p4u2.1 change list

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  1. system changes
  2. guard cancel roll: cannot be fatal countered, only normal counterhit
  4. shadow mode
  5. shadow chars hp values greatly increased
  6. awakened supers use 50 meter
  7. during shadow rage, meter cost of omcs and guard cancels is halved
  8. during raw shadow rage activation, opponent can move
  9. shadow rage activation is inv
  11. s hold system:
  12. the visual effect on the gauge occurs more quickly
  13. more time between max and the gauge actually depleting
  15. AoA finisher (c version): always fatals
  17. narukami
  18. 2c: less blockstun
  19. j.d: reduced recovery
  20. issen: all inv removed. sb version does less damage, doesn't go active until after superflash
  21. cross slash: sb version does less damage
  23. yosuke
  24. 2c: less blockstun
  25. shunten hishou kiri: sb version has faster startup and better proration
  26. sukukaja: overall duration of d version greatly increased. overall duration of sb version reduced.
  28. chie
  29. 5a: blockstun increased slightly
  30. 5c: dash cancel goes forward less
  31. 2c: can dash cancel
  32. black spot (c version): super cancel timing is the same as the d version
  34. yukiko
  35. agi: a version has increased untech time. if you hold long enough, will explode twice
  36. honoo no mai (214a/b): for the a version, persona stays in place for a shorter amount of time. damage reduced. b version and sb version have increased starting proration
  37. fire boost high: overall duration reduced
  39. kanji
  40. air backdash: distance moved increased
  41. 5aaa: distanced moved decreased
  42. 5b (normal version): can special cancel
  43. 5c: can special cancel
  44. ass whoopin' tatsumi style: sb version does less damage
  46. teddy:
  47. 5aaa: fourth hit gives sp bonus. fourth hit not jump cancellable or normal cancellable. 3rd hit has the same effect as the fourth hit.
  48. 2d, j.2d: p combo route added where 5d and j.5d would normally have come out
  49. sweep: hittable box changed
  50. nani ga deru kuma: cooldown time reduced: total duration reduced. persona disappears for a shorter amount of time
  52. naoto
  53. 5dd: if you hold the stick back, the attack will come from behind
  54. air double fang: more untech time on ch
  55. critical shoot: sb version does less damage
  57. mitsuru
  58. 5a: less pushback
  59. sweep: feint has less low inv
  60. bufula: during the later part of the move, can cancel into any droit version
  62. akihiko
  63. dash: movement speed increased
  64. 5c: range reduced if done out of a dash
  65. 2c: if done at a distance, appears behind the opponent, silence lasats longer
  66. sweep: hitbox at cyclone 0 changed
  67. sonic punch: can fatal counter
  68. cyclone upper: minimum damage at level 5 increased
  70. aigis
  71. escape change: blowback on ch changed, opponent can tech
  72. seventh gen radical cannon: doesn't explode until the button is released
  73. orion: now hits grounded standing opponent
  74. heavenly spear: sb version does less damage, does go active until after superflash
  76. liz
  77. 2c: forward movement increased
  78. 2d: time before persona appears reduced
  79. mahaziodyne: awakened a version has less recovery when done in the air, untech time on ch increased
  80. mahabufudyne: a version has faster startup
  81. mahagarudyne: d version has reduced landing recovery and better proration. in awakening, sb version has better proration and increased untech time
  82. maharagidyne: thanatos returns to liz's position
  83. randomizer: total duration reduced. on hit, has full inv until the end of the move(?)
  85. labrys
  86. axe level: start at green
  87. weaver arts "jewel" (236c/d): persona standby time reduced, can dash cancel sooner. the bullet goes downwards for the d and sb versions.
  88. weaver arts "breaking wheel": inv from frame 1
  90. slab
  91. 8c: less damage
  92. titanomachia: sb version total duration greatly reduced
  94. yukari
  95. feather* flip: c and d versions projectile inv while rising. sb version inv while rising. reduced landing covery.
  96. feather* shoot: has air movement after the move ends. status effect duration reduced. b version silences.
  97. hyper feather* shoot: a version arrow moves faster
  99. junpei
  100. 5aa: faster startup, such that opponent will be forced to block if they blocked 5a
  101. 2c: can cancel into 5c
  102. 2d: faster startup, shorter total duration
  103. j.c: increased untech time
  104. j.2d: shorter overall duration
  105. super push bunt: reduced recovery
  106. war cry: at ten points, hp and sp recovery increased
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