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  3. 4:41 Xolectic (remove kebab)
  4. 4:41 LazarouDave thank fuck...he left
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  8. 4:53 DremYolLok so, Micheal Condrey's twitter was suspended
  9. 4:53 Soap Shadow what
  10. 4:54 Xolectic who dat
  11. 4:54 AntiScootaTwo ugh
  12. COD players are so annoying
  13. 4:54 DremYolLok Xol
  14. 4:54 AntiScootaTwo prestige master goes 30 some kills on TDM with the EM1
  15. gets called out
  16. so he switches to an ASM1 magnitude
  17. 4:55 DremYolLok He's a co-founder of Sledgehammer Games
  18. Anti, nice
  19. 4:55 DBD Abyss wait. what happened to condrey
  20. 4:55 AntiScootaTwo
  21. 4:55 DremYolLok his twitter account was suspended
  22. i don't know why
  23. 4:56 Xolectic wow
  24. Maybe the studio that made the THPS games will make the next CoD
  25. 4:56 AntiScootaTwo maybe twitter admins got tired of him lying about how "soon" the weapon balance would be
  26. 4:56 DBD Abyss lmao
  27. 4:57 DremYolLok just found an explanation video
  28. 4:57 Xolectic I loved the lie about the "new engine" that AW was supposedly using, I learned from Skyrim that "new engine" is usually a lie
  29. 4:57 DremYolLok
  30. Skyrim was a new engine from Oblivion, wasn't it?
  31. 4:58 Crazy sam10 Ues
  32. Skyrim is Creation, Oblivion is Gamebryo
  33. 4:58 DremYolLok Yeah, there we go
  34. AW apparently does use a new engine
  35. 4:59 Crazy sam10 Kylet, I can't stand the voice in that vid
  36. 4:59 AntiScootaTwo Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (2014) - IW 5.0
  37. 4:59 DremYolLok lmao
  38. Bro
  39. 4:59 Xolectic lol no Skyrim is Gamebryo engine with some modifications
  40. 5:00 Crazy sam10 No it's not
  41. 5:00 Xolectic I'm not actually sure if the AW engine is different or not, but why the hell does it take like forever to load pictures of weapons on the class menu?
  42. 5:00 DremYolLok
  43. 5:01 Xolectic It didn't feel any less Gamebryo than Fallout did
  44. 5:01 DremYolLok they are not the same thing
  45. "Skyrim has the same engine as Oblivion only in as much as it’s still the same engine as Morrowind."
  46. Soap Shadow has left the chat.
  47. 5:02 Crazy sam10 Saying Creation is Gamebryo with modifications is like saying an AK-47 is a musket with modifications
  48. 5:02 Xolectic No that's like saying a chinese copy of an AK isn't an AK, it's a "Type 56".
  49. 5:02 Crazy sam10 No, it's closer to my point
  50. Creation features so many differences it's a completly new engine
  51. 5:03 Xolectic Todd Howard is a massive liar, half the other stuff he said were lies too
  52. 5:03 DremYolLok Xol
  53. 5:03 Crazy sam10 Are you just here to bitch or something?
  54. 5:03 Xolectic The way Skyrim processes stuff is virtually identical to Oblivion/FO3
  55. 5:03 DremYolLok want to show actual coding evidence, or are you gonna just continue basing this off your 'feel'?
  56. 5:04 Xolectic Open the settings files then
  57. Rzymianin has joined the chat.
  58. 5:04 Rzymianin Hi
  59. 5:04 Xolectic Hi
  60. 5:04 Crazy sam10 AW has a settings option
  61. Looks like AW runs on Gamebryo as well
  62. 5:04 Xolectic It doesn't read the same word for word as Oblivion practically
  63. 5:04 Crazy sam10 So does Far Cry and GTA
  64. 5:04 Xolectic Similar settings
  65. 5:05 Crazy sam10 Wow, like, nearly every game has Gamebryo
  66. 5:06 Xolectic They just added to the gamebryo engine and added a new name though.
  67. 5:06 Crazy sam10 No, they made a new engine using features they already knew worked
  68. If they made a compeltly new interface ti would require a lot of retraining
  69. It would also mean the mod tools would be hard to use for other people who were used to Gamebryo
  70. 5:08 Xolectic And that would be impossible with an entirely new engine, you are proving my point
  71. 5:08 Crazy sam10 So, it's impossible to make a new car with a steering wheel because the last car had one?
  72. 5:08 Xolectic That would be like porting UnrealEd to the quake engine
  73. 5:08 Crazy sam10 All cars the same confirmed
  74. All computers are the same because they all use keyboards
  75. 5:08 Xolectic or using the Valve editor on the Unreal engine
  76. 5:09 Crazy sam10 Something is only new if it has no similarities with anything at all
  77. 5:09 Xolectic If you even mess around slightly with the settings in Skyrim you will notice it is Gamebryo with a coat of paint
  78. 5:10 Crazy sam10 "the settings"
  79. Do you even understand code?
  80. 5:10 Xolectic The .ini files dude
  81. Not the code, you don't have access to the source code
  82. 5:10 Crazy sam10 I'll take that as a no then
  83. So please stop pulling shit out your arse and callign it a fact
  84. 5:11 Rzymianin Meanwhile in Poland xD
  85. 5:11 Xolectic Look at the graphics settings in the documents folder, look at tweakguides FFS
  86. 5:11 Crazy sam10 Oh, so the graphics are simiar
  87. That really proves it
  88. In my Sims file it lists the screen res
  89. 5:11 Xolectic No, the NAMES of VARIABLES are the same used in Oblivion/FO3. It's pretty explicit
  90. If I was at home I could give you examples
  91. 5:12 Crazy sam10 And in my Far Cry folder it has screen res
  92. So they must be the same engine
  93. 5:12 DremYolLok Xol
  94. 5:13 Crazy sam10 Code can use the same variables, they don't need to amke completly new lines of code just to appease niypickers like you
  95. 5:13 DremYolLok That's because massively rewriting an engine to make a new one is a lot easier and less time consuming than just making a new one from scratch
  96. 5:14 Xolectic bShadowsOnGrass=1
  97. iMaxAnisotropy=1
  98. 5:14 Crazy sam10 So it uses the same graphic taglines?
  99. 5:14 Xolectic Find that in the Far Cry Ini
  100. 5:14 Crazy sam10 How does that prove anything?
  101. 5:14 Xolectic That's very specific to the engine
  102. 5:14 Crazy sam10 No, it's specific to the coders
  103. 5:14 DremYolLok They more than likely got Gamebryo, redesigned some 75% of it (just using that as a base, not an actual statistic)
  104. 5:14 Crazy sam10 Those are just in game variables
  105. The engine uses those names to change the varibles
  106. 5:15 Xolectic The developers of Oblivion didn't even make Gamebryo! They bought the rights to use it for Morrowind and Oblivion!
  107. They bought the core rights for Skyrim and actually added features
  108. 5:15 DremYolLok And that change my point, how?
  109. 5:15 Crazy sam10 So, now you are saying it's new?
  110. 5:15 Xolectic For Skyrim, yes
  111. No it's not a new engine though
  112. 5:16 DremYolLok It doesn't really
  113. 5:16 Crazy sam10 Right then
  114. Crazy sam10 banned Xolectic (talk) (undo).
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