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  1. ---------------------------------------------
  2. 3. Won's game (or "How to make big money")
  3. ---------------------------------------------
  4. I First stage:
  5. You will need to play Won's Apple Game at least once and win some tickets.
  6. I will describe three techniques to play this game:
  8. A) The "Complicated-Scientific technique"
  9. Write down the position of the three apples before the shuffling (so before
  10. EACH shuffling).
  11. Won always starts with:
  12. - Left: SUGDW (abbreviated "S")
  13. - centre: HMSGB (abbreviated "H")
  14. - Right: AEPFE (abbreviated "A")
  15. So he always starts with the combination SHA.
  17. You will also need to know where the LEFT apple ends (at the end of the
  18. shuffling) AND What was the LEFT apple's position before it goes to it's final
  19. position.
  20. So basically, in each shuffle follow the LEFT apple, writing down:
  21. - position 1
  22. - position final
  23. - position before final
  25. I will refer to the initial order as L-C-R (apple Left - apple centre - apple
  26. Right)
  27. Then:
  28. 1) If the left apple ends up in the centre, the final order will be:
  29. - either R-L-C if the left apple was in the centre in the "position before
  30. final"
  31. - either C-L-R if the left apple moved from left to centre or right to centre
  32. in the last move (so if the "position before final" was Right or Left)
  34. *Where
  35. R = apple that was initially to the Right L = apple that was initially to the
  36. Left C = apple that was initially in the centre
  38. 2) If the left apple ends up on the LEFT, the final order will be:
  39. - either L-C-R if the last two moves involved only the left and centre apples
  40. - either L-R-C if the apple in the right position was involved during the last
  41. two moves
  43. 3) If the left apple ends up on the RIGHT, the final order will be:
  44. - either C-R-L if the left apple moved from centre to right in the last move
  45. - either R-C-L if the left apple moved from left to right, or stayed to the
  46. left during the last move This is valid for each individual shuffle, and to
  47. win a Goddess Flower you will need to repeat the procedure 10 times.
  49. B) The "Eye-Expert technique"
  50. Basically it involves following TWO apples during the shuffle.
  51. I find it quite easy to do, even at higher shuffling speeds, with ONE
  53. You need to exercise to see the two chosen apples as a whole, a couple. Follow
  54. how the "couple" moves around.
  55. Chose always the same two apples, and note the "dominant" apple of the couple,
  56. the one that you need to never lose track of. The other one, the "non-
  57. dominant" apple of the "couple" will revolve around the "dominant" one. At
  58. each move point to the two apples in your mind, first naming the "dominant",
  59. then the "non-dominant". Use the abbreviated names: A, S, or H.
  60. I always chose "dominant" the "A" apple (AEPFE), and "non-dominant" the "S"
  61. apple (SUGDW). When Won says "Ready?" I concentrate on A but keep S at the
  62. periphery of my attention. Then, at each move of the shuffle, I point to first
  63. the A, then to S. Believe me, you have plenty of time to do it, if you
  64. concentrate well, and exercise a little.
  65. With this technique I manage to get a Goddess flower in more than 90% of the
  66. games.
  68. C) The "Lazy-Eye combined with another Lazy-Eye technique"
  69. Well, you just need to ask a friend, brother, or parent to help you. Then each
  70. of you will just follow one of the apples.
  71. Of course, it never fails but you lose a lot on independence.
  73. II Second stage:
  74. SAVE your game
  75. Make sure you have enough free slots in your backpack. Take out one lottery
  76. ticket, hold it above your head, face Won from across his counter, and SAVE
  77. the GAME.
  78. Play the lottery.
  79. If you did not win a record, reload your game, and replay the lottery.
  80. You generally will win one item for 8-10 draws.
  81. Keep Records, and seeds that you want (I'd advise to keep only pineapple and
  82. cabbage seeds, since those are the most expensive, and have the biggest
  83. return).
  85. III Third stage:
  86. When you played the lottery, using all your tickets, start selling the records
  87. you got to Won. Don't sell them for less than 160,000 G ! Just keep refusing
  88. and asking him again to sell. He'll end up by paying a good price (170,000 C
  89. is the maximum you can get for a record).
  90. If you have enough patience, you can make 1,000,000 and more each day with
  91. this system.
  92. Also, offer the Goddess Flowers (if you manage to get them) to the Harvest
  93. Goddss.
  94. After giving her 10 such flowers, she will give you a "Goddess Present", that
  95. you can sell to Won for 1,000,000 C !!!
  97. Hmmm... The Town Cottage is not so far away! :)
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