MagiReco Main Story 5.6

Mar 6th, 2018
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  1. Alina's Work of Art
  3. 5.6.1
  4. Alina: "I didn't think you'd make it out alive."
  5. Sana: "Alina...san..."
  6. Alina: "Alina's fun seems to be over..."
  7. "And that rumor's barrier... that was a great place to hide a witch..."
  8. "What a bummer..."
  9. Yachiyo: "Alina... You mean the up-and-coming young artist?"
  10. Alina: "You know of Alina?"
  11. Yachiyo: "The Dead Reincarnated series drawn with carbonized creatures..."
  12. "It was so revolting yet beautiful that it left quite an impression on me..."
  13. "To think you were a magical girl..."
  14. Alina: "Well, that's how it is."
  15. "I'm always a genius artist,"
  16. "But I'm also one of the Magius and I'm a magical girl."
  17. "Anyway, could we cut the chit-chat?"
  18. "Thanks to you people erasing the rumor,"
  19. "Alina has to go research somewhere else to hide a witch."
  20. Madoka: "What about Mami-san?"
  21. "Give back Mami-san!"
  22. Alina: "I used her as bait so it's pointless now. I told you before, didn't I?"
  23. "Do you understand?"
  24. Homura: "Did Mami-san... really..."
  25. Alina: "Do you really want her back so much?"
  26. Madoka: "Of course we do! She's our mentor and friend!"
  27. Alina: "Then here, have her back."
  28. "Sorry about losing the prototype, though."
  29. Madoka: "Saying it like that..."
  30. Tsuruno: "I'm sorry, I can't really take it..."
  31. Yachiyo: "Even with this level of hostility, this is too much..."
  32. Alina: "Then what will you do?"
  33. "I can't let you get away with erasing a rumor, either."
  34. Iroha: "But the other two were just looking for Tomoe-san..."
  35. "Saying it like this, it's as if..."
  36. Alina: "Ahh, what a pain."
  37. "In the end, they'll come after us anyway. Why not delete them while we have the chance?"
  38. "You two, help out too."
  39. Tsukasa: "Y-yes..."
  40. Tsukuyo: "Of course we will."
  41. Alina: "The trap we made, it got used against us."
  42. "I'd like to settle our losses."
  43. Tsukuyo: "Leave it to us."
  44. Alina: "Then, Alina will put the witch in her own barrier and escape."
  45. [the witch barrier appears]
  46. Alina: "Take care of the rest."
  47. Iroha: "She got swallowed up by the witch barrier!?"
  48. Tsukasa: "Alina's magic is specialized in the creation of barriers."
  49. Tsukuyo: "Right?"
  50. "Anyway, as White Feathers we cannot let you get away with having destroyed our trap and erased the rumor."
  51. Tsukasa: "You'll have us as your opponents here."
  52. [battle]
  53. Iroha: "Protecting *rumors* that bring people unhappiness... and even hiding witches away in them..."
  54. "What on earth is this release of magical girls?"
  55. Sana: "Iroha-san... You mustn't let Alina get away..."
  56. "That witch... It grew up in Ai-chan's barrier..."
  57. Iroha: "Huh?"
  58. Sana: "If it comes out, there may be casualties..."
  59. Iroha: "Okay, I got it. Let's chase after the witch!"
  60. black feather: "..."
  61. Iroha: "But... we can't approach!"
  62. [after battle]
  63. Felicia: "pant... pant... pant...!"
  64. "Dammit... Running away with a witch..."
  65. Yachiyo: "Felicia!"
  66. Felicia: "Whadda ya want!?"
  67. "They have a witch over there! We've gotta hunt it!"
  68. Yachiyo: "Of course, you should go hunt it."
  69. Felicia: "Yay!!! Really!?"
  70. Yachiyo: "We will fight the Wings of Magius."
  71. "While we do that, get close to the witch."
  72. "Based on Alina's reaction, it must be pretty important to them."
  73. Felicia: "So basically, I need to take care of it?"
  74. Yachiyo: "Yes."
  75. Felicia: "Alright, I'm off!"
  76. black feather: "..."
  77. Felicia: "Don't get in my way!"
  78. Homura: "Yah!"
  79. [one of her bombs explodes and takes out the black feather]
  80. black feather: "Guh!"
