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Feb 27th, 2015
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  1. 17:08 <doogielabs> Whats up?
  2. 17:09 <tysk> I wanted to express my dismay at everything that had happened this week. Originally, I told you I
  3. was going to try to talk, and it was late and then my days were extraordinarily busy back-to-back.
  4. Before we had a chance to do so, you acted out rather inappropriately in the main channel in the TGG
  5. IRC a few times and then instead of in any manner trying to communicate with me, made a rather
  6. public exit.
  7. 17:09 <tysk> I feel we could have moved out of that entire situation differently, and I'm sorry if I was unable
  8. to assist in that because I was dealing with non-IRC things in the meantime.
  9. 17:10 <doogielabs> I will do my best to chat here, since am upset about the situation, e-mail might end up being
  10. the better correspondance.
  11. 17:10 <tysk> If that's what you wish to do, that's fine with me.
  12. 17:11 <tysk> I understand that you are rather upset, and for that I am sorry, particularly if I unintentionally
  13. assisted in that.
  14. 17:12 <doogielabs> The other issue at hand here though, with Chris being incredibly disrespectful to an entire
  15. group of people on a whim, how will that be handled?
  16. 17:13 <tysk> I understand that it looked like it was on a whim to you (and several others), but it wasn't. It was
  17. not handled exactly the way I would have done it, I will fully admit.
  18. 17:14 <tysk> However, we had been fighting the IRC for a few months trying to have full engagement (I am NOT
  19. saying money, I am saying actual conversation, discussion, engineering, etc) and more and more it
  20. had devolved into ignoring the shows, providing smartass answers to people, making new people feel
  21. unwelcome and a handful of people (yes, you were part of it, though I know you said it was
  22. unintentional) pushing the room away from the li
  23. 17:14 <tysk> veshow discussions entirely when they were attempting to happen.
  24. 17:15 <tysk> We had been trying to veer everybody into behaviour that was more in line with what the intention of
  25. the room had been and at every turn were told the room was uninterested. So something had to happen,
  26. and that is just how it happened to go down.
  27. 17:16 <tysk> We have had discussions on this entire situation at great length in person and it was agreed that
  28. the situation could have happened differently. We have been putting new rules in place to allow
  29. discussions to continue in separate rooms when we need to grab the attention of the primary room. We
  30. had responded to requests from people so that they can get notified when new shows will happen.
  31. 17:16 <doogielabs> I do understand more that there was an ongoing issue, but how come instead of asking us to
  32. help you with that we were ignored? I mean, it's what we were there for. To help futher extend
  33. the geek group out into the maker community
  34. 17:17 <doogielabs> Tell you what, I'll send you my original complaint letter I wrote, which e-mail would you like
  35. to send it to?
  36. 17:17 <tysk> Honestly, we tried a few times to ask people and were met with deaf ears. We could have, perhaps,
  37. been more direct in it but there's no point in trying to come up with "what we should have done".
  39. 17:17 <tysk> I am really disheartened that you felt you could not bring this to me originally. It has been
  40. suggested today that I would not have acted on my own, and that is the opposite of the truth.
  42. 17:19 <doogielabs> Honestly, with the way the whole situation played out I felt that just reaching out to you
  43. would not have made a difference. Chris doesn't understand that there are repurcussions when
  44. you disrespect a lot of people in the way that he did.
  46. 17:19 <tysk> I am not trying to make excuses or anything, but he felt so frustrated about the entire thing that
  47. he needed to take action. Again --- if we had the opportunity to make a do-over, it would all play
  48. out differently.
  49. 17:19 <tysk> From your perspective, what would be a viable solution moving forward?
  50. 17:22 <doogielabs> one moment
  51. 17:24 <doogielabs> Sent
  52. 17:29 <tysk> Okay, I've read it
  53. 17:31 <doogielabs> How would you deal with a staff member such as myself if they comitted the same infractions?
  54. 17:32 <doogielabs> *such as what myself was, you know what I mean
  55. 17:32 <tysk> Honestly, on a staff-to-staff basis, it would likely have been incredibly similar manner. which, as
  56. I am sure you know from experience, stays 100% out of the public eye.
  57. 17:33 <tysk> Which is to say there has been a LOT of talking to figure out what happened, why it happened, how we
  58. would deal with it in the future, how we can avoid such things again and what needs to happen to
  59. ensure that.
  60. 17:33 <doogielabs> I feel this case has special implications though, since your general membership was the target
  61. of the disrespect. I feel they would be owed an apology for that?
  62. 17:34 <tysk> I'm going to ask you a serious question, and I want you to think of the answer from the perspective
  63. of somebody who has seen both sides of the internet on this one.
  64. 17:35 <doogielabs> Sure
  65. 17:35 <tysk> Would any apology be taken seriously, or would it be assumed to be something done just to placate
  66. people? (Even if it was 100% heartfelt and sincere)
  67. 17:36 <tysk> I am not sure it would do any good, but that's just from where I sit.
  68. 17:37 <doogielabs> You make an excellent point, and maybe now that it's this far along probably not. In most
  69. cases, I feel that an apology would be treated based on it's sincerity. If one explained in
  70. detail what they did wrong and what actions are in place to prevent that from happening again
  71. that would be pretty genuine and heartfelt.
  72. 17:37 <doogielabs> It would show the person is putting effort into ackowledging and taking responsibility for
  73. their problem.
  74. 17:37 <doogielabs> However
  75. 17:38 <doogielabs> I understand that at this point it might not be that simple.
  76. 17:38 <tysk> I agree
  77. 17:38 <tysk> Okay, this is what I am going to do.
  78. 17:39 <tysk> I am first going to think on this overnight. I'm really happy that we had the opportunity to discuss
  79. 17:39 <tysk> Second, I am going to talk the entire thing over with a few other executive staff. And we will
  80. decide how to proceed. It will probably take a few days to issue something public, especially since
  81. tomorrow is Saturday.
  82. 17:43 <doogielabs> I apologize for the disrespect earlier, your actions hurt me and I appreciate you addressed
  83. that with me.
  84. 17:43 <doogielabs> I appreciate your consideration in the matter.
  85. 17:43 <tysk> I am always happy to talk. I wish we could have done it a few days ago, but as with everything, we
  86. can't fix what has already happened.
  87. 17:44 <doogielabs> Real member engagement and teamwork cannot happen in that chat room until this sort of stuff
  88. gets resolved.
  89. 17:45 <tysk> I feel like we have been able to move forward in the TGG IRC in a manner that is in line with our
  90. vision for it and also in a manner that pleases the membership at large.
  91. 17:45 <doogielabs> Yes, or even a week or two ago, well before it needed to come to any of it.
  92. 17:45 <tysk> I am going to let you be now, but I will give you a head's up as to what is going on, probably via
  93. email.
  94. 17:47 <doogielabs> Sounds good
  95. 17:48 -!- tysk [~tysk@2601:4:400:43be:5071:3e98:8199:5433] has quit [Quit: Leaving...]
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