Dec 30th, 2021
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  1. "...How is Gray right now anyway? You want to make sure of something, after all, seeing as Gray was meant to serve as the host for both the mind and soul of Arturia, the summoning of Arturia should've had an effect.
  3. "Funny you should ask that. A few days ago, the effects of her... constitution started to worsen, some strands of her hair started turning blonde, and her Magic Circuits shifted shape into a Magic Core, but something stranger happened earlier today." You had expected the summoning of Saber to have had some sort of effect on Gray's physical body, but what could Waver be referring to by 'something stranger'? "You see, while I was looking for a way to reverse the continuing changes, Gray's transformation suddenly just... stopped. It has confounded me a great deal."
  5. "They did?" That's strange, you start thinking of why Gray might've stopped her transformation into the perfect vessel for King Arthur's return as you speak with Waver.
  7. "Right, I can only assume that the Servant King Arthur was summoned and slain once again." Waver gives his theory on just why Gray's continued transformations had ended, even though it's pretty conclusively incorrect.
  9. Part 18
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