Saving HOMM3's honor

Mar 17th, 2019
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  1. zgreddy
  2. I smashed a friend yesterday
  3. @Fleischy whats your path to victory?
  4. mine is going full off lol
  5. Fleischy
  6. lemme smash
  7. zgreddy
  8. ??
  9. Fleischy
  10. I dont care about winning or losing
  11. it's all about the fun you have in the process
  12. therefore I dont have a path to victory
  13. zgreddy
  14. hmmm ok
  15. Fleischy
  16. and anyone who plays homm for some edgy competition to raise their infantile self esteem has no soul
  17. caravan
  18. hota is actually created and balanced for competitive plays jsyk
  19. but yes we're all low self esteem losers who have nothing better to do in life than to get gud at this 20 year old game
  20. Makiki🐑, Eagle Eye specialist
  21. @caravan he's an obvious troll at this point, don't bite the bait and just block him
  22. caravan
  23. trolling on hota official discord? why wud anyone do that
  24. but yeah very disrespectful and also idiotic either way
  25. Fleischy
  26. yeah lets just disregard opinions of whoever we want by labelling them trolls (a word that was out of fashion already in 2014 btw)
  27. caravan
  28. calling ppl 'infantile' and 'no soul' is an opinion :thinking:
  29. Koegan
  30. Hello all
  31. caravan
  32. guys let me go to a food server and start calling meat eaters names
  33. will report result as soon as im banned
  34. here's my opinion bro: ppl who cant play competitive h3 but make excuses for it have 80 iq and shouldnt be talking
  35. Sik San
  36. sweet internet
  37. Kammer
  38. Guys, maybe chill out? ^L^'
  39. Makiki🐑, Eagle Eye specialist
  40. @caravan just block him, for your and our sanity
  41. caravan
  42. @Makiki🐑, Eagle Eye specialist yea done
  43. every h3 server i encounter some idiots,
  44. but only h3 and nothin else
  45. wonder why
  46. Makiki🐑, Eagle Eye specialist
  47. I dunno, maybe lack of luck?
  48. caravan
  49. every server tho
  50. fred's, this one
  51. and especially the one with the vamp lord icon
  52. Fleischy
  53. here comes the reptilian mindset thinking the only way to play strategy games is to dominate other players and mock them in the "lol git gud" childish style
  54. especially homm3, the game that raised us from our diapers like our own parents
  55. caravan
  56. *shows blocked messages image*
  57. mmm feels better
  58. Fleischy
  59. feels good being in your safe space, away from all the mean "trolls" :frowning:
  60. totally the adult way to go around debates
  61. Makiki🐑, Eagle Eye specialist
  62. @Discord Moderator I think it is a good time to intervene.
  63. Fleischy
  64. you can't be wrong if you can't hear what the other guy is saying
  65. how am I breaking the rules?
  66. Salli
  67. What's wrong with u guys?
  68. Fleischy
  69. oh no you must be a troll, sorry blocked :smiley:
  70. caravan
  71. @Rakso thats cool but u dont go around calling ppl name for having different opinions :wink:
  72. Kammer
  73. Guys
  74. I ordered to chill out.
  75. Fleischy
  76. fine let's just agree to play with our own styles without labelling someone as 80 IQ troll
  77. Salli
  78. :NotLikeThis:
  79. Panzer Doge
  80. :notlikethis:
  81. Kammer
  82. Enough.
  83. I think everyone can agree to end the whole discussion at current point.
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