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  1. Name: Rallos Zendry
  2. Race: Grouteck
  3. Element: Lightning
  4. Age: 127
  5. Ethereal Status: Has passed through the Ethereal Gates
  7. Physical Description:
  8. Rallos has dark blue skin. His right eye is brown and is bigger than his left eye which is green. The left side of his face droops lower than his right. He also has large fang-like teeth.
  10. ---
  12. I had spent my whole life chasing the Ether. I knew it had to be out there; I had encountered some of those rare few who entered it and lived. These people possessed amazing abilities. They could control the elements themselves! I studied these people. I quizzed them on their experiences, trying to find a way into this strange land. No, not a land... It was something beyond that. All I knew was that I had to find it for myself. This would become my life's goal. I began researching it, reading old and nearly forgotten literature. After three years of this I found it: the key to the Ether. This was my chance...
  14. I set out to enter the Ether. The plains outside the city of Mo'raz'goban was my destination. I knew what I sought would be there. I climbed to the highest point in the plains and took out my equipment. All of it was custom built, made from blueprints I had discovered during my research. Even with my vast knowledge I was still unsure of what I was doing. I fumbled with the tools, trying my best to understand the cryptic instructions. After completing the process I stopped and waited. Just when it seemed as if nothing was going to happen and my resolve was weakening, the gateway opened. I smiled at my success and stepped through.
  16. The Ether pulsed around me. I knew it was only a matter of time before my soul was wrenched from my body. I tried to take it all in, but it was simply too much to grasp. It felt like an eternity of waiting; simply hanging there in suspended animation, doing nothing and feeling not but the pulse of the Aura around me. Suddenly, I felt as if my very being was torn from me. My back arched in pain and light engulfed me. I saw it then... My soul slowly oozed out of me, taunting me with its life sustaining glow. I truly believed I was going to die. As the last of my soul escaped me, my body went rigid. I felt nothing at all. Not even the pulse of the Aura. It was as if I was no longer alive. Just then my soul, which was now hovering before me, seemed to fly off toward an ever-expanding light. I vaguely felt myself being pulled toward it. "How foolish I was to try this... My intellect has finally been my undoing..." I thought to myself as I hurtled toward the light.
  18. Darkness engulfed me as I opened my eyes. I was back on the plateau, overlooking the plains of Az'go'rath. I felt... Different, but I couldn't quite place why. I looked around me to get my bearings. Just then I spotted the strangest looking try'dyd I had ever seen. It was a bright, almost neon shade of green with a long, jagged purple stripe running down its body. What's more, its eyes were a penetrating shade of red. As soon as I looked upon it it took flight and made its way to me. Upon reaching me it perched itself on my shoulder. Memories of the Ether came flooding back to me, and I knew this was my soul.
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