Caius Lochlan

Jan 17th, 2017
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  1. Name: Caius Lochlan
  2. Mug: http://i.imgur.com/dHcD58k.png
  3. Class: Priest --> Bishop
  4. Character Skill: Stillness
  5. Affinity: Heaven
  6. Personal Fault: Depth Perplexion: When attacked at Range 2, -15 Evade.
  7. Personal Skill: Only Works Once: +2 DEF against Swords.
  8. Personal Skill: Priest's Bounty: When above 50% HP, +1 DEF/RES.
  9. //Personal Skill: Retribution: When equipped with a Judgement tome, +2 DAM.
  11. Preferred Stats: RES, LCK
  12. Weapon Profs: Heal (C), Staves (D)
  14. Level: 13
  15. Total Level: 18
  17. Progression: 330%/330%
  18. HP: 15 (60%) [+1]
  19. STR: 2
  20. MAG: 3 (70%) [+2]
  21. SKL: 1 (50%)
  22. CON: 3
  23. AID: 2
  24. LCK: 4 (20%)
  25. DEF: 1 (40%) [+1]
  26. RES: 6 (60%)
  27. SPD: 5 (35%)
  28. MOV: 4
  30. Trainee lvl2: MAG, SKL, RES
  31. Trainee lvl3: HP, MAG, DEF, RES
  32. Trainee lvl4: HP, MAG, SKL, DEF, RES
  33. Trainee lvl5: MAG, DEF, SPD
  34. Promotion to Priest: HP +1 MAG +1 CON +2 AID +2 LUC +2 RES +2 SPD +2
  35. Preist lvl2: SKL, DEF, RES
  36. Preist lvl3: HP, SKL, RES
  37. Preist lvl4: MAG, SKL, DEF
  38. Preist lvl5: HP, MAG, RES
  39. Priest lvl6: HP, MAG, DEF, RES
  40. Priest lvl7: HP, RES, SPD
  41. Priest lvl8: LCK, DEF, RES
  42. Priest lvl9: MAG, DEF, SPD
  43. Priest lvl10: HP, MAG, SKL
  44. Priest lvl11: HP, MAG, RES, SPD
  45. Priest lvl12: HP, MAG, RES, SPD
  46. Priest lvl13: HP, MAG, LCK, RES, SPD
  48. Current Stats:
  49. HP: 27
  50. STR: 2
  51. MAG: 18
  52. SKL: 7
  53. CON: 5
  54. AID: 4
  55. LCK: 8
  56. DEF: 10
  57. RES: 19
  58. SPD: 13
  59. MOV: 5
  62. With Dale Barton (C): +5 HIT, +2 EVA, +10 DODGE
  63. With Ava Ferrer (B): +1 DAM, +15 HIT, +10 CRIT, +10 DODGE
  64. With Brant Agilis (C): +10 HIT, +10 DGE
  66. INVENTORY: Type ( ) | Rng | Wt | Mt | Hit | Crit | QL
  67. Heal Heal (E) | 1 | 1 | 10 | 4/30
  68. Tiena Heal (D) | 1 | 2 | 15 | 37/40
  70. Battle Stats (Heal):
  71. At: 28
  72. Rng: 1
  73. Hit: --
  74. As: 13
  75. Eva: 34
  76. Crt: --
  77. Dg: 8
  79. Battle Stats (Tiena):
  80. At: 33
  81. Rng: 1
  82. Hit: --
  83. As: 13
  84. Eva: 34
  85. Crt: --
  86. Dg: 8
  88. Bio: Any who have lived inside Ursangro's borders for any length of time are aware of its dwindling population, intelligent rulers, and good qualities in general; the Lochlan family can tell you quite as much and then some. Caius' parents, Holt and Evette, traveled to the fringes of the country in the belief it was a good and prosperous place to raise their young son Caius, who was born only two years prior.
  90. This was a mistake.
  92. Despite living in what they were told was a "bustling hub of the region" by the local man in charge, traders passed through the area only once a month or so, and never with anything of real value to exchange. A merchant at heart, Holt found it very difficult to turn a profit from fellow citizens, as the only things he had to sell (or that anyone was interested in) were abundant enough that nobody saw fit to purchase them from him. At the very least, Evette found her previous experience with a blade to be quite useful in keeping the occasional bandit away. Sometimes she would be hired by a caravan who felt the need for extra protection and she bade husband and son farewell for the better part of a month, returning with twice the money Holt managed to put together in that time.
  94. Despite his father's best efforts, Caius could not help but become enamored with swordplay, seeing the amount of money it brought his family every time his mother came back from a trip. Mercantry was much too boring for him. Who wanted to sit behind a counter and sweet-talk someone into buying silly trinkets when you could go on an adventure in the wilds, with naught but sharpened steel to protect you?, he thought. After years of pestering, prodding, and pleading, Holt acceded. He allowed an overjoyed Evette to bring Caius on her latest expedition with sword, armor and all, to gain experience with the weapon and the chance to prove himself to his father, who was rather disappointed in his son's chosen path through life.
  96. This was also a mistake.
  98. Their group was attacked a mere two days in. A bloody battle ensued between them and the highwaymen, in which Caius was eager to prove himself to his mother and those around him. They would see him as an eager child no longer. Except, for poor Caius, his first opponent had twice as many years and thrice as much training. He easily swept the young man's weapon away and gave him quite the slash across his face. If not for Evette, that would have been the end of Caius there. He spent the rest of the day sulking, both from the humiliating defeat and anger at his own foolishness. Caius was abysmal with a sword; Holt and Evette both knew very well, but they told themselves it wouldn't be so for very long if they gave their son the chance to learn firsthand, and he paid for their folly with his eye.
  100. As a bit of a joke, but also as some strange consolation for him, a member of the caravan offered Caius her staff to try out. "See if you can work this better than a silly old sword," she had said. Caius was quite annoyed at first but eventually accepted, and put the staff to another man who hadn't quite recieved help for his injuries from the earlier attack. To everyone's surprise, it worked like a charm; the wounds knit faster than the priestess had ever seen, and Caius hardly needed to use any effort to make it so. It helped his sour mood quite nicely... for a time... and took quite a bit of weight from the priestess' shoulders, as she wasn't exactly fit for the duty.
  102. Caius remained in his newfound position of healer for the remainder of their trip and was very surprised to learn both how often a healer's touch was needed, and how many incredibly stupid ways there were to get yourself injured severely enough to warrant it, all the way to Ludoh. In a small town on the last leg of their journey, the group discovered an advertisement requesting assistance for, as it were, a mage's departure from the country. Caius had heard enough of the constantly changing ban on magic from his parents to know that he would not be welcome in the country as soon as it was put in place again, and the group would not finish their trip in time to escape it. Though it took quite a lot of persuading his mother that he would be quite fine, that he was a man now, and to stop crying all ready, you're embarrassing us, Caius decided to assist this Sybil Hallewell with their evacuation from Ludoh. He kept the part of his plan that eventually involved using the reward money to move his family out of the dying Ursangro to himself.
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