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  1. Sunder:
  3. Character may attempt to strike at an item
  4. To do so, they choose a basic attack or any technique they can execute as long as:
  5. -   that ability is an attack (targets resistances or touch)
  6. -   this ability has or can have a single target
  7. -   this ability deals damage
  8. They roll vs. target item's resistance (no matter which of the resistances the attack targets)
  9. Upon success, they can attempt to deal damage to the item and cause Tear damage to the item
  10. Provokes Attack of Opportunity
  12. Attacking an item
  14. To damage or destroy an item, a Sunder maneuver has to be used. Each item has a single resistance, which is used no matter which way of attacking it is chosen. It's always dependant on item grade:
  16. E: 10
  17. D: 14
  18. C: 25
  19. B: 40
  20. A: 75
  22. Items do not have HP pools and do not suffer damage normally. Instead, each attack is checked against item's particular Durability. Durability is dependant on IQM and on item type, as follows:
  24. Weapons: 5+IQM
  25. 2-handed Weapons: 10+IQM
  26. Inventories: 15+IQM
  27. Lighthouses/Observers: 12+IQM
  28. Reels/Wands: IQM
  29. All non-mentioned: 5+IQM
  31. Moreover, all items have innate 50% damage reduction against Shinsoo and/or Ranged attacks
  33. If the attack deals damage and fails to exceed the Durability, nothing happens. If it does, deal a single instance of Tear damage. Tear damage is used to track amount of wear on the item; When the item accumulates [Item tier -1] Tear damage, it's tier is reduced to 1 until repaired - it is now unusable.
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