Accelerator Manga Afterword

Aug 28th, 2020
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  1. Hello, this is Yamaji Arata.
  2. A lot has happened in about 6 years and 12 volumes.
  3. I’m not a great writer, so I’ll use bullet points to express my joy and thanks.
  5. >It was a huge shock when I received word I’d beaten the competition for the spinoff manga of a series I read and watched.
  6. >I just about fell over when I received word an anime was being made by such a wonderful staff.
  7. >When I learned the OP would be done by The Sixth Lie who I already loved, I was so happy I had no idea what was happening and ran out into some nearby woods. Some wasps chased after me.
  8. >When I leanred the ED would be done by sajou no hana who I also loved, I climbed to the highest point in the nearby park and bowed in the direction I guessed sajou no hana might be.
  9. *Vol. 11 Ch. 58’s cover was my way of showing thanks to the members of The Sixth Lie and Vol. 12 Ch. 59’s cover was the same for the members of sajou no hana. How many ants are there? What is the thread around Last Order’s little finger tangled around? There isn’t enough space to give the answers here, but there is a meaning to both of them, so look carefully.
  10. [Translator's Note: I’ve got plenty of space, so here’s the answers. Ch. 58’s cover has 10 ants and “arigatou” (thank you) can also be interpreted as “there are 10 ants”. The pieces of the chain with the thread tangled around them on Ch. 59’s cover spell out アリガトウ which means thank you.]
  11. >I was so happy when I saw “Screen 7 – A Certain Scientific Accelerator” on the movie theater schedule when they did the prescreening of Episode 1.
  12. >The Sixth Lie x sajou no hana concert was so much fun. The power of their songs was incredible.
  13. >The anime was fantastic. I had to hide in the bathroom after the final episode so my wife wouldn’t see me cry.
  14. >Drawing the fight against Musujime-san in the manga’s final chapter was a lot of fun and it looked so cool!
  15. >I need to thank Kamachi-san, my editor, and everyone involved in the manga.
  16. >I need to thank everyone involved in the anime.
  17. > I need to thank all of you who continued reading the manga to the very end.
  18. >I’m glad I’m writing this afterword and managed to give the manga a proper ending.
  19. >And last but not least, I need to thank Accelerator, Last Order, and everyone else who showed up in this manga.
  21. 07/06/2020 Yamaji Arata
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