WarpedRealm release 1.2

Sep 18th, 2022
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  1. Release 1.2 Changes:
  3. - Fixed veinminer not giving exp
  4. - Slimes now despawn when the chunks get unloaded
  5. - Fixed a bug with sellwands
  6. - Added nether arena boss "ignis"
  7. - added schedule for ignis spawn (3 hours after both broodmother spawns)
  8. - added 2 announcements for ignis spawn
  9. - excluded custom mob spawning, enderman and zombified piglin spawning from the nether arena
  10. - buffed expgain from a few jobs big time
  11. - Changed lava-fiend head because the one before didnt work anymore
  12. - Added a new Ability to gaia
  13. - FIXED NAMETAG OF INVISIBLE ARMORSTAND MOBS!!! fucking finally (means netherghosts, lava fiends, Soulkins and so much more have their fucking names again)
  14. - Added new godlike "planter" enchant that lets you plant crops in an area (carrots, potatoes and wheat)
  15. - Changed crafting recipes for the copper armor so you can craft the actual pieces properly now
  16. - added new custom craftable bow called "Withering bow" you can just look into the crafting table to check it out
  17. - The rank "Warped" now also has permissions to the chatcolor "purple" (also edited it on the storepage)
  18. - Added unlimited sellwands to the store
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