Over QMR 14 [Typeset]

Sep 26th, 2015
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  1. Over QMR 14 Translation
  2. From
  4. >Ah! Really! This kind of thing can be done in no time at all! Get working!
  5. >It's no problem, if the commander does his best, you'll definitely finish!
  6. >Here's a headrub, you're doing great!
  7. >You're slowing down again! Piece of shit! Oy! Get your paws off my waist!
  8. >Both of you should calm down a little, nanodesu!
  10. >Really now! You coddle him way too much, Ikazuchi! You need to be a little stricter on this shitbag!
  11. >Eh, but surely he'll respond more positively to praise. Aren't you happy when you're praised, Kasumi?
  12. >I don't know, I haven't been praised before.
  13. >Ehh--aren't we always praised by the commander after going on expedition?
  14. >[Don't just randomly start hugging your shipgirls! And let go!]
  15. >No! That's definitely untrue!
  16. >Then I'll come and praise you too~ You're the best~ You try hard~
  17. >Don't care for me like that!
  19. >Ohh?
  20. >What are you guys doing?
  21. >Don't interrupt the Admiral's work!
  22. >Well then let's change tracks a little!
  23. >Jajaaan--Let's cheer on the admiral~
  25. >Admiral~ Gooooo~
  26. >We wouldn't be this troubled if that was all that was necessary to work faster.
  27. >Eh?! He's done?!
  28. >Mm~you did great~
  29. >If you could do it so well, why didn't you do so from the beginning?!
  30. >Thanks for your work, Admiral...I'm submit these for you.
  31. >Next up, these documents...
  32. >That's not okay!
  34. >The commander's already worked really hard
  35. >It's now rest time!
  36. >Let's go, Commander, let's take a break at Mamiya-san's.
  37. >That's why I'm saying you're spoiling him too much!
  38. >[I'll bring you over]
  39. >now now, Kasumi, come along nanodesu~
  40. >Hold on!?
  41. >Make sure to hurry back!
  43. >[Really...]
  44. >Well then, I'll take these documents...
  46. >Admiral Go~
  48. >Alright, let's get back to work...
  49. >[Arararararararararara]
  50. >[Hello I am KTKM-sama, yo~]
  51. >[And I'm Haruna?]
  52. >'s fine! I, Haruna, also do that a lot!
  53. >Please don't, it only makes the pain worse.
  54. >I'll treat you to a cuppa tonight.
  55. >You all are only intensifying the pain in my heart.
  57. ["大漁" = a big catch]
  59. >THank you for your work, Admiral.
  60. >Ah, I'm fine (DJB).
  61. >Admiral, thank you for your concern,
  62. >But Haruna is fine...
  63. >Admiral?!
  64. >Haruna's really alright,
  65. >So....ah...
  67. >Haruna
  68. >actually is a little not alright, maybe it's because your face is too close.
  69. >Haruna's going to be embarassed....please....don't do this.
  70. >The fuck is this?
  71. >[ohoho]
  72. >[ohoho]
  73. >The fuck is that?
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