  81. Felicia: "You..."
  82. Homura: "Kaname-san and I will follow you shortly, so go on ahead."
  83. Madoka: "We too need to defeat that witch."
  84. Homura: "And then we need to save Tomoe-san!"
  85. Felicia: "Then I'll take care of it with a boosh before you arrive."
  86. "Leave this Tomoe-san or whoever to me!"
  88. 5.6.2
  89. Felicia: "Witchwitchwitchwitch!"
  90. "I'm gonna Smash Crash Bash it to bits!"
  91. Alina: "!?"
  92. "That girl..."
  93. Felicia: "Nuah!"[she looks surprised]
  94. Alina: "What do you think you're doing?"
  95. "You'll be guilty of laying hands on someone's artwork, you know?"
  96. Felicia: "Huh? Artwork? This is a witch, ya know!"
  97. Alina: "That's incorrect!"
  98. "This witch is a part that lends color to Alina's masterpiece."
  99. "It's no joke if you lay hands on it!
  100. Felicia: "A witch is your masterpiece...?"
  101. "What are you saying? Is something wrong with your head?"
  102. Alina: "It's you who has a problem, not knowing the beauty of witches!"
  103. "...sigh..."
  104. Felicia: "What the hell!?"
  105. Alina: "I was just thinking of using you as witch fodder."
  106. Felicia: "Wha-!?"
  107. "Just try putting me in that barrier, I'll smash the witch to pieces!"
  108. "Are you sure you want to do that when you're trying to stop me?"
  109. Alina: "I can't let you go into the barrier on your own, but it'll be fine if I insert you where I want."
  110. "Don't you want to go to where the witch is, right?"
  111. [the witch appears]
  112. Alina: "I'll take you there."
  113. Felicia: "What are you planning..."
  114. Alina: "Alina will capture you with the barrier she made."
  115. [scene change back to the heliport]
  116. [Sana hits a Black Wing with her shield]
  117. Sana: "Y-yah!"
  118. black feather: "Guh"
  119. Sana: "pant... pant..."
  120. Iroha: "Are you alright, Sana-chan?"
  121. Sana: "Yes, I'm still fine..."
  122. Iroha: "...Hey, Sana-chan, can you tell me why the Wings of Magius want to protect witches?"
  123. Sana: "Um, uh, I'm sorry."
  124. "I was only captured by them, so I don't really know..."
  125. "But Ai-chan and I both puzzled over this for a long time..."
  126. "The witch just kept growing and we didn't know they wanted to do..."
  127. "Ai-chan was saying that it was dangerous..."
  128. "!?"
  129. "Iroha-chan, watch out!"
  130. [she blocks something with her shield]
  131. Iroha: "kuh"
  132. "Thank you, Sana-chan."
  133. Sana: "No problem..."
  134. Tsukasa: "Protecting witches..."
  135. Tsukuyo: "...Is only one part of releasing magical girls."
  136. Tsukasa: "*Rumors* and witches, together, will connect us with the first release."
  137. Tsukuyo: "Right?"
  138. "People's feelings and impurities and curses are all necessary for release as well, you know."
  139. Tsukasa: "Right?"
  140. Iroha: "I still don't understand what you're saying."
  141. "Protecting the *rumors* that cause people pain..."
  142. "Protecting witches that can kill people!"
  143. "How will this lead to releasing magical girls?"
  144. "I don't know what this spell that binds magical girls is..."
  145. "But making people suffer just so things will be easier for yourself..."
  146. "Will that really make you happy? Do you really think that?"
  147. Tsukuyo: "If we can save many hundreds, thousands, millions of girls' futures..."
  148. "What happens now is but a trivial matter."
  149. Tsukasa: "Right?"
  150. [battle]
  151. Iroha: "Whatever we say, we won't ever agree..."
  152. Tsukasa: "More like, you caught on too quickly."
  153. Iroha: "What do you mean?"
  154. Tsukuyo: "But you remain too ignorant of the truth."
  155. "That's why you are unable to understand."
  156. Iroha: "Then tell me that truth, and explain it so I can accept it."
  157. Tsukasa: "The two of us can't do that."
  158. "Either the time will come, or you will meet that person."
  159. Tsukuyo: "Right?"
  161. 5.6.3
  162. black feather: "Please withdraw for the sake of our wish."
  163. Tsuruno: "You think I would ever do that!?"
  164. [she attacks the Black Wing]
  165. black feather: "ugh"
  166. Tsuruno: "Yachiyo, what should we do?"
  167. "It looks like Felicia got captured!"
