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  1. The secret hair dye chart is a chart that tells you how to get secret hair dyes..duh. Okay so for like Linskrae Black dye you would go to kugnae salon, get sky blue dye, and the surf hair, and keep getting the surf hair till' it falls out. Then after 10 days you get your hair (any hair) and make it match the dye you have when it asks you if its the hair style you want. So now you have a cool dye.. lolk. The ones that aren't in bold are obtainable without doing special stuff, it just tells you what some salons give that others dont. Yeh k this is a secret chart don't give it out unless its to someone who can keep a secret I dont want this being spread around nexus.
  3. (K)- Kugnae, (N)- Nagnang, cool.gif- Buya, (A) - All of them.
  4. <b>Key:Desired color How to get it
  5. 1 Hyun moo Black at all salons
  6. 2 Baekho White at all salons
  7. 3 99 brown Brown at all salons
  8. 4 Geo brown Orchid at Nagnang salon
  9. <b>5 Super Wasabi Purple(N) Long tied back(K)
  10. <b>6 Old wasabi Indigo(N) Widge cut with bandana(cool.gif
  11. <b>7 Wasabi Dark blue(K) Chieftan(cool.gif
  12. 8 Chung ryong Dark blue at Kugnae salon
  13. 9 Kugnae blue Sky blue at Kunae salon
  14. 10 Mystic/kismet blue Purple at Nagnang salon
  15. 11 Immortal orange Orange at all salons
  16. 12 Barb/sonhi brown Red at all salons
  17. <b>13 Grin/pirate green Dark blue(K) The surf(K)
  18. <b>14 linskrae black Sky blue(K) The surf(K)
  19. <b>15 Sea nymph blue Purple(nagnang) The surf(K)
  20. <b>16 flash/firey Purple(N) The windmill(N)
  21. <b>17 Sute Red(A) The surf(K)
  22. <b>18 Bringer/bright sute Orange(A) Long tied back(K)
  23. <b>19 Shadow black Red(A) Long tied back(K)
  24. <b>20 Snow white Red(A) Widge cut with bandana(cool.gif
  25. 21 Buya yellow Blonde at all salons
  26. <b>22 Ju jak Green(A) Chieftan(cool.gif
  27. 23 Spring Green at all salons
  28. <b>24 Summer Royal blue(K) Chieftan(cool.gif
  29. 25 Winter Royal blue at Kugnae salon
  30. 26 Star Light brown at Buya salon
  31. <b>27 Blood Tan(cool.gif Chieftan(cool.gif
  32. 28 Sun Tan at Buya salon
  33. <b>29 Earth Indigo(Na) Chieftan(cool.gif
  34. 30 Autumn Indigo at Nagnang salon
  35. <b>31 Moon Green(A) Widge cut with bandana(cool.gif
  36. <b>32 Ancient Royal blue(K) Long tied back(
  38. - Wait ten days each time you dye to make it work -
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