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Nov 2nd, 2019
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  1. "So, I asked you guys if you could help me to support rei-chan (the vtuber) but it wasn't just because of her voice or character being cute or something.
  2. Well, they are, but really, what struck me was how devoted she is to her craft.
  3. While I was watching her, I felt like, even though she picked a path with a lot of stress and conflict, she was just eager to get into something fresh and new, and she was fully enjoying being a vtuber.
  4. You know, writing a novel and publishing was always a dream, and I felt like I realized it.
  5. But I didn't finish it, still have to write up to the conclusion, and then there is work, and all that...
  6. Those kinds of thoughts came in the way, and it slowly killed my motivation, to the point where we got in the current situation that's been lasting for so long now, where I only post one chapter every few months.
  7. But you know, when I think back on it, writing novels used to be so much fun, and I wanted everyone to read my work.
  8. There was a time where I worked on my novel every day, while thinking maybe about publishing light novels and adapting them into an anime and whatnot.
  9. But when it got adapted into a book, it was no longer just a passion project but a product, which a lot of pressure on me to not screw up in any way in my writing.
  10. The hobby turned into a job, an obligation.
  11. But of course, I couldn't let go, it's my project and I'm responsible for it, but that also meant I had to forget that great enjoyment I used to get out of it.
  12. When I started listening to Rei-chan, i got reminded of how much fun it used to be to write novels.
  13. I think it's because of much she seemed to enjoy being a vtuber, and how just kept at it through and through.
  14. And, to put it simply, I think I'll be able to enjoy writing novels again, and it's all thanks to her.
  15. That's why I feel so immensely grateful to her and asked for help supporting her.
  16. That's why I want to help make one of her dreams come true, to the best of my ability.
  17. I feel like helping get her to Rank 2 in the showroom contest will be a good substitue for my heartfelt 'Thank you'."
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