Half-Moon in Equestria 12

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  1. Setting up your bed so it looks like you are sleeping, you creep outside, and manage to hide yourself in a nearby bush. Its not long before you see Luna fly down, and land near the window.
  2. "I wonder" She says to herself "What kind of dream should I give him this time?". Sighing, she shakes her head, mane fowing behind her like the night sky. "I wish something happened while I was watching him so it would be easier to do this. Oh well" her magic begins to snake its way into the house. As it reaches the pile where you should be, she looks surprised. While she does this, you sneak from cover, and as she reaches the pile, you make a tremendous leap, landing on her back, your weight forcing her to the ground.
  3. Wraping your arms around her neck, you whisper "Gotcha".
  4. "Caught you red handed, so spill the beans, why are you messing with my dreams?" you exclaim as you step off her, letting her rise.
  5. As she stands, she looks at you, slightly abashed, and says "It wasn't my idea, it was Celestias. She wanted to make sure you wouldn't try to do anything if you were stuck in a situation where you could take advantage of one of her ponies."
  6. "I suppose thats fair, She is the ruler, and I am a stranger in a foreign land, so she would want to make sure her subjects are safe. But could you have made the dreams a little less realistic, I could literaly feel every detail in the dreams."
  7. "Hehe, I think the saying goes 'Go big or go home'?" You both grin at this.
  8. "I suppose this means you are going to stop bringing me these wierd dreams, now that I caught you?"
  9. "Yes, I suppose your right. I guess this is goodbye for a while. It was a pleasure meeting you"
  10. "And you as well Lady Luna" you say, bowing, before heading back inside to sleep. As you lay in your bed, you find sleep comes easily, knowing you are far less likely to have wierd dreams.
  11. Waking up, the first thing you notice is the smell of toast, coming from the direction of the kitchen. Rising up, you rub the sleep from your eye's and look around. Not much has changed since last night, except for the fact Twilight is sitting at the table, happily munching toast. Standing, you say "Good morning Twilight, sleep well?".
  12. Nodding her head, she asks "You?"
  13. "Much better than the last two nights, thanks to a precaustion I took." You say, sitting down at the table and grabbing a piece of toast from a stack.
  14. As you begin eating, Twilight says "I've been trying to figureout how best to learn about you and your species, so I figured the best way was to follow you around and help you out." As she finishes, she looks up at you expectantly.
  15. "For today, I planned on trying to figure out what kind of alchemy tricks to use against Trixie, then lunch, and then I planned on working on the things required for your training."
  16. Twilight suddenly brightens and says "I know, why dont I get some of the girls out, and we can all decide what kind of alchemy would look best."
  17. "How about we go to Fluttershy's house, the area is open, and  there is plenty of flat ground to work with".
  18. Contemplating this for a minute, she says "Sounds good. Do you want to go ahead, or join me while I get the girls?"
  19. Turning to the door, you say "I'll go ahead, I have a few things I want to do first, and it would help if someone asked Fluttershy if it was okay to perform alchemy nearby."
  20. As you crouch out the door, you hear Twilight say "Alright, see you there.".
  21. Passing through town, you notice many things you didn't on your previous times through, like the schoolhouse, with the kids all out in the yard before class. Loking, you can see the Cutie Mark crusaders, who wave at you, so you wave back. Soon enough, you reach the edge of town and the path to Fluttershy's cottage, and soon after, you find yourself at her house.
  22. Knocking on the door, you hear the sound of scurrying, flapping, and a hoof on wood sound which you assume is Fluttershy, coming to the door.
  23. When she opens the door, she gives a surprised "Oh!".
  24. "Good morning Fluttershy, would it be alright if I asked you something?"
  25. With a nod she says "Okay"
  26. "Would it be alright with you if I used the field near your house to practice Alchemy? Twilight asnd some of the girls are coming to watch, so I figured I would invite you, and ask for your permission."
  27. "Of course, I would love to come, just give me a few minutes to prepare" Shey says, turning to go inside.
  28. While you wait, you draw a circle on your palm, this one much different from ones you have previously used here.
  29. You hear a door close behind you, and you see Fluttershy has a sun hat on, and is carrying a picnic basket and a beach umbrella.
  30. Taking the umbrella and basket from her, you say "let me carry these, unless you want me to carry tou, in which case, im fine with you carrying the basket."
  31. "Oh no, I could never ask you to carry me" She says, blushing slightly.
  32. "You needn't ask, I carry Twilight for the fun of it all the time, and though she may not admit it, I think she enjoys it too." you say, giving Fluttershy a sheepish grin.
  33. "We should get going" Fluttershy says, leading the way, and you follow, until she comes to a nice clearing. Setting up the umbrella, you set down the basket, which Fluttershy opens, and pulls out a large blanked, and spreads it out in the shade of the umbrella. Digging in your pockets for a moment, you finaly pull out the Paper with the transmutation circle on it. setting it on the ground, you have it make you two rings, which sit on the ends of your thumb and middle finger respectively. The first is made of steel, with a rough outer edge, and the other is flint, also rough, but much smoother than the steel one. Putting your fingers together, you snap and a small spark comes out.
  34. Looking around you see Twilight coming, with Rainbow dash and Rarity behind her. Calling out to her, you say "So Applejack and Pinkie could'nt make it huh."
  35. Shaking her head as she approaches, she says "They were both busy, so they said they couldnt make it, but would be there to watch the show tomorrow."
  36. Laughing a bit, you say "I guess We should get started"
  37. Holding up your hand, you snap, activating the circle on your palm, and a giant pillar of flames shoots straight up from it, making the girls jump.
  38. "A bit too showy?" you ask looking around at them.
  39. "Dude, thats more flashy than just about anything i've seed, save for a few of my own moves." Rainbow Dash says.
  40. "I am inclined to agree" Twilight says "But if it comes to it, that would be one heck of a move to show up Trixie."
  41. Over the next few hours, you show off moves, and the group of you decide on which ones look the best. you finally decide on the flame pillar, a variation of the golem you used for the State alchemist exam, a Metal conversion show, and a few others.
  42. All of you stop for lunch, courtesy of Fluttershy, who has packed Sandwiches, salad, and fruit slices with some of the candied violets you left with her on them.
  43. As everyone digs in, you all start discussing tommorow.
  44. "Pinkie pies is gonna flip when she see's your tricks, she always did love a good show." Rainbow says, before taking a bite of a sandwich.
  45. "You know, you guys never told me why you don't like Trixie." you say, grabbing and apple slice.
  46. "Last time she was in Ponyville, she almost destroyed it, because of some bragging about how she beat a Ursa Major. Because of that, a pair of colts went and led an Ursa Minor to town, before I stopped it."
  47. "Isn't an ursa just a bear though, I mean it would sUck having it in town, but it would'nt be enough to destroy town."
  48. Laughing, Twilight says "An ursa minor is huge, easily 5 times or more larger than you, and an Ursa Major is easily 4 times the size of a Ursa Minor".
  49. Wrapping your head around that, you figure out how big these things must be."Damn, Even I would have trouble dealing with an Ursa Major."
  50. Laughing the girls look at you, before Rainbow Dash says"Theres no way you could even scratch an Ursa Minor, let alone a Major."
  51. "You obviously hav'nt seen combat alchemy yet have you". You say standing up. "But then, I hope you dont ever have to, I never like using alchemy to fight."Turning to leave, you say "I need to get going, I will see you all tommorow, if not earlier".
  52. A chorus of goodbyes comes from behind you as you head back into town, before turning and heading to the area where you were working.
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