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Anonymous presents #OPAntinazi

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Nov 12th, 2013
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  1. Brothers and Sisters , motivated by the contents and ideas of web pages of fascist nazi court, We started the Op anti-nazi.
  2. These pages to injustice, racism, intolerance, violence, and ignorance.
  3. It seems to us incredible that in the twenty-first century the world being that we know so little and distances as short , there is people who believe the skin color makes you superior and intelligent.
  4. Base their ideas on wild facts that have shocked the humanity and glorify individuals who used the media more cruel .
  5. To put an end to their fellow human beings, they do not bear that people immigrate who wants to know new places, don't want to see their daughters with a person from another country, do not want to see work to foreigners in their factories and justify their laziness in this way by saying that those who emigrate it takes work, those who emigrate they do so out of necessity or for progress.
  6. These neo-nazi groups today are the foundations of many patriotic parties in court that based its policy in a fascist society crippled under a regime of dictatorship .
  7. We have no borders, no one is superior to no one , even less than in their skin color, whether or not you become to end
  8. this scourge.
  10. IRC CHAT
  12. Server:
  13. Ports: SSL 6667 +697 plane
  14. Channel: # iberoamerica
  16. WebChat:
  18. Find us on social networks
  20. Twitter :
  21. Facebook:
  23. We are Anonymous.
  24. We are Legion.
  25. We do not forgive.
  26. We do not forget.
  27. Expect us!
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