Prey Ch.12

Apr 4th, 2018
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  1. Prey Ch.12 Google Translation
  2. FMC:Serin
  3. MC:Jung Hyuk
  4. Chapter start because of the heavy rain and the injury Serin got MC suck the blood on her wound leaving Serin saying what are you doing.Because Serin naive nature MC needs to tell every thing She is asking telling her if he didn't do something the would will get worse Serin believes him saying Its okay its not hurting anymore.They continue to walk while the rain pouring MC assisting Serin telling her He see a small cabin near this area before they just need to continue this path just hold on.
  6. They arrived at the cabin inside the Cabin MC tell Serin that they should wait till the rain is gone shivering with cold MC remove his Jacket and put it on Serin saying This jacket is wet too but its still can warm you Serin thank him and they started to hear thunder sound outside leaning in the wall the two stare at the window MC saying Its began the storm. Serin worries because of it telling MC what should we do we need to go back quickly. MC notice the wound on Serin telling her Serin are you ok? the blood on your wound keep flowing are you sure you can walk with that.MC remove his top shirt and torn it and wrap it on Serin wounded area saying If your wound is expose you can be infected so I need to do this after that MC tells her you will be fine soon.
  8. Serin goes Ahhh and suddenly kiss the MC leaving MC thinking "What this" Face to face with each other Serin tells MC Now that were alone we can do what ever we want MC goes blank after hearing it saying Eh! Serin remove her top revealing her beautiful underwear calling MC name Jung Hyuk We can do this until it still raining removing her panties Serin put MC head in her boobs saying this is our little secret
  10. Moment later MC naked and Serin is on top of him Looking at Serin breast MC started to licked it Thinking about what He did in his dream
  11. Serin started to show her wild side and start moaning telling MC how strange feeling she is having licking while caressing both breast MC thinking how excited He is to try doing this Mc remove her bra and start to finger her pussy Serin goes ahhhhhhhhhh here and MC think What She is already wet MC continue to finger Serin inserting her moaning "sound" Mc hand move faster while sucking her breast talking to his own self Fuck! this is enough This is dangerous His thinking contradict his movement MC goes more faster Inserting sounds of his finger in and out of Serin pussy Serin goes ahhhhh I'm gonna Serin squirted and rest for a moment heavy breathing Serin wet the sofa.
  13. While looking at Serin Heavy panting MC telling his self I cannot take it anymore He position Serin on the floor and fuck her from behind
  14. Serin scream ahhhhhhh And MC go penetrating her from behind "inserting moan" Serin think his "D" is too big She feels her pussy is being torn.While banging Serin from behind MC tells her This is okay right! Serin looks at him and say its okay dont pull it out.
  16. The Morning come MC still in dream thinking they are both hungry people until the rain stop they didn't stop doing it.
  17. MC wakes up and see that it bright already goes near the window and look saying The rain is gone Serin wakes up with the beautiful satisfaction face telling MC Really its morning? Are you hungry? But Serin suddenly sneeze MC goes near her telling are you alright? did you catch cold? Serin just smile and tells MC I am fine showing him how powerful she is. MC patting her head laughing saying Okay I got it just get dress and we will leave soon. [Leaving a message We didn't know this is just the beginning of the nightmare.]
  19. Prey Ch.12
  20. END...
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