MagiReco Another Story 7.1

Jun 5th, 2018
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  1. I Cannot See What's Ahead
  3. 7.1.1
  4. [on the street in Mitakihara]
  5. Madoka: "..."
  6. [fade to gray]
  7. Madoka: *That day... what Sayaka-chan heard from Yachiyo-san in Kamihama...*
  8. [flashback to a Minagi Ward boardwalk at night]
  9. Sayaka: "Soul gems..."
  10. "Are the true bodies of us magical girls..."
  11. "If her soul gem is broken, then a magical girl will... die..."
  12. [fade to black]
  13. Madoka: *The secret of soul gems.*
  14. *And also...*
  15. [flashback to the boardwalk again]
  16. Sayaka: "And... And that's not all..."
  17. "That's not all we didn't know..."
  18. "Witches are actually... magical girls..."
  19. "When our soul gems become fully blackened..."
  20. "We magical girls... become witches."
  21. [fade to black]
  22. Madoka: *The final fate of magical girls...*
  23. *A witch.*
  24. [back to the street]
  25. Madoka: (And the ones trying to release us from the fate of becoming witches...)
  26. [fade to black]
  27. Madoka: *The Wings of Magius*
  28. [flashback to the boardwalk]
  29. Sayaka: "Yachiyo-san said this about the Wings of Magius..."
  30. "'They work by the slogan that they'll release all magical girls...'"
  31. "'But in actuality they are sacrificing others to achieve that,' she said."
  32. "'They're a dangerous group who will take any means available,'..."
  33. "So their so-called symbol of release, the doppel..."
  34. "'You shouldn't assume that it's safe to use,' she said..."
  35. [fade to black]
  36. Madoka: *Doppel. In Kamihama City, this phenomenon occurs instead of turning into a witch...*
  37. [flashback to Alina using her doppel in Ai's labyrinth]
  38. Alina: "Ah, Alina's lovely doppel..."
  39. "The symbol of the release of magical girls..."
  40. "A new power granted to them..."
  41. [back to the street]
  42. Madoka: (It's exactly like what Yachiyo-san told Sayaka-chan.)
  43. (I don't think we can trust the Wings of Magius either...)
  44. (It's wrong to save by sacrificing others...)
  45. (And also, Mami-san might have been brainwashed by them.)
  46. "..."
  47. [fade to black]
  48. Madoka: *I'm afraid of possibly becoming a witch...*
  49. *Papa and Mama and Tatsuya, Homura-chan and Sayaka-chan, Mami-san, Kyouko-chan, Iroha-chan, and all the people I've met in Kamihama City...*
  50. *I'm really, really afraid of not being able to meet them again.*
  51. [back to the street]
  52. Madoka: (But even so...)
  53. [flashback to another area of the Minagi Ward boardwalk]
  54. Madoka: "I've gotta find..."
  55. "A way to prevent us magical girls from becoming witches!"
  56. [back in Mitakihara]
  57. Madoka: (I don't want to throw away hope...)
  58. (A way to avoid becoming witches without sacrificing anyone...)
  59. (I want to find hope!)
  60. "..."
  61. "Kyubey, you're there, right?"
  62. "I want to talk."
  63. Kyubey: "Hey, Madoka. It's been a while."
  64. [battle]
  66. 7.1.2
  67. [it's evening in Mitakihara]
  68. Madoka: "Is there a way for magical girls to live without becoming witches?"
  69. Kyubey: "A magical girl's fate is to inevitably become a witch."
  70. "As far as I aware, there exists no way to avoid this."
  71. Madoka: "No way... how cruel... you tricked us all..."
  72. Kyubey: "I have no intention of tricking any of you."
  73. "I said that the condition for granting your wish was for you to become a magical girl."
  74. "In making your wishes, you formally agreed to that."
  75. "Isn't that all?"
  76. Madoka: "But you didn't say even one word about magical girls becoming witches!"
  77. Kyubey: "Because you never asked."
  78. "Not knowing doesn't inconvenience you at all."
  79. "In fact, many magical girls never realize that until the end."
  80. Madoka: "How can you say it like that!?"
  81. "Everyone became a magical girl, believing in hope!"
