Miranda Styles: Techniques.

Sep 17th, 2016
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  1. (Note: These aren't all the techniques Miranda has, but these are her most notable. If it doesn't have a mana cost, presume it's simple enough to do nigh-indefinetely- the only time you wouldn't be able to do them is if you had less than 100 mana left.)
  3. Miranda
  4. Mana Color: Green/Blue
  5. Mana: 11,000
  7. Magi-blast
  8. Can be charged, allowing the energy to be anywhere from an airsoft gun's damange to that of a bomb's. A fully charged standard Magi-blast can level a house in one shot. Magi-blasts can be 'paused' in mid-air and redirected, but this takes concentration.
  9. *Sticky Blast (Basic)-250 Mana
  10. Can fire off a one-shot blast that’ll stick to an enemy or other surface and remain undetonated until you will -it. Cannot be
  11. charged or shrunken, and has much less explosive power than a full charged magi-blast.
  13. Leg Channeling (Basic)
  14. >This allows you to channel mana to your lower half more easily, allowing you to manipulate mana from your feet and legs, and opening up a few new varieties of skill for you to use and learn. It also provides a bit of extra lower-body defense, and can injure anyone that tries to touch them.
  15. *Magi-Bomber
  16. A leg-variation of Magi-Blast, this is just you ‘kicking’ Magi-Blasts at the opponent instead of firing them from your hand,
  17. allowing you to keep said hands free for other endeavors. If you can get used to rapid fire kicking, this could be devastating...
  19. *Magi-Cutter
  20. Essentially a leg version of Magi-wave, this is performed by swinging your legs at high speed while Leg Channeling is active. This
  21. version of the Magi-wave is slower, but you think you could get it to be stronger than your normal Magi-waves, even…
  24. Sparkling Fireworks- 350 Mana
  25. A showy technique that causes a lot of pieces of unfocused mana to erupt from your hand in a shower of sparkles, or at times small balls of mana that pop into the same. No real damage on it unless it hits point blank- and then it's basically kinda a 'burning' sensation. Doesn't stick, though- and the bright flash can briefly blind people, although not as well as Sun's Flare.
  27. Shotgun Punch (Piercing)
  28. Cost: 250 Mana
  29. A high-powered burst of dense mana, concentrated on the end of your fist. It’s executed point blank and focused, allowing for high penetration that’ll punch a nice, fist sized hole in likely anything short of magically reinforced or scientifically advanced materials. The rapid intake and expenditure of high-density mana means it’ll drain you a bit to use as opposed to magiblasts. Especially if you use it rapid-fire.
  31. Magi-beam
  32. A continuous beam of energy emitted from Miranda's fingers. Can be useful in certain situations, but largely unused.
  34. Magi-wave
  35. An energy slice Miranda creates by swiping the air with her hands. The energy is concentrated to a thin point, allowing for a razor-sharp cutting effect that can slice through buildings at a full charge. Generally used on faster moving targets for a higher chance of catching them, or bigger targets in the hopes of cutting them down.
  37. Power Boost
  38. Drastically increases her physical agility and toughness. Generally on at all times unless sleeping.
  40. Hearing Boost
  41. Drastically increases the range of sounds she can hear clearly, as well as clearly hearing quieter sounds.
  43. Power Sense
  44. An ability that allows her to 'smell' combat/threat potential, allowing her to roughly gauge the likelihood of an altercation going well for her.
  46. Megaphone
  47. Drastically increases her volume output, allowing her to shout at extremely high decibels.
  49. Shock Touch
  50. Grants her electric energy on contact. At-will, and can be focused on any part of the body, or all of the body.
  52. Energy Channel
  53. She can focus mana and flare it to create a 'burning' aura of mana that can injure anyone who comes into contact with it. Can be focused on any part of the body for extra impact.
  55. Over Channel- 1000 Mana Activation + roll for upkeep per post it’s activated(1dX x 100).
  56. This technique is more of an emergency powerup, and gives Miranda a much larger bigger boost in strength than her normal Physical Boost and Energy Channel, but takes a lot of stamina to keep up, and even saps her mana more than normal.
  58. Sun's Flare- 500 MP
  59. Lights up her entire body and emits a very powerful and very sudden flash, generally capable of temporarily blinding anyone who sees it.
  61. Light Trap- 1000 MP
  62. She conjures a circle of light energy that manifests as a glowing ring. Should anyone but her step into it's radius, the trap triggers, blasting the entire area with light energy. Is notably non-effective on floating/flying creatures- you have to hit the ground.
  64. Zone Scanner- 300 MP
  65. Similar to Light Trap, only it merely alerts the user that someone is inside the radius, and gives very basic information where at.
  67. Self-Heal- 750 MP
  68. By focusing on herself for a few minutes, she can heal flesh wounds, and broken bones. She needs concentration, however, for the healing to take affect.
  70. Healing Hands- 750 MP
  71. Similar to Self-Heal, only it can be done on others.
  73. Great Barrier- 3000 MP
  74. A magical sphere barrier that is capable of stopping short even point-blank explosions, but it takes focus to maintain, and it is ABSOLUTE- Nothing gets in, nothing gets out. Can be extended to others, at a cost.
  76. Light Barrier- 1000 MP
  77. A simplified Barrier similar to Great Barrier, but only stops attacks from a specific direction. Takes the shape of a simple flat glowing square panel. Can be extended to others at a cost.
  79. Barrier Manipulation (Basic)
  80. Miranda can move Light and Great Barriers fairly freely now in a 3D space at will. She can also shape them simply for more personal effects...
  82. *Body Shield- 250 Mana
  83. Miranda can specifically reinforce part of her body (Head, Arms, Torso, Legs) with mana for less cost than a Light Barrier- but at
  84. the cost of durability.
  86. *Mana Step- 250 Mana (+150 per post it’s not deactivated)
  87. Miranda can cover her feet with a layer of specially treated mana in order to prevent her feet from being at risk to elements that
  88. risk her injury or debilitation, such as swampland, corrosive liquids, lava, or other such dangers. It taxes her to maintain it
  89. under those adverse conditions, however...
  91. Flux Wave- 3000 MP + 1000 MP (Second Pulse)
  92. An unorthodox technique Miranda managed to develop to help her out in rare non-lethal missions- she creates a ring of extremely unstable magical energy around her and pulses it. Being hit with one wave can cause mild disorienting, both can generally cause instant incapacitation, complete with nausea and vomiting, dizziness and blurred and blackend vision. It's rarely used because it's non-discerning and has a fairly wide area- roughly a city block. She has refined the technique enough that she can pulse it twice with only mild disorientation herself.
  94. Orbtial Ring- 2500 MP
  95. A capturing technique for very powerful individuals, she creates a high density energy ring and loops it around the enemy. It doesn't take concentration to maintain, but it will wear off automatically after roughly an hour- she cannot reinforce it. If it is broken, it unleashes a powerful explosion. She can create multiple rings if need be.
  97. Nebula Buster- 4000 MP
  98. One of Miranda's oldest signature techniques- an EXTREMELY high powered magical blast that implodes with a powerful vacuum effect on impact, then detonates, allowing for massive, thorough destruction.
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