Daisuki desu kedo Hazukashii desu! [Typeset]

Feb 27th, 2016
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  1. Daisuki desu kedo Hazukashii desu! Translation
  2. From
  4. [Preface]
  5. >Pleased to meet any new readers, Honjou Masato here. Recently I've found myself going to Three-F a lot, the bread there is really good! Like way above the level of your average bakery. Although I'm not really a big fan of bread, but I really think it's quite nice, so I would definitely recommend it!
  6. >Well then, the main story starts on the next page. I hope you enjoy it.
  8. >A-admiral
  9. >D-did I mess something up?
  10. >Nonsense, Ushio is quite excellent.
  11. >T-that's a relief....
  12. >But then why did you call me ehre...?
  13. >To be honest, Ushio...
  14. >....Eh?!
  15. >I want to discuss something with you.
  16. >A-Admiral?! W-why would you lock the door?!
  18. >C...could this be >the Admiral's proposal....?!
  19. >T-that won't do!! To s-suddenly bring up something like this before I've prepared myself...!
  20. >A....Admiral! I-I...!
  21. >Listen to me....Ushio!!
  22. >R-right off the bat, a Kiss?
  23. > I goign to be kissed....?!
  24. >......uum
  25. >This isn't okay!!
  26. >I have an assignemnt for you.
  27. >Eh?
  28. >Eh?
  30. >A-assignemtn? S-so that's what it is! An Assignemtn!
  31. >Eh, ah...w-w-what are the contents of this assignemnt?
  32. > the Admiral's going to think I'm a weirdo....
  33. >Sorry, but the contents are super top secret, so I can't tell you until you agree to take it....
  34. >Eh...a top secret assignemnt?!
  35. >T-there's no way I can take something as important as that....
  36. >Nonsense!
  37. >I wouldn't put these expectations on you if I thought you were incapable of meeting them!
  38. >Ad...Admiral...
  39. >So he trusts me so....
  40. >U...udnerstood...! If you could, pelase leave it to me!!
  41. >Really?! This is a great help!
  42. >Well then, let's head over to my house.
  43. >
  44. >....House?!
  46. >Admiral, umm....
  47. >This apron is?
  48. >Mm, I'm glad I prepared it beforehand.
  49. >It suits you well.
  50. > that so!
  51. >I k-kind of feel like we're a newlywed couple, it's a little embarassing...
  52. >Uhm....Admiral, about that....
  53. >Hm?
  54. >Umm....welll.....why did you bring me over here?
  55. >Ahhh....well,
  57. >S-so dirty--
  58. >Recently i've been really busy, so I wasn't able to clean after myself properly.
  59. >If it's one person, it'd be kind of hard to clean on my own, so I wanted you to come and help.
  60. >Really though , this is super messy.
  61. >I have no rebuttal.
  62. >I don't mean it like that....umm,
  63. >I kind of feel that if it's cleaning, i-tt would be better if you brought it up a little earlier.
  64. >Well...I kind of feel that as an admiral, it'd reflect badly on my position if word got out that I couldn't even clean up properly after myself.
  65. >So Ushio, if it's possible, could this stay as our secret?
  66. >Oo, a secret between the two of us....?!
  67. >G-got it! I won't tell anyone!
  69. >But...isn't it really unhealthy to live in somewhere this dirty?
  70. >Nah, I don't even have space to sleep here.
  71. >There's no way I could live in here, it's uninhabitable.
  72. >Isn't this your house?!
  73. >Then....where does the Admiral sleep?
  74. >I sleep in the office couch.
  75. >Since that's not going perfeclt either.
  76. >T-that isn't okay! Please go home and sleep properly!
  77. >If the Admiral gets sick.... We shipgirls will be really worried!
  78. >You've got a point there....
  79. >Right! Let's do our best, so that I'll be able to sleep here tonight!
  80. >Just like that!
  82. >Even so..
  83. . >Right now we're alone together in the Admiral's house...
  84. >I-is it okay to be blessed like this....?
  85. >If only I could clean here forever....
  86. >What are you giggling about?
  87. >I....I wasn't giggling! Cleaning is just really fun, mhmhm....
  88. >I'm going to go clean out that room!
  90. >AHHHHhhhh!!!
  91. >W-what is it, Ushio?!
  92. >A-admiral! Help me--!
  93. >Admiral, Bu....bug, a bugggg! I-I'm really scared of bugs!
  94. >Calm down for a moment, Ushio!
  95. >Noooo.... D-don't come....
  96. >Are you so scared that you're crying?!
  98. >It should be fine now.
  99. >T-thank you very much...
  100. >I-I was once bitten by a bug before, and since then I've been really scared of them. >Ahh---I see.
  101. >S-so, I owe the Admiral my life!
  102. >....No, there's no need to take it that far.
  103. >But uh, Ushio
  104. >Hm?
  106. >Shouldn't you calm down a little?
  107. >I-I'm extremely sorry!! I'm fine now!!
  108. >It's fine, it's fine. Everyone has things they can't deal with.
  109. >Well then, let's keep doing our best with this cleaning.
  110. >I....
  111. >I hugged the Admiral without noticing...
  112. >It's really clean now!
  113. >Yeah
  115. >THanks for your work.
  116. >SPeaking of which, you've been a big help, thank you!
  117. >N-no, I'm happy to help!
  118. >A-admiral, cleaning is really fun!
  119. >If the house gets messy again, please hmu!
  120. >No, I ought to learn to clean up after myself after all!
  121. >I-it's fine!
  122. >--I, cleaning the most!
  124. >[Dreaming Ushio-chan]
  125. >Is the Admiral's room still clean?
  126. >Hawawa....!!
  127. >I-I wasn't looking forwards to it!
  128. >....But, but...
  129. >I still want to go and clean again.
  131. >[To his House]
  132. >Ah, Ushio, sorry
  133. >coudl you come and help clean my room again?
  134. >Ah!! Me?!
  135. >Uhh...I started messing it up as soon as it cleaned it up.
  136. >I guess it's not okay after all?
  137. >No, nothing like that! I want to go!
  139. >[A sketch of the cover. An Ushio doujin meant to convey this feeling.]
  140. >[Although I have a friend who also says "Hawa" and "ah!" a lot, he's an interesting one. If he had been born a girl, he'd have been just like Ushio. I feel the cruelty of fate.]
  141. >[While I'm not sure when I'll be involved next, I hope you look forward to meeting then. Well then, I wish you all happy new years!]
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