  82. Kyubey: "You all had wishes you wanted granted, and I granted them."
  83. "You are the ones who agreed to pay the price for your wishes."
  84. "It's a fair deal."
  85. Madoka: "...That's enough."
  86. "I'm sure that no amount of words will ever be able to make us see eye-to-eye."
  87. Kyubey: "Well, then why not have a more constructive discussion?"
  88. Madoka: "I don't have anything more to say to you."
  89. Kyubey: "Is that so?"
  90. "For you, who wants to avoid becoming a witch, aren't you interested in..."
  91. "What the Magius in Kamihama are trying to do?"
  92. Madoka: "Do you know something?"
  93. Kyubey: "I do not know any more than you do."
  94. "However, I can make some conjectures based on that."
  95. "Although it's difficult with just the information we have know..."
  96. "If we continue to share information with each other, inferring what is going on will become easier."
  97. "Not a bad deal for you, don't you think?"
  98. "Depending on how things turn out, we might even be able to produce a method to avoid becoming a witch."
  99. Madoka: "..."
  100. Kyubey: "Madoka, it's not that we *wanted* to turn magical girls into witches."
  101. "It's just that it happened to turn out that way."
  102. Madoka: "Why don't you investigate yourself, Kyubey?"
  103. Kyubey: "At present, I am unable to enter Kamihama City."
  104. Madoka: "Why?"
  105. Kyubey: "Even I don't understand why."
  106. Madoka: "..."
  107. "I can't promise that I'll be able to share information..."
  108. Kyubey: "I understand. I'm glad you are considering it, though."
  109. "Well, see you later, Madoka."
  110. [he disappears]
  111. Madoka: "..."
  113. 7.1.3
  114. [on the street in Mitakihara]
  115. Madoka: (I thought I'd understand better if I spoke with Kyubey...)
  116. (But it seems he doesn't know much either.)
  117. (In the end, the only lead is with the Wings of Magius...)
  118. (They are closer than we are to a way to avoid becoming a witch.)
  119. (The fact that you can't become a witch in Kamihama is related to them...)
  120. (However...)
  121. [flashback to Sayaka on the boardwalk]
  122. Sayaka: "'They work by the slogan that they'll release all magical girls...'"
  123. "'But in actuality they are sacrificing others to achieve that,' she said."
  124. [back to the street]
  125. Madoka: (That means...)
  126. (They don't care at all about the magical girls other than them...)
  127. (Or all of the unrelated normal people...)
  128. (That's so cruel... We definitely can't trust them...)
  129. (But our clue is with the Wings of Magius...)
  130. (Ugh, I have no idea at all what to do...)
  131. (My head is all mixed up.)
  132. (If only Mami-san were here now...)
  133. (Mami-san...)
  134. (Why did that have to happen...)
  135. "I wonder what I should do..."
  136. [her phone rings]
  137. Madoka: "A message? Ah, it's from Iroha-chan."
  139. 7.1.4
  140. [on the street in Mitakihara]
  141. Madoka: "I wonder what I should do..."
  142. [her phone rings]
  143. Madoka: "A message? Ah, it's from Iroha-chan."
  144. [fade to gray]
  145. Iroha: *Madoka-chan, I'm sure you've heard from Miki-san already, but are you alright?*
  146. *If there's anything we can do for you, don't hesitate to contact me.*
  147. *We want to help you guys.*
  148. [back to the street]
  149. Madoka: "Iroha-chan..."
  150. "Yeah, there's no time to spend moping around."
  151. (Take a deep breath...)
  152. [fade to gray]
  153. Madoka: *inhales, then exhales*
  154. [back to the street]
  155. Madoka: "Alright!"
  156. "Just worrying about things won't make change anything. In any case, I've gotta act!"
  157. "First, I'll contact Homura-chan and Sayaka-chan."
  158. "And tomorrow, we'll go to Kamihama!"
  159. (Thank you, Iroha-chan. Somehow, I can be cheerful again.)
  160. (How should I pay her back...)
  161. [she senses something]
  162. Madoka: "!?"
  163. "Huh? A witch in Mitakihara!?"
  164. [she fades into a labyrinth]
  165. balloon witch: "NTDNATYHNTH<NT!"
  166. Madoka: "T-this is the same as one of the witches I saw in Kamihama...?"
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