Mega Man X6 Tweaks (v2.4)

Oct 16th, 2019
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  1. ========================================================================================
  2. Mega Man X6 Tweaks (v2.5) by acediez - 2020.02.12
  3. ========================================================================================
  5. The project
  6. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. A compilation of tweaks for Mega Man X6, initially aiming only to remove the unnecessary
  8. padding and limitations the game uses to compensate for its shortcomings. Over time, it
  9. expanded to address gameplay mechanics and a few balance issues, and later to a major
  10. "v2.0" overhaul which included a retranslated script, restored content from the japanese
  11. version, custom graphics, and even a few minor stage mods.
  12. The project will continue to be updated to address bugs and improvements on its current
  13. set of options. No further major features are planned.
  15. RHDN project thread:
  18. The patch
  19. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  20. "Mega Man X6 Tweaks", as a stand-alone patch, is a sample selection of features.
  21. It's detailed in the changelog below.
  23. Mega Man X6 Tweaks in RHDN:
  26. The patch format is "xdelta" (not "xdelta3"), which can be applied using xdeltaUI.
  28. xdeltaUI in RHDN
  31. The patcher tool
  32. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  33. "Mega Man "X6 Tweaks Patcher" is a customization tool for all the options included on
  34. the patch, and a few more. The stand-alone patch is included as a preset profile.
  35. The GUI is written in AutoHotkey (v1.1.30.00).
  37. 1. First, selected options are processed by the GUI tool into a list of "hex data ->
  38. offset" mods. This step takes care of compatibility between different options,
  39. converting external files to hex data, splitting data to skip EDC/ECC sectors on the
  40. disc, etc.
  41. This step will take awhile when external files are involved (all graphics changes).
  42. 2. An xdelta3 base patch is applied. This takes care of file expansion, which keeps
  43. data offsets consistent and compatible. Minor typos and other corrections are
  44. included. If the retranslated script is selected, a different base patch is applied,
  45. which includes all text and menu related hacks.
  46. 3. Patcher modifications are written in the target BIN file.
  47. 4. The modified BIN is processed by STARWIN's EDC/ECC Recalculator. This is
  48. necessary for the modified BIN to run properly on hardware and accurate emulators.
  50. Error handling is poor, so please take care of basic precautions, like making sure the
  51. target file/directory is not being locked by other programs (like an open emulator or
  52. a folder syncing software).
  54. If anything unexpected happens, either in the GUI or the resulting BIN file, the first
  55. step is to make sure the input BIN isn't being locked by other programs, and try again
  56. after reloading the tool and profiles. Step two, is reporting it your bugs in the RHDN
  57. thread, linked below. Sending a profile file will make it easier to review.
  59. To run from source, files extracted on first run ("data" and "tools" subdirectories)
  60. must be copied and merged with the ones in the source files directory.
  62. Mega Man X6 Tweaks Patcher in RHDN:
  65. The workbook
  66. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  67. "Mega Man X6 Tweaks Workbook" is the actual heart of the project, a big fat XLSL workbook
  68. which includes all the documentation and custom code written for this project.
  70. Mega Man X6 Tweaks Workbook in RHDN:
  73. Target file
  74. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  75. In both the xdelta patch and the patcher tool, you need this specific dump of the game:
  77. Mega Man X6 (USA) (v1.1)
  78. MD5: 237B6FEDDD1A88E86AB1CDDC8822F03F
  82. ========================================================================================
  83. Credits
  84. ========================================================================================
  86. acediez: Project author.
  88. DarkSamus993: Documentation and various hack contributions.
  90. MetalWario64: New and edited mugshots artist. Various graphics contributions.
  92. gledson999: Text and graphics replacement tools and documentation.
  94. Also thanks to injoon84, Cupshadow, Tallgeese, Doomsday Forte, fianovale, pating,
  95. Z3R0X, and everyone on RHDN who has reported bugs, typos and other contributons over
  96. the course of the project.