  168. Yachiyo: "Even saying that..."
  169. black feather: "I won't let you go..."
  170. Yachiyo: "Kuh..."
  171. "My hands are full on this end too!"
  172. black feather: "Keh"
  173. Tsuruno: "Ugh, and Iroha-chan and the others are occupied with the Amane sisters right now..."
  174. Yachiyo: "We're fine for now. We have them here too..."
  175. [scene change to Alina and Madoka in front of the witch]
  176. Alina: "So you are aiming for witches?"
  177. Madoka: "That's right, we are looking for Mami-san."
  178. "And we have to save Felicia too."
  179. Alina: "Even though you're all beat-up from taking Alina's doppel?"
  180. "You're going to die in the end."
  181. "Well, it might make for a touching and emotional reunion in the belly of the witch."
  182. "Oh, it gives me the shivers just thinking about it!"
  183. [The witch disappears and Felicia emerges]
  184. Felicia: "pant... pant... pant..."
  185. "The hell does it give you shivers!"
  186. Madoka: "!?"
  187. "Thank goodness, you were okay!"
  188. Felicia: "What the hell is with this witch... I really thought I was gonna die..."
  189. Homura: "Umm, what about Tomoe-san?"
  190. Felicia: "Huh? I was the only one in there."
  191. Homura: "Oh no... If the barrier disappeared and she didn't come out here, that means..."
  192. Madoka: "Homura-chan... Could Mami-san really have..."
  193. Alina: "I don't really care about this Mami person, but..."
  194. "Where did Alina's artwork go?"
  195. Felicia: "I smashed that disgusting thing to bits, of course!"
  196. Alina: "It was coloring my best artwork... One of my jewels..."
  197. Felicia: "Why are you so bent out of shape about one witch?"
  198. Alina: "...with me."
  199. Felicia: "Huh?"
  201. "UAHHHHHHGH!!"
  202. "The only one who can break a piece of art is the artist themselves!"
  203. "What did you think you were doing!?"
  204. "You'll repay me for that!!"
  205. "Pay Alina back by getting eaten by the witch!!"
  206. Homura: "K-Kaname-san!"
  207. Madoka: "Homura-chan!"
  208. Felicia: "She's gone off the deep end!"
  209. Alina: "Off the deep end?"
  210. "You're the one who's gone off the deep end, you brat!"
  211. "Ahhh..."
  212. "Something black has come wriggling forth..."
  213. "I've gotta smash it to bits..."
  214. "All of you, I will paint you bright red!"
  215. "With this doppel!"
  216. [battle]
  217. Madoka: "Do we have to fight that again?"
  218. Homura: "We're running low on power after that..."
  219. Madoka: "But... For now we have to grit ourselves and bear it!"
  220. Felicia: "Dammit..."
  221. "I'm all pooped out from that witch before..."
  223. 5.6.4
  224. Tsukuyo: "The witch's magic response disappeared?"
  225. Tsukasa: "Alina-san!"
  226. Alina: "UahhHHHHHGHHH!!"
  227. Tsukuyo: "She's gone mad with rage..."
  228. Tsuruno: "Felicia!"
  229. "Yachiyo, I'm going to go save her!"
  230. Tsukasa: "We won't let you ignore us!"
  231. Yachiyo: "No, I'll have you let her pass!"
  232. [she attacks them]
  233. Tsukasa: "Ugh... Quit getting in our way!"
  234. Yachiyo: "Tsuruno, go!"
  235. Tsuruno: "Thank you, master!"
  236. Yachiyo: "Well, we've taken care of the Black Wings..."
  237. "It's time for me to join in as well."
  238. Tsukuyo: "Tsukasa-chan..."
  239. Tsukasa: "Yeah, we can't let them go any further."
  240. Tsukuyo: "We mustn't allow the same thing to happen twice."
  241. Tsukasa: "Don't assume that we are the same as we were before!"
  242. Tsukuyo: "Right?"
  243. Yachiyo: "Even so, you are at an unmistakable disadvantage."
  244. Tsukuyo: "We shall see about that."
  245. "Let us go!"
