124 (AoS) Noghu [M. Diamond Dog Wildguard] MLPFEMTORPG 3.0

Nov 30th, 2017
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  1. Name: Noghu
  2. Gender: Male
  3. Race: Diamond Dog
  4. Class: Wildguard (Paladin/Shaman)
  5. Combat Talent: Hunter of the Plains (Bola; instant, recharge 2, weapon, ranged: Throws a bola to temporarily disable a target. Bola does no damage, but on hit interrupts the target's current action and prevents movement, requiring them to break free of the binds that turn. On crit, it also sends the target helpless without dealing a wound of damage.)
  6. Noncombat Talent: Stalker (Lurk; passive: +2 to hide while out of combat. Immediately becomes revealed once combat starts.)
  7. Hit/Wounds: 5/5
  9. Skills:
  10. (Free Racial) Burrowing: Diamond dogs can dig tunnels and holes through most materials with ease, allowing them to set traps, move unseen, and fleeing in unexpected directions.
  11. (Racial) Lucky Dog: passive; Every dog has its day, and you have yours frequently. Your first turn in combat enjoys a higher chance to be critical, giving your actions Critrange -2 (i.e. An action that Crits on 10 now crits on 8+).
  12. (Free Multiclass) Wild Hunt: passive; After rendering a foe helpless, the Wildguard's first action next turn becomes Automatic. Rendering an enemy helpless with this automatic action does not activate WIld Hunt again.
  13. (Free Skill) Child of Gaia: passive; You gain a +1 bonus to all skills when fighting in natural environments (e.g. Forests, natural caves, etc,).
  14. (Class) Word of Power: Use a mix of authority and your own personal methods to extract information from a target that you would not normally get from basic means. In combat you can force an enemy to miss their next attack. On Crit you render the target helpless.
  15. (Class) Shatter: recharge 2, weapon; Breaks the target's defenses to open them up for attack. Deals damage and increases the Crit Range for all attacks against them by 2 for two rounds. Can be used against inanimate objects or armor to break and damage them efficiently.
  16. (Weapon) Restrained Strike: weapon; Stab at an enemy with an aimed strike that doesn’t leave you exposed. This attack doesn’t cause counterattack damage, but can only deal 3 hits at max.
  18. Inventory:
  19. Leather Back Strap: Hunting Spear (Single Weapon)
  20. Belt and Loincloth: Bolas, Water Gourd, Stone Skinning Knife
  22. Traits:
  23. Noghu is a male diamond dog. Noghu's appearance is a cross between a hyena and an african wild dog, giving a rather feral appearance for the anthro dog. While he would be taller than the average diamond dog, his pronounced hunch equalizes his height a bit. Noghu is a skilled and savage hunter from Abyssinia, living in the expansive plains that border the well known desert. Being born from a back of nomadic marauders, Noghu learned to fell beast and person alike, their combined forces being a major thorn in the side of the Three Heads of the Dragon. However, pack life consisted of constant power struggles. After a pair of twin sisters took control of the pack and subjected the males to scraps from the hunts, Noghu break off from the pack in the night.
  24. Still a capable huntsman on his own, Noghu's interactions with civilization has been slim to none. Disliking the sweet taste of horse meat, Noghu restrains himself from eating ponies and other sentients if they don't bother him. Over time, he has learned that some inedible, non-tool objects hold significance to ponies, and will occasionally barter what he thinks are valuables in order for food or items of utility such as his spear strap or water gourd. Still, he is incredibly practical, and cares little for aesthetic or frivolous items. He values those who can pull their own weight the most, and has traveled with those he has deemed worthy to hunt with in the past.
  25. While he makes no mention of it, Noghu does hold beliefs of a deity of butchery, and dedicates his hunts to them. Diamond dogs of similar packs believe that this avatar of savagery eats what his followers eat, and kills what his followers kill, thus leading his followers to hunt great beasts in order to appease their god and hope to summon them to the world to bring forth a never ending hunt.
  27. Noghu travels to the Heart of the Sun's resting place is coincidence at best. The real reason for traveling further than his normal hunting grounds comes from his stalking of a strange and foreign creature, the saurian necromancer Vajra. Having found his sizeable hunt missing in its entirety one evening after napping beneath a tree, Noghu made it his mission to find the thief who took his deserved dinner. Through days of tracking and following the scent of his kill, he eventually caught up to it, only to find it once again walking. Bound in odd bandages, his former prey was reanimated and being led by a snake-like creature, the likes of which the diamond dog had never seen. Less interested in revenge and now motivated by curiosity, Noghu followed her from afar, stalking her all the way to an old forgotten temple.
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