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#Anonymous - #OpIcarus 2016 [2nd video]

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  1. Greetings world, we are Anonymous.
  3. Humanity is at a periodic climax of industrial revolution, technologically advancing in all ways imaginable, yet we still cannot get past our natural instinct to make another suffer to make us more successful, we see children starve, we see world wars fomented we see the shadow government, the ones behind the scenes of daily life controlling Hollywood, controlling the media and controlling what we eat and drink.
  5. Citizens from around the world are waking up, more and more each day, to our evil and corrupt Elite, and governments who have been lying to us and misleading us for centuries.
  7. Here is our message to the monolithic conspiracy running the world as we know it, our message is clear:
  8. We will not let the banks win, we will be attacking the banks with one of the most massive attacks ever seen in the history of Anonymous.
  9. We will be giving many tools to each and every Anon all over the world, and we will be holding down PayPal, Mastercard, VISA, NASDAQ, Bank for International Settlements, all central banks, IMF, London Stock Exchange, and every major banking system will be targeted by Anonymous.
  11. It is time to free humanity from the slavery of the Elite bankers system and control of everything we do.
  13. We will not sit and watch another world war happen, we want to stop them in their tracks, we want peace and fairness for all mankind. Bankers and investors beware, your wealth will soon be affected, your greed will come to an end, and those of you who cause the suffering of others for your greedy desires, will soon see what it is like to suffer.
  15. Why this action by Anonymous?
  16. Because our greedy banking system that legally steals off our worlds citizens, have caused so much pain and suffering to so many.
  17. High and pathetic banking fees, high interest rates on home loans, foreclosures, legally stealing homes of people who have paid hundreds of thousands in payments, support from governments, bailouts. Banks have been getting away with legally stealing and ripping of citizens for far too long, and now Anonymous will intervene and attack the very evil system that has been the cause of so many problems in this world - The Banking System.
  19. For more information, follow the links added to the details of this video in the channel.
  21. We are Anonymous. We are Legion.
  22. We are Ghost Squad Hackers.
  23. United as one, divided by zero.
  24. This video is part of #OpIcarus - Shut Down The Banks.
  25. Expect us!
  27. info WEBSITE ★ https://opicarus.wordpress.com
  29. Facebook EVENT pages:
  30. 1 ★ https://www.fb.com/events/111398195935184
  31. 2 ★ https://www.fb.com/events/964150270338381
  33. Facebook GROUP:
  34. ★ https://www.fb.com/groups/1114271735258436
  36. this video ★ https://youtu.be/xE6bAweVMJY
  37. video 1 ★ https://youtu.be/mf6JGltELzQ
  39. World Bank Master Target List:
  40. ★ http://pastebin.com/dVyqyJi5
  43. #Anonymous */loaded
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