  246. Tsukasa: "Yeah!"
  247. [they play their flutes]
  248. Tsukuyo and Tsukasa: "Flute Flower Resonance!"
  249. Yachiyo: "Kuh, aahh!"
  250. Iroha: "Wh- what? It feels like my head's going to split!"
  251. Tsukasa: "The sound is echoing around in your head, right?"
  252. Tsukuyo: "The drawback is that we cannot do this on our own."
  253. Tsukasa: "But with this, you're the only one left, Futaba Sana!"
  254. Sana: "..."
  255. Iroha: "Sana... chan..."
  256. Sana: "It's alright, Iroha-san..."
  257. "I promised Ai-chan I'd stop the Wings of Magius..."
  258. "And you told me you needed me!"
  259. "So I won't lose!"
  260. [battle]
  261. Tsukasa: "Tsukuyo-chan, now's our chance to get them back for last time!"
  262. Tsukuyo: "Yes, we can't let them get the better of us, let alone twice!"
  263. "We mustn't let them get in our way!"
  264. Sana: (Ai-chan, it was horrible being used, wasn't it?)
  265. (Now, I'm going to defeat the Wings of Magius.)
  266. (So please, lend me your power!)
  267. [after battle]
  268. Sana: "Yaaah!"
  269. Tsukasa: "That shield... It works on sound!?"
  270. Tsukuyo: "Oh no, Tsukasa-chan!"
  271. Sana: "Fuya!"
  272. Tsukasa: "Ah... my flute!"
  273. Tsukuyo: "Your back is wide open, though!"
  274. Sana: "Ah..."
  275. Tsukuyo: "Fuguh!"
  276. Iroha: "pant... pant... I made it in time..."
  277. Tsukuyo: "Kuh..."
  278. Yachiyo: "If they drop their flutes, their magic will be cut off..."
  279. "That's the trick..."
  280. "...ugh, my head is still ringing..."
  281. Iroha: "Sana-chan, thanks for holding them back for us."
  282. Yachiyo: "Yeah, you saved us."
  283. Sana: "Ah, those two had practiced, so I knew about it..."
  284. Tsukuyo: "I-in the rumor's barrier?"
  285. Yachiyo: "How careless of you..."
  286. Tsukuyo: "B-but, we're just getting started!"
  287. Tsukasa: "That's right, we can still fight normally if we need to!"
  288. Yachiyo: "You two seem sure of yourselves, but do you really understand your situation?"
  289. Iroha: "..."
  290. Sana: "..."
  291. Tsukasa: "Ugh... she's right..."
  292. "We won't be able to clear our names from last time's disgrace..."
  293. Tsukuyo: "Or for the mixed juice..."
  294. Yachiyo: "Mixed juice?"
  295. [scene change to Madoka and Homura]
  296. Madoka: "Homura-chan..."
  297. Homura: "Kaname-san..."
  298. Alina: "Wellll then, this bright red paint is now complete!"
  299. Felicia: "Funu... my body... won't move..."
  300. Alina: "Ahahahahah!"
  301. someone: "HOLD IT!"
  302. Alina: "Ugh, who is it now?"
  303. Tsuruno: "It's Yui Tsuruno!!"
  304. Alina: "Please do not get in my way!!"
  305. Tsuruno: "That's what I'm here for!!"
  306. Alina: "Kuh!"
  307. Tsuruno: "Fuuuu!!"
  308. Alina: "Kuah!"
  309. Tsuruno: "Alright! It was close, but I came out ahead!"
  310. Felicia: "Tsuruno!"
  311. Tsuruno: "Felicia! Are you okay?"
  312. Felicia: "Of course I'm not okay... I'm all out of power..."
  313. Homura: "Umm, thank you very much."
  314. Madoka: "Really, I thought we were done for..."
  315. Tsuruno: "Ehe, I'm glad everyone's safe!"
  316. Alina: "tch..."
  317. "You think you've won?"
  318. Tsuruno: "W-woah... you're still trying to move!?"
  319. Alina: "Alina is still super angry, you know..."
  320. "Even now, I want to delete you so badly..."
  321. Tsuruno: "But from our fight you know how that'll end!"
  322. Alina: "I don't care about how it ends."
  323. "I'd like to return the favor for the damage that blonde brat did to Alina's artwork."
  324. Felicia: "!?"
  325. "She's kinda scary..."
  326. Alina: "We'll be even if you give me that brat."
  327. "I won't hold anything else against you."
  328. Tsuruno: "What are you saying?"
  329. "Do you think I'd sell out one of my friends!?"
  330. Alina: "What's got you so angry?"
  331. "Alina doesn't think she's said anything strange..."
  332. Tsuruno: "Of course it's wrong! My friends are not objects!"
  333. "Alina, you are even worse than a witch!"
