Glitchless Gate Skip Console Inputs

Jun 30th, 2017
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  1. Keeping this here as a log of things which have worked on console:
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5yiqabJV9c
  5. climb ladder, 2 ess frames left, sidehop left twice into corner, targeted sideroll, backflip, shield flick and dry roll, backflip
  6. thats the position
  7. hold target and look for the "snap" as it finishes zooming in. if the snap is wishy washy, dont accept it. target again and wait for a totally solid snap after which the camera is stationary
  8. pull bomb, buffer to the second frame of red color as it fades into the third red flash
  9. release target. 3 frames of up and throw the bomb
  10. hold downright until link recovers from the throw animation and turns downright for two frames
  11. right for one frame
  12. downright for two frames
  13. right for two frames
  14. sliiiiightly up from right for one frame
  15. left for one frame
  16. upleft for one frame
  17. neutral and target for one frame
  18. release target, and sidehop left
  19. hold forward and jumpslash on the fourth frame, when the ladder is to link's right.
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