  98. Mega Man X6 script translation by DuoDynamo:
  101. Mega Man X6 revised script by NectarHime:
  105. "BatchHexEditor" by mrivem (v2.0-v2.4)
  108. "xdelta3" by jmacd:
  109. (source code is included in "\_src" subdirectory of the Patcher tool)[/size][/quote]
  111. "PS1 2352 Image EDC/ECC Recalculator" by STARWIN:
  114. "Blood of Bahamut" font by Genesis
  117. ========================================================================================
  118. Features
  119. ========================================================================================
  121. From previous versions:
  122. -------------------------------------------
  124. Parts, Ranks, and Nightmare Souls:
  125. - Parts are no longer permanently missable (see Rescuable Reploids)
  126. - Parts allowance by Rank has been edited from 0/0/0/1/2/2/3/4 to 1/1/1/2/2/3/4/4 so you can equip at least one part right from the start.
  127. - Rank progression has been edited from to 0/200/300/500/800/1500/5000/9999 to 0/200/300/500/800/1500/3000/5000, so Level 4 boss battle start sooner (Rank PA, 3000), and the newly added unlockables of Rank UH can be reached without excessive grinding.
  128. - Story scenes unlocked by reaching 3000 are now split and set to match Rank PA (3000) and Rank UH (5000) respectively. This allows you to encounter Nightmare Zero Lvl. 4, which isn’t possible in the original game (Lvl. 4 bosses appear at Rank PA, Rank PA requires 5000 souls, but at 3000 souls the game would trigger an event that would make Nightmare Zero not appear anymore).
  129. - Dynamo’s Green Orbs drops have been increased from 200 to 400 souls (each). If you’re grinding souls with Dynamo, you might as well get it over with faster.
  131. Rescuable Reploids, Nightmare Virus:
  132. - Rescuable Reploids reappear after getting infected or killed, as if you’ve never encountered them.
  133. - All rescuable Reploids not holding any items are marked as “MISSING” at the start of the game, drastically reducing the number of Reploids clogging stages (keeping only the ones that matter).
  134. - Rescuable Reploids no longer give extra lives and health. Instead, you get a consistently higher number of lives (from 2 normal/4 with EX Tank, to 4 normal/6 with EX Tank).
  135. - Nightmare Virus’ Blue Orbs will always appear (would normally reappear only after a Nightmare Effects has been activated for the corresponding stage)
  136. - Blue Orbs left alone won't turn back into a Nightmare Virus
  138. Player Mechanics:
  139. - Shared Character Stats: X and Zero now share Heart Tanks, Life Up parts, Energy Up parts, Souls, and Rank.
  140. - Dash and Air Dashes with the Hyper Dash part equipped have been made a bit longer.
  141. - Unarmored X and Shadow Armor now also have the ability to Air Dash.
  142. - Height of Zero’s Hyoroga and Shadow Armor’s ceiling jump has been increased (enough to reach Rainy Turtloid’s ceiling).
  144. Unlockables:
  145. - Beating Nightmare Zero on Lvl. 4 unlocks Zero's Black Armor. This is coded in the original game, but the original souls requirements for Ranks/events wouldn’t allow it to happen normally.
  146. - When X and Zero reach Rank UH, the Ultimate Armor and Black Armor will be unlocked respectively.
  147. - Cheat Code 1 (Ultimate Armor) now gives both Ultimate Armor and Black Zero.
  148. - Cheat Code 2 (Black Zero) has now been repurposed to start the game with Zero, making a Zero vs. Nightmare Zero match possible (you can have him earn his Black Armor himself)
  149. - Both cheat codes can be combined.
  151. Others:
  152. - “Exit Stage” button always available.
  154. New and updated features:
  155. -------------------------------------------
  156. Localization:
  157. - Script based on DuoDynamo's incomplete translation. NectarHime's script rewrite was used to fill the gaps.
  158. - Font replacement for stage dialogues and menus (Gemini's Blood of Bahamut)
  159. - Variable font spacing for both the new font and the regular one.
  160. - Restored all missing voice clips from the japanese version. Some are included on the default patch, the rest are available as patcher tool options. (Hack Credits: DarkSamus933, initial research).
  161. - Title screen from japanese version, with the "Mega Man" logo edited in (Art Credits: Metalwario64)
  163. Player Mechanics (X):
  164. - Activate Incomplete Armors: Armor abilities and enhancements are now linked to their individual armor parts instead of the armor itself. You can now get access to the armor as soon as you get the first part and get its abilities progressively, like you would in X1-X4.
