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  1. In September 2016 I was on a language trip to Cambridge (England) with my class. We stayed there at host families in groups of two for about a week. From Monday to Friday we had to go to school for about three hours a day. There we had a teacher who only spoke English and could taught us a few facts about England.
  3. During my stay I actually did not really have problems with understanding the natives, although I had my concerns. As I already mentioned in Task 3, I noticed only one thing which is completely different to Austria. They actually drink tea every day. At first this was really weird to me, but at the end of the week I have become a tea fan.
  4. One time, while Jakob and I were drinking tea with our host family, they told us to try fish and chips and luckily the next day we went to the sea with our class, so we were able to try. To be honest, I did not like it at all. A memorable situation, I will for sure never forget, was the visit of the church of the Cambridge University. Our guide suddenly started to play his own composition on the piano in there. The whole class became deadly silent and just listened to the beautiful sounds which flowed through the church. This was definite the best moment during my stay. I really hope for another chance to visit this country again and to see a more of England than just Cambridge and London.
  6. After all I liked my language trip to Cambridge a lot and I would recommend everybody to experience a trip like this. It is a very good opportunity to improve your English skills and to strengthen the class community.
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