Seo for Youtube

Oct 4th, 2020
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  1. Seo for Youtube
  2. Hello everybody, is any way to promote YT channels and videos using SEO services?
  3. Which services exactly I need to use, and who knows HQ services?
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  15. Better, you can do your own strategy to promote your YT channel/videos. Here are some suggestions that will surely help you to get a nice idea.
  16. Choose the solution related keywords like how, what, why, where, etc... Most of the users using these types of keywords when searching for videos.
  17. Use that keyword in both title and description
  18. Share those videos through other social media platforms
  19. Engage with the viewers in your comment sections
  20. Finally, buy some YT views and likes to promote your channel
  21. Hope this will help you out!
  22. The second option is to solely work on the lower ranking keywords (the keywords that are NOT ranking on the first page search results on Google).
  24. Step 4: As I said in the above step, working on your already published posts and optimizing them properly for Google can help you quickly improve your website rankings.
  26. Quick note: It usually takes a month or two to notice improvements in Google search rankings after you update your old blog posts. Sometimes, you may see better results within a week or two. So being patient is the key. After all, Google has tons of pages indexed so it will take a while to notice great results.
  27. Seo for Youtube
  28. 8. Become Good at On Page Optimization
  30. Most people don’t pay any attention to optimizing their content for search engines.
  32. You can’t improve your website rankings without doing on page optimization. What is on page optimization?
  34. on-page-seoTo put it simply, the keywords that you include in your title, meta description, body, sub headings, URL, image alt tags are all known as on page SEO optimization.
  36. It is ESSENTIAL for you to boost your search engine rankings.
  38. If you are a beginner and wondering how to become a master at on page optimization, I’ve a simple tip for you.
  40. Right now, install this incredible WordPress plugin (SEO by Yoast, free plugin). It helps you easily optimize your blog posts for a specific keyword.
  42. All you need to do is to pick a primary keyword (let’s say “best cars to buy in 2020”) and the plugin gives you an analysis on where to put that keyword in your page to rank higher.
  44. Basically you can use this plugin to put your primary keyword in the following places so you can easily improve your blog search engine rankings quickly.
  46. Page title
  47. Meta description
  48. Tags
  49. Image alt tag
  50. Beginning of your article
  51. Sub headings
  52. URL
  53. Keyword density (maintain a ratio of 1 to 2%, not more than that!)
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