  334. Alina: "If I'm worse than a witch, then I can go on another rampage, right?"
  335. Yachiyo: "That's fine by me, but there will be three more people on our side."
  336. Alina: "..."
  337. "Do you have any idea how much I cared for that witch?"
  338. "My anger won't subside after all!"
  339. Mifuyu: "But even so, you must suppress it."
  340. "I think that this is the time."
  342. 5.6.5
  343. Yachiyo: "Mifuyu!"
  344. Mifuyu: "I'm sorry, Yacchan."
  345. "It seems our Alina has gone wild a bit..."
  346. Yachiyo: "If it was just her, then that wouldn't be a problem."
  347. "But what are your intentions, protecting a witch?"
  348. Mifuyu: "..."
  349. "It is something necessary..."
  350. Yachiyo: "For releasing magical girls?"
  351. "I find that difficult to believe..."
  352. "What are you thinking, saving us with witches!?"
  353. "Open your eyes!"
  354. Mifuyu: "Yacchan!"
  355. "Please, don't interfere any further..."
  356. "...or we really will have to fight..."
  357. Yachiyo: "Mifuyu..."
  358. Alina: "Actually, I'd be happier if you let me fight."
  359. Mifuyu: "You mustn't."
  360. "You are one of the three Magius."
  361. "It will be problematic if any Magius is defeated."
  362. Alina: "..."
  363. Mifuyu: "If a fight breaks out here, my body will be hurt, you know?"
  364. "Are you okay with that?"
  365. Alina: "!?"
  366. "T-that would be no good!"
  367. "Mifuyu, your body is one of the greatest works of art!"
  368. "Allowing it to be damaged would be blasphemy against beauty itself!"
  369. Mifuyu: "If that's the case, then let's withdraw."
  370. Alina: "I'm okay with it if you'll be a model for one of my drawings..."
  371. Mifuyu: "As long as it's within reason, sure."
  372. Alina: "...Alright, let's return."
  373. "You... Felicia, right?"
  374. "Alina has carved a grudge into her..."
  375. "So next time we meet, you're definitely getting turned into witch food."
  376. "And you two, I'll remember your faces..."
  377. Madoka: "..."
  378. Homura: "..."
  379. Tsuruno: "Just try to lay a finger on any of them."
  380. "The strongest magical girl Yui Tsuruno will have no mercy for you!"
  381. Alina: "What a pain..."
  382. Mifuyu: "...See you later, Yacchan."
  383. Yachiyo: "So you're not coming back after all."
  384. Mifuyu: "I'm sorry."
  385. "For now, I want to believe in their possibilities."
  386. "Well then..."
  387. [Mifuyu leaves]
  388. Tsuruno: "Mifuyu's really not going to come back, huh..."
  389. Yachiyo: "Yeah, especially since she's tolerating that Alina..."
  390. "Her resolve is not something that we can overturn with just our words, it seems..."
  392. 5.6.6
  393. Iroha: "Somehow, I feel like a storm has passed by..."
  394. Yachiyo: "Yeah..."
  395. Iroha: "I never thought that Magius would be protecting a witch..."
  396. Yachiyo: "Yeah, it makes my skin crawl."
  397. "Felicia, did you defeat it?"
  398. Felicia: "Yup, it was a piece of cake!"
  399. Tsuruno: "Even though you were terrified of Alina before."
  400. Felicia: "Nwha!? I wasn't terrified! I was just a little scared, that's all..."
  401. Yachiyo: "But you did well."
  402. Iroha: "Ah, then... What about Tomoe-san!?"
  403. Felicia: "I said it before, I don't think she was there?"
  404. Homura: "What should we do, Kaname-san?"
  405. "Maybe that Alina person was right about what happened to Tomoe-san!"
  406. Madoka: "No, it's okay, Homura-chan."
  407. "I'm sure Mami-san wouldn't be done in so easily by a witch."
  408. "Let's believe that Mami-san is safe."
  409. Homura: "Yeah, let's."
  410. "I know that Tomoe-san is a very strong magical girl."
  411. "So I think she's probably fine..."
  412. "No, definitely."
  413. Madoka: "Yeah!"
  414. Iroha: "I think she's okay, too."
  415. "When I fought against Tomoe-san, she was incredibly strong."
  416. "So she has to be somewhere."
  417. Madoka: "Thank you, Iroha-chan."
  418. "If we don't find Mami-san when we go back to Mitakihara, then we'll probably come back to Kamihama."
