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Jun 28th, 2023
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  1. '''How to get a ban lifted:''' Post on Current Meta Thread
  2. '''Download QAGG'''
  3. '''Reading the Clocks'''
  4. '''Download Locked TS Rumble Videos'''
  5. 1. Open the post
  6. 2. Right click on video and select INSPECT from the menu
  7. 3. Once the inspection screen opens scroll a couple lines up and you will be given the direct rumble link to copy for downloading
  8. 4. Paste the link in a new browser tab and the rumble video should now be available for download, right click and select 'save as'
  10. '''Q Videos'''
  11. Q - The Plan To Save The World REMASTERED
  12. Q - We Are The Plan
  13. Q - Dark To Light
  14. Q - Killing The Mockingbird
  15. Q - The Best Is Yet To Come #Trump2020 Joe M' fifth video in the Q series - TBD
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