WarpedRealm release 1.22

Aug 27th, 2022
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  1. Release 1.22 Changes:
  2. - Fixed Killers not losing money in some occasions
  3. - Fixed being able to buy infinite weekly quests from /buyquests without completion
  4. - The message in chat when winning vote crates had the gold-block-amount adjusted
  5. - Added scheduled announcement mentioning that ores in block form sell for more than the equivalent in ingots
  6. - Fixed slight memory leak with custom shrubtype items
  7. - Added scheduled announcement mentioning that cooked meat sells for way more than raw meat
  8. - Fixed typos in a few announcements
  9. - Added /pv to TCF
  10. - Removed /sell hand and /sell inv
  11. - Fixed illusioners and wandering traders dropping less items than intended
  12. - Fixed some mob disguises not rendering instantly and only updating on damaging
  13. - Increased coven witch concocting cooldown
  14. - Fixed coven with cauldron disguise
  15. - Fixed a but where custom mobs from utopia would spawn in the wilderness
  16. - Removed Frost Lich randomspawn
  17. - Added 2 new boss-spawn animations for the bossdungeons
  18. - The beginner staff recipe only shows upo if the player has the materials (Means only newbies see it once, then never again)
  19. - Added the ability to craft 3 items at once inside of the custom crafting stations
  20. - Slightly nerfed godlike and treasure rewards from fishing with the starter rod
  21. - Added 4 more materials for the Dungeon TP Scrolls and the Dungeon Keys
  22. - Added new Wiki page mentioning boss dungeons
  23. - Added new loottables to multiple deepslate ore variants and Fishing in ice biomes
  24. - Slightly nerfed unstable spectral wraith damage
  25. - Slightly nerfed Gladiator damage
  26. - Reworked the Frost Lich spellshield and eternal winter
  27. - Added 2 new custom craftable keys with recipe
  28. - Added 2 new custom craftable teleportation scrolls with recipe
  29. - Fixed a few slight GUI errors in the /buyquests menu
  30. - Adjusted custom crafting wiki page to mention the new materials and how to obtain them
  31. - Fixed custom item craftingtriggers triggering all at once creating slight lagspikes
  32. - Fixed hearts over 10 only updating on HP updates (Healing or taking damage) when joining the server
  33. - Added new Boss Dungeons that allow everyone to fight bosses whenever they want. You can find more information in the linked wiki page below
  34. - This does not have impact on gameplay-aspects but the base color scheme of some of the most common messages in chat has been changed. (/home, /pay, /warp etc.)
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