  165. - Blade Armor: "Hybrid Mach Dash" controls. You can have both the normal behavior of the Mach Dash (with a stop mid-air) when pressing "jump", and a immediate, more maneuverable air dash with the "dash" button. Speed and duration of either can be set separately.
  166. - Blade Armor: improved "Hold/Release" input option. Direction press will also count as "hold", as it does on a regular Dash.
  167. - Shadow Armor: when sticking to walls, you can also slide down by pressing down.
  168. - Improved control of the Saber animation. Cooldown has been shortened.
  169. - To balance the shortened Saber animation, dash cancelling has been removed (can still be enabled to both X and Shadow X in the patcher).
  170. - Falcon Armor's Air Dash jump button input has been removed.
  172. Player Mechanics (Zero):
  173. - Sentsuizan: improved "Hold/Release" input option. Tremor sound effect won't play if the technique is cancelled before it makes contact. Direction press will also count as "hold", as it does on a regular Dash.
  174. - Sentsuizan: input has been remapped (from "Up + Attack" to "Down + Special")
  175. - Ensuizan: "Air Move mode". Can now only be used in the air, but let's you do multiple spins in a row by holding the button.
  176. - Ensuizan: input has been remapped (from "Down + Special" anywhere, to "Special" in the air)
  177. - Guard Shell: it gets it's own input combo ("Down + Special" while on ground), making all weapons available through input combos.
  178. - Control of the third slash Saber animation. Cooldown has been shortened.
  180. Damage Table:
  181. - Blade Armor's charged Buster damage has been increased (now handled by modifying damage tables instead of external code).
  182. - Blade Armor's charged saber "tip" deals +1 damage against all enemies
  183. - Z-Buster damage has been slightly reduced against bosses
  184. - Slight buffs to most single-hit special weapons against common enemies
  185. - Damage against Nightmare Snake has been doubled.
  186. - Damage against Commander Yammark has been slightly reduced.
  188. Boss Health Bars:
  189. - Commander Yammark and Ground Scaravich have increased Health Bars. Others received minor modifications for consistency.
  190. - Nightmare Snake health bar has been cut in half (this, and the x2 damage buff by damage tables, match the x4 damage buff in previous versions of the patch)
  191. - Nightmare Mother health bar has been cut in half (matches the x2 damage buff in previous versions of the patch).
  193. Boss Attacks:
  194. - Commander Yammark: increased damage to his attacks. Projectiles are now indestructible. Reduced idle time.
  195. - Blizzard Wolfang: increased damage to his attacks. Projectiles are now indestructible.
  197. Stage modifications:
  198. - Amazon Area: the ceiling has been extended on the equally infamous blind jump in the section with transport enemies over spikes.
  199. - Recycle Lab: the long jump leading to the Capsule and Hidden Area has been shortened by a couple of tiles. The hidden area portal has been moved to the left side of the jump, so you're not forced to exit the stage if you chose the wrong path without the requirements to make the jump.
  200. - Secret Lab 1: removed a few spikes to reduce Armor/Parts requirements to be able to go through. X can now pass through using only Ice Burst (and dash jumping very carefully)
  201. - Secret Lab 2-2 (X): a platform can be added to the infamous jump section (Credit: DarkSamus933)
  202. - Recycle Lab/Secret Lab 2-2(Zero): if crouching safely on a tight spot and let go of the down button, you'll be locked in the crouch position until the ceiling rises (instead of getting immediately killed).
  204. Custom menu options:
  205. - Navigator (Alia alerts) and Nightmare Effects can be enabled/disabled anytime during gameplay from the setting menu within the pause menu.
  207. Cutscenes voiceover
  208. - Voice-over won't be cut when pressing the button to display the whole block of text, will be cut when moving to the next page instead.
  209. - Slight speed up of text.
  211. Unlockables:
  212. - Cheat Code 2 (Unlock Zero): You will now start using Zero from the Intro Stage.
  213. - Unlockable by Rank UH: A message in the "Mission Report" screen will notify any secret armor unlocked by reaching Rank UH.