  419. "So, if it's okay with you, would you help us out?"
  420. Iroha: "Of course."
  421. "Madoka-chan and Homura-chan, you're both my friends."
  422. Madoka: "Yeah, thanks."
  423. Homura: "Thank you so much, Tamaki-san."
  424. Iroha: "Hehe"
  425. Homura: "Umm, Tamaki-san, can I ask you one thing?"
  426. Iroha: "What?"
  427. Homura: "Do you think that magical girls can truly be saved in Kamihama City?"
  428. Iroha: "...Umm, I don't really know, to be honest."
  429. "I don't know what it means for them to be saved, in the first place."
  430. "I don't think that what the Wings of Magius are doing is right..."
  431. Homura: "Ah, that's right."
  432. Iroha: "Homura-chan, are you interested in this?"
  433. Homura: "Ah, that's not it. I was just a bit curious."
  434. "..."
  435. Madoka: "Well then, we should go."
  436. Homura: "Yeah, that's right."
  437. "Ah, that reminds me, Kaname-san. Did you tell your family that you'd be back home late?"
  438. Madoka: "!?"
  439. "Ah, what should I do? I forgot to call home!"
  440. Homura: "Then, let's hurry and get back!"
  441. Madoka: "Y-yeah!"
  442. "See you again, Iroha-chan!"
  443. Homura: "Later, Tamaki-san."
  444. Iroha: "Yeah, see you later!"
  445. Homura: "..."
  446. [battle]
  447. Yachiyo: "Futaba-san, is your body alright?"
  448. Sana: "Eh!? U-um, yes! I'm really in... very good health..."
  449. Iroha: (Sana-chan?)
  450. Yachiyo: "You really did great against those two."
  451. Sana: "U-umm, good work from you too..."
  452. Iroha: "Umm, Yachiyo-san, I'd like to ask something from you..."
  453. Yachiyo: "It's fine, I already know without you saying."
  454. Iroha: "Thank you so much!"
  455. Sana: "?"
  456. Yachiyo: "Futaba-san."
  457. Sana: "Y-yes?"
  458. Yachiyo: "If you don't plan on going back home, won't you stay at my place?"
  459. Sana: "Eh!?"
  460. Yachiyo: "Of course, I'll have a room ready for you."
  461. Sana: "Um... is that really okay?"
  462. Yachiyo: "Yeah... if it's fine with you."
  463. Iroha: "I also live together with Yachiyo-san."
  464. "So if you want we can fight alongside one another from now on..."
  465. Sana: "...Sure."
  466. "W-well then, umm... Please take good care of me!"
  467. Tsuruno: "Ohh, nice work, Yachiyo! Tonight's gonna be hot pot for sure!"
  468. Yachiyo: "That's right, we need to prepare a warm welcome."
  469. Felicia: "I want beef!"
  470. Yachiyo: "Futaba-san is the star for today."
  471. "What do you want?"
  472. Sana: "Uwa... Um, hot pot...?"
  473. "How about a cat pot or something cute like that..."
  474. Yachiyo: "?"
  475. Tsuruno: "Eat... a cat...?"
  476. Sana: "Eat!?"
  477. "No, that's not it!"
  478. "Ah, uh, um..."
  479. "There was this cute video where a cat went into an empty pot..."
  480. "Um... did you mean... what ingredients?"
  481. "N-normally that's what you'd mean... Chicken or something... Yeah..."
  482. Felicia: "Nahaha! Normally you wouldn't make that mistake!"
  483. Tsuruno: "Ahaha, that had me wondering if normally, other people eat them or something."
  484. Iroha: "What's wrong, Sana-chan?"
  485. Sana: "It's been a while since I've talked with people normally like this."
  486. "It has me a little tense..."
  487. Yachiyo: "Yeah, that's right."
  488. "But at my place, you can take your time in getting used to it again."
  489. "There's no need to rush."
  490. Sana: "Y-yeah..."
  491. [fade to gray screen]
  492. Iroha: *Sana-chan who wasn't needed by anyone, and I, who needed her.*
  493. *Rather than actually needing her, I think I just wanted to be friends.*
  494. *It might start out a little awkwardly, like now.*
  495. *But like Yachiyo-san said, she can get used to it gradually.*
  496. *And if she grows to find being with us to be a place she can express herself comfortably...*
  497. *I'd be really glad.*
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