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  1. Thankfully the invested amount from our customers is still there but we don’t know to whom they belong personally.
  2. In order for us to know that we need to accept new deposits from our customers so we can get back each user ID number from that deposit based on the Wallet Address that was used to make previous deposits.
  3. The payment from every Wallet Address is connected to the ID Number, Purchased Contract and the deposit/withdraw history of every individual that made a deposit before in InnovaMine.This is the only way that we can get the ID numbers back and also the Deposit/Withdraw History.
  5. We have split the Hashrate Power into different divisions to know where the money will go.
  7. So the new deposits will work this way:
  9. Every individual will need to send 15% of their initial deposit in order for us to place each deposit into the split division of the Hashrate to regain access to the lost ID Number.
  11. Soon as you make the deposit we direct your ID number to the existing account when you can log in.
  13. Make the deposit down below and then log in to your account.
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