  214. - A flashing effect was added when Zero himself gets the black armor by defeating Lvl 4 Nightmare Zero. Normally, it would simply change to the black palette immediately.
  216. Custom art:
  217. - Custom mugshots for characters that didn't have one: the intro stage Hunter and Dr. Light (Art Credits: Metalwario64)
  218. - Cleaned up and custom mugshots for existing characters (Art Credits: Metalwario64)
  219. - Custom palette options for X's Ultimate Armor and Nightmare Zero (Art Credits: Metalwario64)
  221. Balance:
  222. - Continues will now take you to the start of the stage (now extra lives mean something)
  224. Fixes from the original games:
  225. - The Guard Shell glitch (you no longer get multiple extra frames of damage with any attacks overlapping the shield)
  226. - High Max health bar size not updating correctly to match his level
  227. - Wrong mugshot animation timming on Commander Yammark and Infinity Mijinion
  228. - Swapped icons for the Hyper Dash and Speedster Parts
  229. - The "overwright" typo on the Save File screen
  230. - The missing description for the Rekkoha in the Mission Report screen
  231. - Zero cutscenes defaulting to X's version when you load a saved game
  232. - A miscolored boot on one of the cutscenes
  234. Tweaks Patcher additional options:
  235. - Nightmare Effects: Can still be permanently removed (apart from the new custom menu options)
  236. - Dialogues: Stage Alia calls and "briefing" dialogues can still be permanently removed (apart from the new custom menu options)
  237. - Intro: Skip Capcom intro video, skip opening video.
  238. - Player Mechanics: More complete set of Dash parameters to tweak. Double-jump and double-tap inputs can now be disabled.
  239. - Player Mechanics: Frame-by-frame controls for the animation timming of X's Saber, Zero's ground combo cooldown, and the Z-Buster.
  240. - Player Mechanics: Attachment to ceiling can be set unlimited (Shadow Armor, Zero's Hyoroga)
  241. - Player Mechanics: X's Saber can be set cancellable by dashing, both normal and with Shadow Armor.
  242. - Balance: Boss health bar size controls, by level. Includes sub-bosses health bars.
  243. - New Game Status: Randomize Parts carried by Rescuable Reploids.
  244. - Localization: Additional title screen options, including the original japanese version.
  245. - Localization: Additional voice clips can be selected separately, adding two not included in the sample profile (title screen "Rockman X6", and vocalized boss "Warning" from the Prototype version)
  246. - Custom Art: Individual selection of mugshots by Metalwario64.
  247. - Custom Art: Colors scheme options for X Ultimate Armor (mugshot and sprite palette).
  248. - Stage Mechanics: Auto-crouching for Recycle Lab/Secret Lab 2-2 (Zero). If the ceiling crushes you in a tight spot where you would've survived crouching, you'll crouch automatically and stay locked in this position until the ceiling rises.
  249. - Stage Mechanics: Recycle Lab/Secret Lab 2-2 (Zero), ceiling movement can be completely disabled.
  250. - Damage Tables: Complete access to all damage tables, including obstacles such as Nightmare Effects blocks. Damage values can be modified by enemy/by attack.
  251. - Damage Tables: Gate and High Max can be made vulnerable to normal attacks
  252. - A few more smaller things.
  254. ========================================================================================
  255. Changelog (v2.x)
  256. ========================================================================================
  258. * Patcher option. Doesn't affect sample patches from the previous version.
  260. v2.5 (2020.02.12)
  261. - (Fix) Zero's Skills/Disable auto-select weapons: Fixed an ammo overflow bug for Yammar Option, while using Zero, with Hyoroga is selected
  262. - (Fix)* Dialogues/Skip Stage Select screen briefings: no longer prevents the optional bosses and final stages from unlocking normally
  263. - (Fix)* Nightmare Effects: Disabling "Nightmare Fire" is now working correctly
  264. - (Improvement)* Improvements in the patching process. External tool dependencies have been reduced.
  266. v2.4 (2019.11.19)
  267. - (Fix) X's buster vertical position when shooting from ropes has been corrected (general bug)
  268. - (Fix)* Stage Mods: Secret Lab 1 options work correctly again.
