Roman Triumph. - Tactics

Nov 21st, 2018
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  1. There are 8 Tactic cards.
  3. 1) "Common Practice"
  4. ♦ "Coordinated attack" : +1 Damage
  5. ♦ "Tight Formation" : +1 Defense
  7. 2) "Aggressive manuevers"
  8. ♦ "Overwhelm" : +2 Damage . Can only be used when charging and if you have more units than the enemy.
  9. ♦ "Route Enemies": When charging, if your total attack is greater than the amount of enemy units, you can push them to a vacant tile in the direction opposite to the tile you charged from. They do not get to roll their dices and they lose 1 unit.
  11. 3) "Management and Control"
  12. ♦ "Strategic point" : If you attack from a base of operation, you can assign your army additional +1 Damage or +1 Defense after the enemy has rolled their dice.
  13. ♦ "Take Captives" : For each unit you destroy by the end of this battle round you gain 1 wealth.
  15. 4) "Advanced Tactics"
  16. ♦♦♦ "Golden Opportunity" : Gain +2 Defense and +2 Damage
  17. ♦♦ "Foil plans" : After the enemy has rolled their dice, you can take any of the dice they rolled and re-roll them once.
  19. 5) "Defensive Tactics"
  20. ♦ "Finale Stance" : If you are outnumbered, gain +2 Defense.
  21. ♦ "Holding back" Rotate any amount of dice that landed on "Damage" to their "Defense" side.
  23. 6) "Offensive Tactics"
  24. ♦ "Push forward" : Rotate any amount of dice that landed on "Defense" to their "Damage" side.
  25. ♦ "Keep the Pressure" : You can choose to go for another round of battle after this round ends, even if it is a skirmish.
  27. 7) "Mobility and Organization"
  28. ♦ "Retreat" : If you are supposed to lose any units by the end of the round, you can instead choose to drop all your supplies and route to a vacant tile adjacent to you.
  29. ♦ "Shift Formation" : Re-roll any of your dice. (Can't re-roll tactic symbols that were already used)
  31. 8) Diligence and Patience
  32. ♦ "Studying the Enemy" : Can only be used when you attack in skirmish. This battle round will not result with any units lost to any side. However, If you end up rolling more defense than the enemy rolled damage, place 1 token on their tile. Next time you attack this tile, gain additional +1 Tactics to your score.
  33. ♦ Siege Ramp : If you use skirmish to attack a city or a hill from a base of operation, the enemy can't use any defensive tactics.
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