand reaches out to knock Rex swings open the door. Shock sets in as an iron smell smacks him in the face. When his eyes connect with hers his jaw crashes to the floor. He shrieks so loud his vocal cords almost explode.
  15.   Rex scampers off to his bedroom. He slams his door shut shaking the whole third floor. He locks it and hides on the side of his bed. Dialing 911 with the phone on his bedside table.
  16.   “Foolish.” She thinks. She heads towards the door. She positions herself within striking distance and begins to hack away. *thwack* the blade sticks halfway through the door. She pulls back. *THWACK* she rips the axe from the door leaving a giant hole.
  17.   “Um yes hi I’m being attacked. I need help I’m at the pack stre-“ *uhh* the blade slams into his neck traveling down at an angle nicking his heart. The phone screams at him. The words unclear as the speaker drowns in blood. His blood painted the bedside table a deep red. The faint smell of urine fills the air.
  18.   “He pissed himself. What a disgusting piece of work.” Says Charlie clearly not amused.
  19.   Anneke & wolter heard the loud screaming. They also heard lots of banging. “What the hell was that!” Wolter asks shriveling up.
  20.   “I don’t know but I’d love to find out.” Says anneke. She sneaks out into the hallway heading for her next door neighbors front door. Wolter stays back to back with her the whole way. They see the front door wide open. Peeking in anneke sees the bedroom door smashed in.
  21.   Charlie swings the axe up on her shoulder like a baseball bat. She turns to walk out the door seeing two heads peek in. She swings, the blade getting stuck in the doorframe. Two heads slide off of the small animals in front of her.
  22.   The headless bodies turn into blood fountains. falling forward they spray hot blood on her from the top down. The warm shower filling her mouth with the thick metal taste. She steps over the dead bodies. Her feet soaking up some of the blood puddle beneath them. Leaving a trail behind her she heads to the next door.
  23.   The little fox knocks on ozzy's door. A few seconds later he opens the door. He dodges the axe as is swings at his face. Some blood droplets splattering on his snout. The axe buries itself in the door. With a swift kick to her stomach charlie flies against the wall behind her. She sits in a puddle of blood. The sweet smell from below catches her attention. She snaps out of the rage feeling all the pain. She felt as if her stomach had exploded.
  24.   “Oh fuck!” She gags out. “My baby. My baby is gone.” She says quietly. The rage builds within her once more. She looks up just in time to see the axe flying towards her. Her quick movements allowing her to escape. She launches herself at the hyena sinking her teeth in his neck. She began ripping his flesh from the bone beneath. The adrenalin was not enough to save the poor beast.
  25.   His lifeless body falls to the floor. She is still tearing him limb from limb like a plastic doll. Remmy exits his apartment not paying much attention. He had his airpods in bleating a gazelle song at the top of his lungs. The wretched noise tugging at charlies ears. He made it halfway down the hall before his eyes met hers. He tries to backpedal tripping over himself, the back of his head smacking the floor.
  26.   Everything is blurry. “Where is she? Where am I?! Is this a dream?!” These panicked thoughts race through his clouded mind. Charlie had ripped the axe from the door with ease. She stands over the coward squirming beneath her. She sinks the axe in between his eyes. His body convulses his back arching a few times. His breathing become weaker with every passing moment. She watched as his body fought to live.
  27.   Charlie awakens the last thing she remembers is her fetus laying in a lake of blood beneath her. She looks at the sheep laying in front of her. The axe buried in his skull.
  28.   “D...did i do t-this?” She whimpers to herself. She spins around to run from the terrible thing she has done. The crimson glob of what used to be a hyena lays in her path to the stairs. She weeps as she steps over his body. She runs down the stairs almost tripping over her own feet. The second floor shows the rest of her neighbors slain.
  29.   “I've done this? It couldn't have been me.” She shrieks. She scampers off to the bathroom in the back of her apartment.
  31.   Fatality.
  33.   Charlie's mom heads up the stairs to the second floor. A salty scent with a hint of iron strong in the air. Her eyes get a glimpse over the top stair. She flies up the last stairs stopping in the hallway. Her eyes scanning all the bodies. Her mind on overload. She doesn't see a fox though.
  34.   “Charlie! Charlie!!” She screams turning her head to their front door. She slams through it almost ripping it from the frame.
  35.   “Charlie are you in here?!” The female fox gekkering in a panic. She notices the bathroom door was closed. She swings it open.
  36.   “Oh god… Charlie?. Charlie?!” She picks charlie up dropping to her knees she cries out. “Oh lord. Nooo! Nooo! Charlie… My baby!”
  38.   The choir singing their hearts out, “Don't go away. Don't you dare go away from me girl i can help you. Don't go away, don't you dare leave me. Don't go away, away. Don't go away.” Her family sits in the pews. Tears streaming down all the faces in the crowd. The pastor steps up to talk.
  39.   “This little girl was a wonderful person. She was not on this world long enough… The demons we all run from, they overtook her soul. Please bow your head to pray for her as she drifts to her next destination.”
  42. This story was inspired by a drawing by Famished, and Toilet Tisha by Outkast.
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