Jul 19th, 2019
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  1. an introduction thread
  4. introduction rap (a fun quick way to be introduced to the members)
  7. discography (for albums i recommend westv first and then paripipo? or if you're really into fun music go with lucky7)
  10. pvs (if you start with the zipangu side there's lots of the fun classic jwest pvs and from the other way is more cooler ones, this just happened somehow)
  13. subbed content (you will need a livejournal account for some of these, some will have requirements to join i think but i know jounetsu-8 you can just join without doing anything first)
  14. - (the most important one: concert dvds, pvs, pv makings, con documentaries, stageplays, etc. i usually recommend lucky7 as the first concert and pv makings are a good fun way to get to know them
  15. - (mostly the variety show naminori junny, but also they have the shabekuri 007 which is definitely recommended early watching)
  16. - (the variety show agent west)
  17. - (a couple episodes of old shows)
  18. - episodes of doyoru no mosozoku)
  19. - (this is where you can find everything, there's a lot more stuff and more places with translated videos and interviews etc i can't think of right now as well as raws)
  20. - translated radio clips, etc by kay_translates on twitter
  22. the akito pastebin since you were interested (it hasn't been updated in a bit)
  25. 10,000 word interviews (long reads, but very important to get to know the members and get a much deeper understanding of them and the group. they're very emotional)
  26. akito 1st
  27. akito 2nd
  28. hamachan 1st
  29. hamachan 2nd
  30. kamichan 1st
  31. kamichan 2nd
  32. junta 1st
  33. junta 2nd
  34. shige 1st
  35. shige 2nd
  36. ryusei 1st
  37. ryusei 2nd
  38. nonchan 1st
  39. nonchan 2nd
  41. another good place to start: netflix has a really funny show where they're the cast called blazing transfer students. it's on there in every language!
  43. Also, this livejournal translates their blog posts
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