Some Kind of Relationship - 39

Aug 17th, 2019
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Some Kind of Relationship ~ Thanks to Markues &

Notable Characters:

Name / Nickname Situation Relationship
Dae Hyun (FMC) Employee Boss's Girlfriend
Kim / Lim Mi-Mo (FMC²) Model by Day, Whore by Night BF's Girlfriend
[N/A] (MC) Unemployed DB's Boyfriend
[N/A] (BF) [N/A] MC's BFF & FMC's BF
Lee Su-Jung (Red) Model Single
Kyu Ho (Grey) Model Single
Seung Kyu (Boss) Boss FMC's Boyfriend
[N/A] (LB) Employee Single & FMC's BFF
In Yeong (DB) Trainee MC's Girlfriend
Park Jung Woo (Dir) Director [N/A]

Some Kind of Relationship - 39

Quincy Motel, Room 403 Fmc²

Fmc² comes to the address who was sent on Mom's cellphone and narrates how she went there because she hoped it was a mistake, she stands in the front of the door and hears loud moans coming from the room. She narrates how the moans and voices she heard this day belonged to someone she knew well.. Her mom..

Some happy panels of Fmc² x Mom and shes explains how her mother was strict with her but she was her best friend too, she could talk to her about everything and how they shared a lot of things together.. She hesitates to open the door because she doesn't want too see the face of her kind mother doing something this degrading and worst Mom will not forgive herself for showing her miserable appearance to her daughter. So Fmc² decides to not open the door and to leave the motel..

G&G Art Academy Fmc² x Fatty

Fmc² and Fatty are sitting together in his office, she came to asks him for a raise of her current salary, he thinks it would be difficult for him and she tells him how it's tough for her and her mom at the house, he tells her how he's aware of how difficult their life might be and asks her if she heard some news about her father, she tells him no and fatty sighs thinking about something..

Fatty looks at her body in a creepy way and smiles saying her name.. He comes closer and tells her how he always has been good to her since she was a student from this school, he puts his on hr thigh and says how he trusted so much that he gave her a position of manager in his school. he tells her about the raise of her salary he can't really do it because if he's doing it for Fmc² what will the other manager will say, he touches her lips telling how it's against his ethics, he looks at her and asks her what other job can she do to earn more money from him, he has a proposition to tell her and wants to know if she's okay to listen to hi, she asks him what it this job, he tells her how it's an easy job she only have to have a diner and a drink with him, he starts to lick her whole face making her shiver from fear.. He keeps licking her face and starts to fondle her breasts saying how she has a nice body.. She can't take it anymore and pushes him away, Fatty laughs and tells her how he can offer her 500,000 KRW (~ 400$) per month just for keeping him company without sex, he tells her how if she wants more he can give her more but it'll depend on what she has to offer. She is crying and leave the office staying silent, Fatty tells him how she can think about it and how the offer will always been available for her..

She leaves his office thinking how this fucking pervert can only give her 500,000 KRW while she has to shakes her beautiful ass for someone this ugly. She keeps thinking while going home about Fatty offer and narrates how she felt degraded to have to do that but what makes it worse was thinking about what her Mother is doing with her customers.. She says how she can't take it anymore and doesn't want to let her mother being defiled by those guys..

Near Fmc²'s home Fmc² x Bf

She lights up her cigarette while sitting next to bf, she asks him if he wants to have sex with her, Bf is surprised and shy about this and asks her how she's going recently she tells him how it's okay and wants to have sex right now and how she can even do it in the middle of the street.. They leave and Bf asks her why she didn't contact him earlier because it's almost one year since they had sex together, Fmc² narrates how this night she wanted to apologizes to Bf because she wanted to fuck with him a last time before accepting Fatty's offer.

Motel Fmc² x Bf

They make out, Fmc² thanks Bf, he doesn't understand why and asks her about what, she tells him for everything he's doing. They have sex, Fmc² narrates how it would be the last time she would feel loved and thanks Bf again for staying with a worthless woman like her.
While fucking, Fmc² confesses to Bf telling him 'I love you..'

To be continued..
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