Learn New Speedrun Challenge

Feb 25th, 2015
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  1. This pastebin describes the idea which I got on my mind just today. Monthly (time is variable though) speedrun learning challenge.
  3. The concept is quite simple:
  4. Some people are registering by submitting some game (speedrun shouldn't be very long, 2h max for a run which is not WR and possible to get within set period of time), their name and estimated time they want to see from person, whoever runs it (again it should be possible).
  6. Game should be possible to get via torrent or steam or gog or w/e else (doesn't matter really) and everyone should be able to play it, so if it is a PS3 exclusive or so it is a NONO. So that is a PC/Emulator pretty much.
  8. Then few games from list are getting selected (1 game per 5 people or so, depends on entrants number).
  9. Then all names and games are shuffled and if every person ends up with game he doesn't run and never ran the shuffle stops otherwise repeats.
  11. So the challangers will be different and will experience some racing spirit but at a same time won't grind thing alone.
  12. If all people do same game it turns more into Mystery Game Tournament, so it should have less time (for example weekend) - planned for future.
  14. Then all the people try to get estimated time within month. Everyone who achieves gets points (not depending on place). Those who won't do challenge within set period of time would be marked as Forfeited. And probably will be banned for few next iterations.
  15. There is no real prize for victory, since the main idea is to introduce people to speedruns they never tried and probably wouldn't have tried without any motivation.
  17. !!!!!
  18. This is the concept so far, it can be worked out a bit, but it is how I want it to be so far (at least for first few iterations).
  19. !!!!!
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