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  1. Download:
  2. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/9h1yi4j8nqpjvgh/LoEmod-0.11.zip?dl=1&token_hash=AAEFRGfIbJeNO0ZCT_NM_-0I0F9bE28lnEyOvK1EGQkLrg
  4. Instructions:
  5. 1) Copy the contents of the "coll" folder
  6. 2) Press Win+R
  7. 3) Enter %appdata% with the % signs
  8. 4) Go back once
  9. 5) Double click the folders "LocalLow" then "LoE" then "Legends of Equestria" then "cutiemarks"
  10. 6) Paste it there
  12. 1) Copy the data/data folder (*NOT* data/, but data/data)
  13. 2) Go into the folder where your game executable is
  14. 3) Go into the data folder
  15. 4) Paste it here and replace CutieMarks.xml
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