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  2. (Made by Prince Cloud)
  5. During December to the end of Jan, Players will be able to help santa claus collect gifts for all the little girls and boys or help the grunch get rid of christmas by giving him presents to destroy.
  6. Depending on your alignment (Orderly/Pure and Chaotic/Corrupt) You can do different things.
  8. Basic rewards can be:
  9. Red Hood - 20 gifts
  10. Green Hood - 20 gifts
  11. Reindeer Antlers (Works like a hood and goes on your characters head) - 30 gifts
  12. Festive Chair - 45 gifts
  13. Frostius (A ice spell that can summon a snowman that shoots snowballs similar to sagita, does lower damage than sagitta but has a chance to slow opponent. No Snap.) - 70 gifts
  14. tempestas (Another Ice spell that causes an AOE ice storm in a radius like contrarium but 50% smaller, slowly freezes and damages people who are in it. Snap is similar to contrarium but slows the enemy by 30% instead of disabling mana, does not stack.) - 70 gifts
  15. magnum lignum (A nature spell that summons a row of trees to hit enemies. Works similar to Viribus. Snap summons a tree monster that lasts for 20 seconds. Does Zombie scroom damage and does not give curse stacks. You can only have one tree monster at a time.) 70 gifts
  16. traho (Another nature spell that summons something similiar to a candy cane to pull enemies closer and stun them for 1 second) - 70 gifts
  18. ----------------------------------------------------------
  20. Orderly/Pure people have easy access to the basic event rewards, with being able to get a candy cane sword, candy cane dagger, candy cane spear, and have a new race called Santullian.
  22. Santullian
  24. Lore: Many Believe that santa was some sort of human, but people soon quickly realized hes more than just that. No one knows specifically what Santa is, but they can sense great power within that man, and that man will give this power to those that arent on his "Naughty List" if they can prove themselves to him that they are truely, Pure of heart. It is only then that they will experience this power. Those who have gotten this power have been deemed Santullians.
  26. **The Santa Race**
  27. (Pale/White Skin, Baby Blue Eyes, White Hair)
  29. Requirements:
  30. 1. Max Purity
  31. 2. Defeating Krampus
  32. 3. 350 Gifts given to Santa
  34. Skills and Passives:
  36. *Frosty* - Immune to Gelidus and has cold immunity like Construct. (This is to atleast allow them to get dragon sage in Gaia)
  38. *Joyful Heart* - You can give presents that you get to other people and theyll open it. Giving them a random item or Silver. (Does not include things like artifacts)
  40. *Jolly* - Start with a orderly boost and gain 50% more orderly. Gain 50% more purity and insight in Khei.
  42. *Santullian Magic* - 1.5x Mana Regen and bigger scholars boom for Ice spells. Do 1.5x more Damage with Ice spells.
  44. ----------------------------------------------------------
  46. Chaotic/Corrupt people on the other hand, have to find the grunch to get their basic rewards, with being able to get a antler sword, antler dagger, antler spear, and a new race called quod viride.
  48. Quod viride
  50. ***The Grumpy Race***
  51. (Dark green skin, Yellow eyes with red pupils, green hair)
  52. Lore: An interesting fact about the grunch, The grunch may not seem like a what at first, but he actuallys comes from a sub species of whats that live away from what town. How he ended up in what town? no one knows, but due to how they treated him he plans to take the one thing they loved the most away from them. Christmas. It may take time for the Whats and the Grunch to be friendly with eachother.
  54. Requirements:
  55. 1. Max Corruption
  56. 2. Defeating The Tree of Joy
  57. 3. 350 Gifts given to the grunch
  59. Skills and Passives:
  61. *Frosty* - Immune to Gelidus and Cold immunity like Construct.
  63. *Green Magic* - 1.5x Mana regen and bigger scholars boom for Nature Spells. Do 1.5x more damage with Nature spells.
  65. *Skilled Crafts* - Sell Swords for 50% more. You can also sell meat you cooked and potions you have made. Any meat cooked becomes Carved roast best.
  67. *strength* - for 15 seconds, increase your damage by 50%, but take 30% more damage.
  69. ----------------------------------------------------------
  70. Other occurrences:
  72. Gaia and Khei have snowy weather. It will be cold, but you cannot get frostbite like in tundra. It would work similar to how Sea of dust increases your temperature, but doesn't make you get burn marks or catch on fire because of it. Snowmen/Women would appear around the map that people can kill for gifts, the strength of the snowman depends on the people attacking them. That way a freshie and an ultra have the same chance of fighting a snowperson.
  74. ----------------------------------------------------------
  76. This is my first idea for a event, if you wish to repost this and/or edit somethings. Feel free to do so as long as you credit me!
  78. ----------------------------------------------------------
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