Kazetaki Uchiha Chunin

Apr 23rd, 2020
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  1. Name: Kazetaki Uchiha
  3. Tier: Chunin
  5. Village: Konohagakure
  7. Attributes: Skills:
  8. Chakra Reserve B Ninjutsu B
  9. Chakra Control S Genjutsu S
  10. Chakra Regen B Taijutsu C
  11. Strength C Repertoire B
  12. Dexterity B Knowledge A
  13. Resiliency B Tactics B
  15. Advanced Jutsu:
  16. Chakra Sensing C Chakra Regen+Tactics
  17. Visual Illusionary Arts A Chakra Control+Genjutsu
  18. Audio Illusionary Arts B Chakra Reserves+Genjutsu
  19. Chakra Flow B Chakra Control+Repertoire
  20. Chakra Drain C Chakra Control+Taijutsu
  22. Kekkai Genkai:
  23. Sharingan A Natureless
  25. Perks:
  26. Talented, Bloodline Limit, Skilled
  28. Schooling:
  29. Cloning, Illusions, Body Flicker, Scholarly Arts
  31. Natures:
  32. Water
  34. Mentor: Professional
  35. My father, who taught me the secrets of the Uchiha. He taught me that a shinobi is a tool to complete a job, and that ruthless efficiency is needed. He also taught me the patience to wait for the right moment to strike.
  36. No Questions Allowed
  37. Don't Get Caught
  38. The Power of Pose
  40. Allies:
  41. The Tactician:
  42. A friend since childhood, she's not a shinobi, but has a sharp mind nonetheless, and Kazetaki enjoys long sessions of bouncing ideas off each other.
  43. The Rival:
  44. My brother, we both served as someone for the other to aspire to. His physical prowess was without peer, and his Taijutsu form was incredible. On the other hand, he always envied my sharpness and wit.
  46. Signature Move: Death Toll
  47. Chakra Control+Genjutsu
  48. Over Time+Slow Grow+Damage+Burn Out
  49. Kazetaki uses his wire strings to create a deep, resonant sound throughout the area, casting a strong Genjutsu over his opponents that amplifies the sound in their minds while disrupting their sense of time, causing their senses to overload, which can cause their minds to shut down and knock them out. This extensively taxes Kazetaki's chakra, reducing his fine chakra control for a time.
  51. Equipment:
  52. Musical Instrument
  53. Custom Build Wire Strings (Genjutsu)
  54. Military Ration Pills
  56. A member of the Uchiha clan and a prodigy with Genjutsu, Kazetaki is regarded by some as "a bit creepy", but overall a promising up and coming shinobi.
  57. My fighting style relies very heavily on Genjutsu, to shut down my opponent and remove them as a threat, and nearly everything I took plays into that. Once my opponent is incapacitated, I can either "convince" them to stop fighting me, or if necessary, use the Genjustsu trap to cause their body to shut down from the phantom pain. But I'd rather avoid a fight when I can, using my techniques keep people from confronting me at all. My biggest weakness is someone who's immune to Genjutsu for some reason, be it someone in the Aburame clan (apparently their bugs are immune to Genjutsu) or the user of a Kekkai Genkai like the Sharingan or the Byakugan.
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