The dumb song stone wrote

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  1. Where have competent players gone, and you say this jungler’s gold?
  2. Where’s a Targonian heracles to stop what’s getting old?
  3. Isn’t there a jungler upon a swiney steed?
  4. Every game, I scream and I rage and I dream of what we need!
  6. We need a jungler
  7. We’re holding out for our jungler ‘till the end of the fight
  8. She’s clearing all the same, now she’s right near our lane
  9. And she’ll arrive just in time for the fight
  11. We need a jungler! We’re holding out for our jungler until the end of the fight!
  12. Her help is a boon, and if she doesn’t get here soon, then their champs will be claiming my life!
  14. Somewhere in the teamfight of my wildest fantasy
  15. Somewhere right inside their team is someone CC’ing them for me
  17. Rising with my win rate, arriving with scuttle’s speed
  18. Gonna take one more epic fight to bring me what I need!
  20. We need their jungler
  21. Wishing we had their jungler just for a night
  22. Her CC doesn’t miss, and it sure would be bliss
  23. If she was on my side for a fight
  25. I need their jungler!
  26. Wishing I had their jungler even for a fight!
  27. But she just started a dive, their champs are starting to thrive, and now they are taking my life!
  28. I need our jungler! Wishing I had our jungler even for a fight!
  30. Out where the dragons meet the herald above
  31. Where kennen lightning breaks up the scene
  32. I can swear that she’s watching, prepping for ganking me
  34. Through my deaths and the rage and the flame
  35. Through the stuns and the slows
  36. I can see her approach with a killing blow
  38. But I have this jungler! And I’m here praying he’s finally here for a fight!
  39. Always dies and its swell, been counterjungled as well
  40. And somehow he’s eighteen levels behind
  42. So fuck this jungler! Watch him go in and die just before the fight!
  43. Sandbagged us all game, now he says we’re to blame
  44. And I’m sad that this is our life
  46. Yes, fuck this jungler!
  47. They’re taking our towers since we can never fight
  48. Our wards are all dead, Janna just died to zed,
  49. This is such a disturbing sight
  51. So fuck this jungler!
  52. Just respawned and again, he’s away from the fight
  53. Its the end of the game, always turns out the same,
  54. And now DEFEAT is all that remains!
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