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  1. TIME: https://archive.is/SM9JL
  2. Engadget: https://archive.is/NAE69
  3. The Mary Sue: https://archive.is/WOmWF
  4. Wired: https://archive.is/XyiS0
  5. Rawstory: https://archive.is/XJ1yC
  6. MTV: https://archive.is/mFeYn
  7. Destructoid: https://archive.is/RO1S1
  8. Betanews: https://archive.is/z2TKX
  9. The Guardian: https://archive.is/m56iv
  10. The Star: https://archive.is/zXBlF
  11. Fast Feed: https://archive.is/gpZJK
  12. Tech Mic: https://archive.is/xkK9g
  13. Tech Times: https://archive.is/qNPtQ
  14. stuff.co.nz https://archive.is/YF97p
  15. Mstars News: https://archive.is/Kv6PG
  16. TechRadar: https://archive.is/KlRyX
  17. Uproxx: https://archive.is/0iafR
  18. Daily Life: https://archive.is/VihRs
  19. Customs Today: https://archive.is/OOb2w
  20. Johnnyetc.com: https://archive.is/axP0m
  21. Konbini: https://archive.is/fTCRs
  22. The Inquisitor: https://archive.is/FvDU0
  23. GuelphMercury: https://archive.is/EdpSk
  24. Attn: https://archive.is/igF1z
  25. Polygon (March) https://archive.is/sW2cC
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