  269. - (Fix)* Nightmare Effects: Checking "Nightmare Fire" will no longer disable "Nightmare Dark" opacity controls (GUI bug)
  271. v2.3
  272. - (Fix) Incomplete Armors: Shadow Armor no longer loses your current settings, and the ability to crouch, inside boss rooms in Secret Lab 3
  273. - (Fix)* X's Armor Abilities/Mach Dash/Mid-air stop duration: no longer freezes the game.
  274. - (Fix)* Dialogues/Skip Stage Select screen briefings: no longer prevents the optional bosses and final stages from unlocking normally (actually fixed in v2.5)
  276. v2.2
  277. - (Fix) Zero's Skills/Ensuizan/Air Mode: repetitions will now reset correctly when touching the ground or a wall
  278. - (Fix) Mugshots: Fixed Dr. Light's mugshot (transparent pixels on the outline)
  279. - (Fix) Nightmare Effects: Fixed Nightmare Dark opacity modification not affecting Amazon Area/Hidden Area.
  280. - (Improvement)* Zero's Skills/Ensuizan/Air Mode: repetitions limit increased
  282. v2.1
  283. - (Fix) Mugshots: Fixed Zero's mugshot (completely broken in v2.0)
  284. - (Fix) Script: Restored missing briefing texts
  286. v2.0
  287. - Initial public release
  289. ========================================================================================
  290. Changelog (v1.x)
  291. ========================================================================================
  293. These used to be numbered by a single number (v01-v15). As the move to "v16" ended up
  294. becoming a complete rewrite and thus called "v2.0", I'm retroactivelly calling these "v1.x".
  296. v1.15
  297. - (Fix) Blade Armor was broken AF when playing pretty much in anything else besides ePSXe. Now the intended buff works consistently in all platforms (which is actually very subtle, +1 most attacks, +2 the saber).
  298. - (Fix) Setsuuizan input was also broken.
  299. - (Fix) Cheat Codes could only be combined when using 1 before 2, not 2 before 1. Now both ways work the same.
  300. v1.14
  301. - (New) Orbs values: Added blues orbs dropped by infected Reploids
  302. - (Fix) "Orbs won't turn back into enemies" makes them disappear after a few seconds, as they normally do when drop from infected Reploids (instead of staying in place indefinitely).
  303. v1.13
  304. - (New) Unlockables: Cheat Code 1 can be used to unlock both Ultimate Armor and Black Armor, freeing up the second code for...
  305. - (New) Unlockables: Cheat Code 2 can be used to start the game with Zero available. Conditions for related events and dialogues are modified.
  306. - (New) Unlockeables: Allow to use both cheat codes together.
  307. - Lots of code housekeeping, some of the first stuff I wrote was a lot longer than they needed to be. Hopefully I didn't break anything.
  308. v1.12
  309. - (Fix) The new "Rank UH unlocks Ultimate Armor/Black Zero" option would cause a rescued Reploid to glitch out when loading a saved game.
  310. v1.11
  311. - (Fix) "Nightmare's Origin" souls code had been broken on the last few version, making it play more than once.
  312. - (New) "Allow Air Moves after Dash Jump" (now separate from the general "Unlimited Air Moves" option)
  313. - (New) Make Nightmare Soul Orbs always regenerate.
  314. - (New) Make Nightmare Soul Orbs stay as orbs, so they don't regenerate back into an enemy
  315. - (New) Reaching Rank UH unlocks Ultimate Armor/Black Zero
  316. - Additional notes added.
  317. v1.10
  318. - (Fixed) A rewrite in the Events/Souls option caused a game-breaking bug which affected Zero's saber.
  319. - (Fixed) Wrong sound effects when using Blade Armor Mach Dash/Minimum Delay
  320. - (Fixed) Damage Bonus/Blade Armor broke High Max's vulnerability to weapons, making him unbeatable
  321. - (Fixed) Unlimited Air Moves related options are now listed and described correctly.
  322. - (Fixed) Hyper Dash speed controls were not working.
  323. - Minor naming and notes modifications
  324. v1.9
  325. - (Fix) Too much to list. Both stuff that's been reported and stuff I found before anyone noticed.
  326. - (Improvement) Now the "Characters Available" section doesn't clash with cheats at all. Secret characters added by cheat code should stack with the patcher's option with no problems.
  327. - (New) Various general Dash modification, including: enabling Air Dash for unarmored X and Shadow Armor, allowing air dash after a dash jump, unlimited air moves, and various duration/speed controls.
  328. - (New) Blade Armor's Mach Dash customization, including: delay options/removal; execution and cancelling options such as being able to cancel it by pressing the opposite, and control by hold/release, including the very abusable unlimited variant.
  329. - (New) Damage buffs for Blade Armor's moves
  330. - (New) Damage buffs against the two less liked enemies of the game, the Nightmare Snake (Blaze Heatnix's sub boss) and the DNA Devil (Gate's Lab 1)
  331. - (New) Cancellable Sentsuizaan (again, thanks you Z3R0X for this!)
  332. v1.8
  333. - (Fix) Blade Armor Air Dash delay removal: SFX now plays correctly.
  334. - (New) Blade Armor Air Dash delay removal: Added an option, "Minimum". Normal delay, except it doesn't wait for you to let go of the button.
  335. - (New) New Game Status: Mark Life Ups, Energy Ups, Heart Tanks (thanks to injoon84)
  336. - (New) Defense: Give normal X and Zero the same defense as X's armors.
  337. v1.7
  338. - (New) Dash duration controls
  339. - (New) Blade Armor's air dash delay removal
  340. v1.6
  341. - (Fix) Shared Souls and Rank would cause the Souls explanation on the Mission Report screen to be skipped (even if the option to skip it wasn't selected).
  342. - (Fix) Wrong default Souls value for Rank SA (900 instead if 800)
  343. - (New) Contributions by Z3R0X: Hyoroga and Shador Armor's jump height, and X's saber duration.
  344. - (New) Contributions by injoon84: Be able to cancel Shadow Armor's saber with a dash.
  345. v1.4f/v1.5
  346. - (Fix, hopefully) Fixed a problem with Life and Energy parts on the Shared Stats options that was affecting playthroughs on PSP
  347. - (New) Added input modification for Sentsuizan. Thanks to Z3R0X for this contribution!
  348. - Additional notes added.
  349. v1.4e
  350. - (Fix) Slots of Speedster and Hyper Dash were swapped. Now all Parts should work perfectly.
  351. - (New) Choosing to start with Zero available now allows you to fight Nightmare Zero as Zero (doesn't skip straight to High Max as it normally would)
  352. - Additional notes added to the GUI.
  353. v1.4d
  354. - (Fix) Using any of the New Game Status options would break the use of cheats to get Ultimate Armor or Black Zero (the value gets rewritten). It's changed so it's only affected if a "Characters Available" is selected (which effectively rewrites whatever is set by the cheat).
  355. - (Fix) Also related to "Characters Available", fixed Falcon Armor not being disabled when unchecked.
  356. - (Fix) Some individual Parts wrongly assigned.
  357. - (Fix) Fixed a bug in the patcher where it wouldn't reset values correctly between different patch attempts. (Reloading the patcher for using different options is still recommended just in case)
  358. - (New) Changed the way the "Exit Stage" option is presented
  359. - Added some additional notes.
  360. v1.4c
  361. - (Fix) "Shared Nightmare Souls and Rank" was causing a freeze in the Mission Report screen (detected on PSP). It should work ok now, on PSP and everywhere.
  362. v1.4b
  363. - (New) Unblocked a wall in the Hidden stage for the ice stage (when the Fire Nightmare Effect is disabled)
  364. - (New) "Disable Stage Select screen dialogues" now covers all three possible events (introduction, getting Zero, and reaching final stages)
  365. v1.4a
  366. - Complete rewrite. Added a bunch of new options, and bug fixes of previous ones.
  367. v1.3a
  368. - Initial testing for some of a couple of new options.
  369. v1.2
  370. - Fixed a bug on the injured Reploids modification where getting Reploids attacked/killed would glitch their entries on the report list in the stage select menu until you rescued them.
  371. - Fixed the "Disable getting extra lives" option (it wasn't really working)
  372. v1.0/v1.1
  373. - Initial public release.
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